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We evaluate mattresses across 8 key categories, providing an overall rating for easy comparison. For more details on our review process, read about how we test by clicking the question mark below.


Pressure Relief
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Our Verdict

Nectar is a great option for those on a budget who want a comfortable sleeping experience. The mattress has a medium feel and excellent contouring, which makes it ideal for those who sleep on their back or side and weigh less than 230 pounds. Moreover, the classic memory foam feel of the mattress provides great relief from aches and pains. We would recommend Nectar to anyone looking for a pressure-relieving mattress that doesn’t break the bank, especially if you’re a side or back sleeper.


  • Budget-friendly pricepoint
  • Classic Memory Foam Feel
  • Ideal for Side and Back Sleepers


  • May not be ideal for hot sleepers
  • May not offer enough support for sleepers weighing more than 230 lbs.
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If you’re in the market for a new mattress, there is no doubt you have come across Nectar at some point. Known for its 365-night home trial and Forever warranty, Nectar easily stands apart from the crowd as one of the most popular memory foam mattress brands, and we can see why. 

In addition to an excellent sleep trial and warranty, Nectar is one of the most affordable bed-in-a-box brands. In fact, it’s one of our favorite cheap mattresses under $1,000. People also love the pressure-relieving, memory foam feel of the mattress, which is particularly well-suited for side sleepers.

But is Nectar right for you? Join us as we dive into who this mattress is for, warranty, sleep trial, firmness and feel, and more in our unbiased Nectar mattress review.

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Nectar Mattress Firmness & Feel

Nectar has a plush memory foam feel. When you first lay on the bed, you will feel yourself slowly sinking as you experience nice body contouring. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the firmest, Nectar rates its mattress a 6.5 on the firmness scale. We think it’s a bit softer, though, rating it a 5.5 – 6 on the scale.

Depending on your sleep style and body type, each person will feel this mattress differently. Average and lightweight individuals are likely to experience the most comfort on Nectar. In contrast, heavier individuals may find that the Nectar mattress lacks adequate support. Let’s look at the different sleep positions and what we experienced.

Side Sleepers

Nectar does an excellent job of relieving pressure; this is especially beneficial for side sleepers who struggle with pressure build-up throughout their shoulders and hips. Not only is Nectar one of the best mattresses for side sleepers, but it’s also a great choice for chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis and bursitis.

Former ASL Reviews team member, Jen, demonstrates side sleeping on Nectar mattress

Back Sleepers

Nectar offers a nice balance between comfort and support, which could make it an ideal choice for back sleepers as well. The gentle pushback from the transition and support layers promotes healthy spinal alignment, while the comfort layer reduces stubborn pressure points. 

That said, heavy sleepers weighing more than 230 lbs may not experience adequate support in this position. This can cause the hips to sink into the mattress and increase the likelihood of aches and pains. 

For both side and back sleepers in this weight range, we generally recommend a hybrid mattress such as the DreamCloud or the WinkBeds (available in a plus-sized option). However, Nectar now offers a foam + springs option, which may be better for individuals requiring more support.

Stomach Sleepers

Nectar may be too soft for stomach sleepers. Of all sleeping positions, stomach sleepers require the most support and are generally best suited to firmer mattresses. 

Nectar’s medium to medium-soft feel and deep sinkage didn’t provide adequate support when lying on our stomachs; this can cause undue stress on the low back. If this is your preferred sleep position, we’d recommend a hybrid mattress with zoned support.

Combination Sleepers

Nectar could be a good option for combination sleepers as well. Nectar is ideal for both side and back sleepers and could be suitable for short periods of sleeping on your stomach. However, the top layer of memory foam provides a slow response, which may leave sleepers feeling stuck in the mud as they move from one sleep position to the next.

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Nectar mattress review

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Nectar Mattress Performance

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best mattress. While some factors are obvious, such as mattress firmness, you may only realize the importance of things like motion transfer and edge support once you get your new mattress home.


Memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot; Nectar tackles this common issue head-on by utilizing gel-infused foam for enhanced cooling. They’ve also included a phase-changing material that auto-adjusts as your body temperature rises and drops throughout the night.

We didn’t feel hot or sweaty while sleeping; we slept temperature neutral. If you are a particularly hot sleeper and want to experience maximum cooling, consider adding a cooling accessory such as the BedJet climate system or the Pod Thermo mattress cover by Eight Sleep.

Edge Support

Edge support is most important for couples sharing a smaller mattress, for example, a full or queen-size bed. Good edge support allows you to utilize the full surface of the mattress without feeling like you’re rolling off the edge.

Most all foam mattresses could do better in this category. I didn’t feel like I would fall off the Nectar mattress when lying along the edge. However, I felt the mattress compress a bit when sitting on the edge. It wasn’t the best edge support we’ve experienced, but better than most all-foam mattresses.

Woman sits on edge of Nectar bed to demonstrate edge support

Motion Isolation

A mattress with good motion isolation is particularly important if you or your partner are active sleepers. Memory foam mattresses, like Nectar, are inherently better at isolating motion than most other mattress types. 

I barely felt my husband moving around in bed! The thick memory foam layer works with the all-foam base layer to dampen motion transfer, meaning fewer sleep disturbances throughout the night.

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Nectar mattress review

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Nectar Mattress Construction

You can choose between an all-foam or a hybrid option. We reviewed the all-foam option. It has a 12-inch mattress profile and includes CertiPUR-US-certified foams. This certification ensures the foams are made without formaldehyde, heavy metals, harmful chemical flame retardants, or dangerous toxins that could escape when bringing the mattress into your home. Let’s take a look!

