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Couple pictured on Nectar base on TV setting

We fell in love with Nectar last year when we first reviewed their mattress. In fact, it is one of our favorite mattresses to this day. So, we were super excited when we got our hands on their adjustable bed frame for review. Like the Nectar mattress, it is a budget friendly option that we simply can’t resist! Keep reading as we dive into the details.

Nectar Adjustable Base Purchase Details

The adjustable base is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen and Split King. Unfortunately at this time Nectar does not have a purchase option for Twin, or King. We are hoping that is added in the near future.

In addition to the adjustable base, the following options are available:

In the meantime, if your mattress fits one of the available adjustable base sizes, here is what to expect:

Free Shipping and Returns

Like the Nectar mattress, the base comes with free shipping and returns. It ships in a large cardboard box and is fairly heavy so you may need some help getting into the bedroom for set up.

Mike did manage to assemble the base by himself but, if you can grab the assistance of a friend or significant other we highly recommend it. Or, if you’d rather save yourself the fuss entirely, you can opt for white glove service for an additional $149. If purchasing the mattress together with the base it is $149 for the mattress and an additional $45 for the base.

Rather save the money and assemble it yourself? We suggest allotting around 30 minutes to complete setup.

50 Night Home Trial and 3 Year Warranty

Nectar offers a risk-free, 50 night home trial. If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase before the end of the 50 nights you can return it for a full refund. In addition to a generous trial period, the adjustable base comes with a 3 year warranty. For full warranty details, check out Nectar’s website.

Pricing and Financing Options

A Queen adjustable base starts at $799. See available discounts here.

Financing is available through Affirm for as little as 0% APR (subject to credit checks and approval). Qualify for payments as low as $67/month on the base only. Or, as little as $79/month for a bundle, including mattress.

Nectar Adjustable Base Coupon
Nectar Adjustable Base
  • Zero Gravity
  • TV Setting
  • Massage Option
  • Wireless Remote
  • Zero Gravity
  • TV Setting
  • Massage Option
  • Wireless Remote
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    How to Assemble The Nectar Adjustable Base

    What can I do with the Nectar Adjustable base?

    Now that we have covered the purchase details it is time to move onto the exciting stuff, the features! Like the mattress, the adjustable base delivers a lot of bang for your buck considering the reasonable price point.

    We really like the neutral color palette. It has a nice, clean, modern look that we think easily pairs with accessories. There is a thin metal bar at the base of the bed to help anchor your mattress in place as you adjust positions.

    Wireless Remote

    If you are at all like me, you can’t stand having cords cluttering your space. Not only are they an absolute eye sore, they can be a nuisance, from tripping over them to possible spills, I find cords a bit of a headache. So I’m always thrilled if something is wireless! The remote also features a flashlight which we found to be quite handy and the button display lights up with a funky neon green so you can clearly see what you are adjusting. The remote does require 4 AAA batteries, which Nectar was kind enough to provide in the order. From there we were able to start testing out the features.
    Nectar Adjustable Base Control

    Manual Adjustments

    The manual adjustments are pretty straightforward, allowing you to adjust your head and your feet independently. The base remains stationary with a total height of 15 inches, leaving 9 inches of storage space underneath. When completely elevated the head height reaches 40 inches and the feet 21 inches.

    The cool thing here? As you adjust the head and feet, the storage space underneath never alters!

    Zero Gravity

    Like memory foam, we have NASA to thank for Zero Gravity. Zero Gravity is defined as the state or condition of weightlessness and while your mattress or base can’t actually defy the laws of gravity, a zero gravity sleep position can help emulate the feeling of weightlessness by alleviating pressure on the body.

    In the zero gravity sleep position the head and legs are slightly raised with the knees gently bent. This position can help reduce snoring, improve circulation and digestion, and reduce acid reflux, amongst other benefits.

    TV setting

    In this mode the legs are raised just slightly with a slight bend in the knee while the head is raised to roughly a 45 degree angle. Movie nights have officially moved to the bedroom :)
    Couple pictured on Nectar base on TV setting
    Mike and I testing out the TV setting :)


    Always wanted to have a massage in your own bed? Not a problem, the massage feature allows for independent adjustment of the head and feet and offers 6 different levels of intensity. Rather than a kneading sensation, you will experience more of a gentle vibration.

