Nectar Mattress Review

An in-depth review of the Nectar mattress, one of the most popular “bed-in-a-box” companies available today.

Close up camera shot of the Nectar bedAre you looking for a memory foam mattress that is affordable? Do you sleep hot and need a mattress with cooling benefits? If you answered yes, then you need to read our unbiased take on nectar sleep mattress. It has wonderfully soft memory foam feel, with one of the best warranties and sleep trials in the industry. What we really loved about Nectar, was the plush feel of the memory foam and the    trial period of a whole year. With a whole year to try the mattress, you literally have nothing to lose. Let’s dive into what makes this mattress great and see if it will be the right choice for you in our Nectar Mattress Review! If you like what you see, we can also hook you up with nectar mattress coupon codes.

Nectar who?

If you have been searching for a mattress online, you have likely come across one of Nectar’s hilarious, yet awesome commercial ads, such as “Make America Sleep Again” and “Real, Sleep Science from Mayim Bialik.” Although their ads will make you laugh, in our opinion, their mattress will make you smile when you wake up refreshed. Not only will you smile with a great night’s sleep, but with their awesome warranty, extra-long sleep trial and low price point, Nectar will make your buying process a breeze.


Nectar has more layers than most standard “bed in a box” memory foam mattresses. They also use CertiPUR-US foam. What that means is that the foam is made without harsh chemicals or gasses that can pollute the air. That being said, lets dive into the details of each layer.

  • Tencel Cooling Cover: The cover is a cotton and tencel blend that will help promote breathability and pull heat away from the mattress.
  • Quilted Gel Memory Foam: For additional plush comfort, there is a thin 1” layer of cooling memory foam quilted into the cover.
  • Gel Memory Foam: This next layer is 3” of a slow response memory foam. It has a cooling feel and allows the body to slowly sink into the mattress. This is great for pressure relief and will hug the body with every curve.
  • Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam: After being hugged by the gel memory foam layer, the 1.75” adaptive hi core foam will provide a more responsive transition on top of the base. Because of this transition, you won’t feel the dense base layer underneath, thereby providing even more pressure relief.
  • Breathable Base Layer: To complete this cooling mattress is a 5.25” hi density foam that is channeled to provide additional breathability and cooling benefits.


What we loved most about Nectar was the plush contouring feel, with enough support to hug all of your curves. When you first lay on the Nectar mattress, you will begin to slowly sink into the conforming layers of the mattress. They all work together to provide an effect that will make you feel as if you are weightless, with relief for all of your pressure points, without sacrificing support. In addition to pressure relief, Nectar’s mattress also has great temperature balancing benefits. Each layer, including the base layer, has special channels that allow air to flow into the cooling layers above.


With the slow, responsive, pressure relieving foam, the Nectar mattress has a softer than normal feel for a memory foam mattress. We rate this mattress around a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, a bit firmer than other favorite, Nolah. Even though it has a soft feel, it is still supportive enough to provide proper spinal alignment in all sleep positions. That being said, it might be too soft for heavier sleepers, or stomach sleepers who need a firmer sleep surface.

Motion Transfer:

Motion transfer is very important for couples, because you don’t want to be woken up every time your partner moves around. Nectar does an excellent job with this, as we felt very little, to no motion transfer. The memory foam isolates the motion transfer, helping to keep you sound asleep

Edge Support:

When you sit on the edge of the bed it compresses quite a bit. However, when you lay on the edge, you don’t feel like you will fall off. So for us, the edge support was just ok.


Compared to all of the mattresses we have reviewed so far, Nectar is the least expensive. Their Queen size mattress is $825, and with a coupon, it will be even less. In addition, they also offer free shipping and returns.


Along with that great price is an amazing lifetime warranty. It’s not often you see lifetime warranties on mattresses, especially on one with such a great price. This makes it well worth the investment.

Return Policy: 

To top off this great mattress is an unheard of 365 night trial. Seriously, you can try it for a whole year! If you don’t like it after 30 days, you can return it for a full refund. Nectar will also work with you to get it donated to a local charity. 

Customer Service:

Looks like most customers had a good experience with Nectar. However, there was a time period where they had a supply and demand issue, due to popularity. Although this was not a bad thing for Nectar, it delayed many shipments, making some customers unhappy with their experience. In our experience, however, we received our mattress quickly and didn’t have any issues.

Close up image of Nectar label

Nectar Pillow:

Two free pillows!! Who could say no to that? If you are lucky enough to purchase during a promotion, they might throw in two pillows for free. Our two pillows were wrapped up inside of the mattress. You can see our unboxing video to see how easy it was to open. The pillow is a classic, shredded memory foam, which has the ability to adjust the height by adding or removing foam. This makes it a great pillow for all sleepers.


The pillow has the same cover as the bed and provides a plush, cooling surface to place your head.


  • Tencel Cooling Cover: The cover is a cotton and tencel blend that will help promote breathability and pull heat away from the mattress.
  • Quilted Gel Memory Foam: For additional plush comfort, there is a thin 1” layer of cooling memory foam quilted into the cover.
  • Inner Shell: Inside the cover, there is a separate case that is full of two different types of memory foam. This makes it easy to wash the outer cover. Additionally, you can add or remove the foam inside to create the perfect height for your pillow.


When we first opened the pillow it took a little bit of time to expand and had a little off-gassing but that went away fairly quickly. Once you place your head on the pillow you can feel the plush top case layer and then will sink in a little with the shredded memory foam underneath. Overall, we feel the Nectar pillow is a great adjustable pillow that will suit anyone’s needs.

We loved the casing which provided a really plush feel in addition to the foam inside. With the cooling benefits from the Tencel cover and quilted gel memory foam, it also doesn’t sleep hot like most foam pillows. Some shredded foam pillows will compress overtime and you will need to fluff them. However, Nectars pillow has been doing well with retaining its shape night after night. Another great benefit is the size is larger than the average standard size pillow. Having a longer pillow can be great if you roll from side to side because you won’t have to move the pillow with you.

Sleep trial and price:

Have you ever gotten a pillow home that you are so excited about and realize after few nights it’s just not for you? Well, Nectar has you covered with a 50 sleep trail. This way you have nothing to lose and wont waist hundreds of dollars trying different pillows that just don’t work. Also you can’t beat the price. If you didn’t get the pillow for free, it’s $75 dollars per pillow, which is less than most bed-in-a-box pillows.


To learn more about how we determine our ratings, click here.


  • Exceptional Price Point
  • Temperature Balancing
  • Little to no motion transfer
  • Pressure Relieving
  • Forever Warranty
  • 365 night sleep trial
  • Pressure relieving 


  • Might be too soft for some people
  • If you don’t like a memory foam feel, this may not be the right fit

Nectar LogoThank you to Nectar, for gifting us this bed for review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in our reviews are our own. We hold an affiliate relationship with this company which means if you purchase a bed through the link above, ASL Reviews will receive a small percentage of that sale (at no cost to you). This helps us with the costs of website maintenance and video production. We thank you for your support!

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