  • Comfort Layer: Two inches of therapeutic gel-infused memory foam pulls heat away from the body, helping you stay cool throughout the night. The comfort layer has a slow response memory foam feel, providing body contouring to melt away stubborn pressure points.

  • Transition Layer: A 3″ polyfoam transition layer sits just beneath the comfort layer. This layer prevents sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress and encountering the firm support layer beneath.

  • Support Layer: A 7″ high-density polyfoam base layer provides support and stability.

Nectar Purchase Details

Sleep Trial

As previously mentioned, Nectar offers one of the longest trial periods available in the industry. When you purchase a Nectar mattress, enjoy a 365-night sleep trial. Yes, that’s right, you have a whole year to try the Nectar mattress. 

You may return your Nectar mattress during your sleep trial for a full refund. The only stipulation is that you must keep it for at least 30 nights before doing so. This allows sleepers to break in the bed and fully adjust to any changes.


Not only does Nectar offer one of the longest sleep trials, but it also comes with a Forever Warranty. This lifetime warranty covers your Nectar mattress against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your mattress. It includes coverage for mattress impressions greater than 1.5 inches.

During the first 10 years of the warranty, Nectar will replace the mattress free of charge. If you have had it for over 10 years, they will repair it rather than replace it.

Shipping & Delivery

Like most bed-in-a-box brands, Nectar offers free shipping and returns throughout the contiguous United States. Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii will incur a $150 shipping fee; this fee is non-refundable should you choose to return or exchange. 

White Glove delivery is also available for a flat fee of $149. It includes the setup of your new mattress and the removal of your old one. This fee is also non-refundable.

Pricing and Mattress Dimensions

So now let’s get to the best part, Nectar is one of the most affordable mattresses we’ve reviewed. Prices typically start at $359 (after discounts) for a twin-sized mattress.  Check out our coupon below or visit Nectar for the latest offers.




Nectar Price


38″ x 75″ x 12″



Twin XL

38″ x 80″ x 12″




54″ x 75″ x 12″




60″ x 80″ x 12″




76″ x 80″ x 12″



California King

72″ x 84″ x 12″



Split King

76″ x 80″ x 12″



*Prices may be subject to change.

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Nectar mattress review

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Nectar offers two different options for financing. They work with Affirm and Splitit to help you finance your purchase. Affirm is available with rates as low as 0% based on credit approval.

Splitit is slightly different; they do not do a credit check and offer payments for 3, 6, or 12 months. You can use your credit card and benefit from your card’s rewards points, an added perk to using SplitIt.

Choosing A Compatible Bed Frame

Nectar is designed to work on most flat surfaces. However, they discourage using your new mattress on the floor, with a plastic frame, or any homemade foundation.

If you are in the market for a new bed frame, Nectar does sell a collection of foundations and bases, including the budget-friendly Nectar adjustable base.

Couple pictured on Nectar base on TV setting

Best Mattress Awards for Nectar

Should You Buy The Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar mattress is best suited to side and back sleepers, especially those with chronic pain, due to its deep-contouring and indulgent pressure-relieving memory foam layers. It’s also a particularly good option for lightweight sleepers, as well as couples! Combine those features with one of the longest at-home sleep trials and warranties you can find online, and you’ve got a cheap mattress that delivers unbeatable value!

Are you searching for the perfect mattress? Let ASL Reviews help! Check out our in-depth reviews or visit our mattress deals and discounts for more great savings.

Nectar Mattress Comparisons

Curious to see how Nectar stands up to the competition? Purple and Nectar are two of the largest brand names in the online mattress retail space. While both mattresses have plenty of benefits, we compared Nectar side-by-side with Purple to determine which mattress is right for you. Let’s have a look!

Nectar vs Purple

We Recommend Nectar For –

  • Budget shoppers – When it comes to shopping on a budget, Nectar is a clear winner. A queen-sized Nectar mattress starts at $899, while a queen-sized Purple mattress begins at $1299.
  • Side Sleepers – Both mattresses offer exceptional pressure relief. Still, we think the conforming memory foam comfort layer of the Nectar mattress lends itself a bit better to this sleep position.
  • Lovers of Memory Foam – Nectar has a classic memory foam feel that is highly conforming and cradling for a cozy “in” the bed feel.

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We Recommend Purple For –

  • Combination Sleepers – Purple’s unique grid-like design responds faster than memory foam, offering sleepers greater motility without that stuck-in-the-mud feeling.
  • Hot Sleepers – Purple is hands down one of the most breathable mattresses we’ve reviewed. Unlike memory foam which traps heat, Purple optimizes airflow, providing a temperature-neutral sleep surface.
  • Heavy Individuals – Purple is available in several mattress models, including the Purple Hybrid Premier, which pairs the Purple grid with pocketed coils. The hybrid design is better suited to plus-sized individuals.

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Nectar vs DreamCloud

DreamCloud Is Best For –

  • Back Sleepers – DreamCloud is a medium to medium-firm mattress ideal for back sleepers.
  • Combination Sleepers – DreamCloud’s hybrid construction is responsive and bouncy. This is ideal for combination sleepers who need to change positions easily throughout the night.
  • You’re a Hot Sleeper – Individually wrapped coils make DreamCloud more breathable than Nectar. This helps hot sleepers stay cooler during the night.

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