    While we experienced next to no noise on the lowest setting we did find the high intensity setting to be a bit noisy.

    USB Ports

    Each side of the base comes with 2 USB ports near the head of the bed for a total of 4 ports.

    This is one of those seemingly small things that absolutely makes a big difference for us. I mentioned earlier how much I dislike having tons of cords cluttering up my space and while you obviously still need to connect the USB cord, we really appreciated the convenience of being able to charge our phones by the bedside without having to worry about finding an extra outlet.

    USb ports on side of Nectar adjustable base

    Why we love NectarSleep

    Nectar is a budget-friendly brand that provides exceptional value (what’s not to love). The Nectar mattress has consistently been a favorite and featured on the following:

    In addition to the Nectar Mattress, Nectarsleep offers accessories, including pillows, bedsheets, bases and a weighted blanket, making it a one stop shop for your bedroom needs, all at an affordable price.

    Final Thoughts

    The Nectar adjustable base is feature-rich and could be a great choice for you if:

    • You enjoy sitting up and watching tv or reading in bed
    • You suffer from acid reflux, snoring or aches and pain – Zero Gravity is one of our favorite settings and we think you’ll love it too!
    • You and your partner prefer different settings – the Split King allows each side of the bed to be independently adjusted
    • You already own a Nectar mattress or are purchasing a Nectar mattress! (the base does pair with other mattresses as well)


    Nectar Adjustable Base Coupon
    Nectar Adjustable Base
  • Zero Gravity
  • TV Setting
  • Massage Option
  • Wireless Remote
  • Zero Gravity
  • TV Setting
  • Massage Option
  • Wireless Remote
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    This Post Has 6 Comments

    1. Carol (Adjustable bed frame)

      Still cannot get the bed to adjust. Not sure what the buttons mean on the remote. Pressing any button and nothing happens. Yes we have changed the battery’s, Does the bed have to be synced to remote? There is one “probe looking’ wire that is very different from all the other wires and cant figure where to plug that in. Never got the booklet. All the videos are on beds from 2018-2019 and do not look the same. I have contacted Teck dept and they are not sharing any help

      1. ASL Reviews

        Hi Carol,

        I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your Nectar Base. On the model we reviewed we did not have to sync the remote, once everything was hooked up it was good to go. I would suggest reaching out to Nectar directly so they can help you with the model you have. Thanks!

    2. Leila Anastasi (Nectar )

      What bed is nectar adjustable base compatible with ?
      It’s not with my Tuft and Needle Mint matress

      1. ASL Reviews

        Hi Leila,

        We have not reviewed the Tuft and Needle mattress but I did just have a look at the website, I do not see any information indicating that the Nectar adjustable base would not work with it. The Nectar adjustable base should be compatible with most mattress types unless specifically mentioned otherwise. For example, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro is not compatible with an adjustable base due to the unique water cooling mattress cover.

        This is copied directly from the Tuft & Needle website regarding compatible frames:

        “The mattress needs to be supported at all times, so platform frames, slatted frames, bunky boards, and even adjustable frames will support our mattress without requiring a box spring. The space between individual slats should be fewer than 5” for the right support.

        You will need to purchase a box spring or our Box Foundation if your frame does not already provide that support — e.g., if you’re using a metal frame like our Metal Base, or if the slats on your platform bed are further than 5” apart.”

        In most cases, adjustable frames are an excellent choice due to the solid, supportive foundation they provide. Hope this helps!

    3. Dorinda S Grund

      I have the nectar adjustable bed. I had to reset it on Friday. Saturday night when I went to bed the remote was blinking so I unplug the bed put in new batteries in the remote and try to reset it and it wouldn’t do anything could you give me information where I can get a hold of someone to help me with the bed thank you

      1. ASL Reviews

        Hi Dorinda, We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your Nectar base. Since ASL Reviews is a review and blog website we cannot provide support on products we have reviewed, the best course of action would be to contact Nectar directly through their website, they should have a support team that can help, thanks!

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