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Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow

Amerisleep Comfort Classic Pillow Review

The Amerisleep Comfort Classic pillow is part of the high-end sleep system that includes memory foam and hybrid mattresses, adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, and duvets. Amerisleep sets itself apart from the competition with its proprietary BioPur® foam which gives Amerisleep products a wonderful balance between comfort and support, while also providing excellent cooling benefits.

In our Amerisleep Comfort Classic pillow review, we break down the details to discuss construction, pricing, and warranties. We will also go into the firmness and feel of the pillow and discuss who might benefit most from it. Let’s dive in!


  • Plant-based, eco-friendly foams
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Machine washable cover
  • Great for back and combinations sleepers, also a great choice for larger-framed/heavier side sleepers


  • May be too high for stomach sleepers
  • Petite and/or smaller framed individuals may find the loft height too high
  • Not adjustable

Classic Comfort Pillow Construction

Made in the USA the Amerisleep Classic Comfort pillow stands at 6” in height and comes with a soft, breathable cover which can be unzipped and removed for easy machine washing.

The pillow filling is made from Amerisleep’s trademarked BioPur® foam, a plant-based, eco-friendly memory foam that features an open cell structure for greater breathability and temperature regulation. Designed to dissipate heat, BioPur® foams are certified by CertiPUR-US.

Amerisleep removable pillow cover


For those unfamiliar with CertiPUR-US, this means the foam coming into your home is not made with harmful chemicals:

  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO PBDE’s
  • NO Ozone depleters
  • NO mercury, lead or other heavy metals.

The plant-based BioPur® foam provides next to no off-gassing. We noticed little to no harsh chemical odors when unwrapping our new Amerisleep pillow.

Firmness and Feel of the Amerisleep Classic Comfort Pillow

As we saw in the Amerisleep AS3 and AS5 mattresses, the BioPur® memory foam responds to your body’s weight to instantly relieve pressure without sacrificing support. Unlike traditional memory foam, however, the BioPur® foam provides a quick response, making movement and transitions easy, eliminating any sluggishness typically found in other popular memory foam brands.

While we found the foam itself to be quite giving and plush, the pillow does come with a substantial fill which we found provided an overall firmer surface feel. Rather than sinking into this pillow, you will feel yourself resting on top of it. This can be great for side sleepers that need or prefer a higher loft pillow that won’t bottom out or lose shape.

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Does Amerisleep’s Classic Comfort Pillow Sleep Hot?

No. One thing all of the products from Amerisleep have in common is their excellent ability to help regulate temperature, the Classic Comfort pillow is no exception. The open cell structure of the BioPur® foam naturally promotes breathability, but Amerisleep has also added cooling channeling into the foam core for further enhancement. The cover is also designed with breathability in mind and it shows.

Best Sleep Position for Amerisleep’s Comfort Classic Pillow?

The higher loft of this pillow suits back and side sleepers the best. I suffer from migraines frequently and when lying on my back I often find the slightest pressure against the back of my head can be unbearable. However, I found this pillow provides a tremendous amount of pressure relief, easing any pain. I also found it to be extremely helpful in relieving shoulder pressure and pain when sleeping on my back.

Side sleepers with broad shoulders and/or heavier sleepers are likely to really get on with the Amerisleep pillow. The 6” loft profile should do a good job of keeping larger frames supported in a side sleeping position but could prove to be just a bit too high for petite or small-framed individuals.

Stomach sleepers generally benefit most from pillows with lower lofts, unfortunately, this means that the Classic Comfort Pillow is likely not the best choice if you prefer to sleep in a prone position. We suggest checking out adjustable loft pillows, or the Purple Original pillow designed with stomach sleepers in mind.

Amerisleep Classic Comfort Pillow

Amerisleep Pillow Purchase Details


The Classic Comfort pillow is available in 2 sizes with a Queen retailing for $90 and a King for $115.

In-home trial, Shipping, and Returns

Amerisleep comes with free shipping and returns as well as a 100-night in-home trial. If during this time you decide that the pillow is not for you, you can request a full refund.


The Comfort Classic pillow comes with a 10-year warranty. If during this time you experience any covered defects, such as seams that come apart due to faulty sewing or if cracks develop in the foam core, Amerisleep will replace the pillow free of charge. For more information regarding the Amerisleep Comfort Classic pillow warranty, visit