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Cozy Earth reviews - bed sheets and bedding review

Great for:

  • Those looking for hugging, soft sheets
  • Those looking for hypoallergenic sheets
  • If you want cooling and temperature regulating sheets
  • If you want a company with great customer service & a 10-year warranty
  • Luxury feel

Not Great For:

  • Those on a budget
  • If you’re looking for more of a crisp sheet
  • Those looking for multiiple color options. Cozy Earth sheets and bedding are only available in white.

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About Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth is a luxury bedding brand on a mission to provide better sleep. Their goal? “Build the best product, know every supplier, craft products responsibly, and serve the customer always”. 

Tyler Howells, the founder of Cozy Earth, wanted to make an extraordinary line of bamboo bedding and loungewear. Utilizing his connections in China and his ability to speak Mandarin, Tyler was able to connect with factories that other Americans could not connect with. By doing this, he was able to make relationships with some of the finest factories in China. 

But what makes Cozy Earth so different and is this luxury bedding brand worth the cost? Let’s find out! In our Cozy Earth review, we take a look at the Cozy Earth sheets, comforter, and duvet. We’ll discuss construction, cleaning and care, pricing, warranties, and more. So let’s get started!

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What Makes Cozy Earth different?

When I ask you to think of the softest, most luxurious thing you own, what would you think of? I think of my favorite super soft shirt or my dog Winston, a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. 

And when it comes to sleep, I’m always on the hunt for the smoothest, softest sheets and blankets I can find. So when we heard about Cozy Earth, we couldn’t wait to test out this unique line of bamboo bedding. 

We spend 8 hours a day, more or less, in bed. Why shouldn’t we have the softest, most luxurious bedding? Well, we have found it! Let’s take a look at what sets Cozy Earth apart from the competition.

  • Superior Softness – While most Cozy Earth products are made of bamboo, some products are made from silk. Both textiles are known for their luxurious, softness. 
  • Hypoallergenic – A great choice for those with sensitive skin, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It’s also bed bug and dust-mite resistant.
  • Temperature Regulation – Bamboo bedding is naturally cooling, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Expect to sleep 2-3 degrees cooler with Cozy Earth sheets while also enjoying 50% less humidity.
  • Durable – Cozy Earth bedding uses a premium-quality weave guaranteed not to pill and discolor. 
  • Free of toxins – Cozy Earth products are free of toxins, harsh chemicals, and dyes. Bamboo grows quickly and does not require the use of fertilizers and pesticides, giving it a clear advantage over textiles such as cotton.
  • USDA Organic- In addition to the inherently eco-friendly properties of bamboo, Cozy Earth takes it a little further and uses only USDA organic farms to ensure there are no chemicals added into the fabric. The farms also use re-usable packaging to ensure a lower carbon footprint.

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Cozy Earth organic bamboo bed sheets

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

Material: Organic Bamboo

Colors: White

Price: $319-$439

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Cozy Earth sheets are made from premium 100% viscose from bamboo and I have to say they are truly the softest sheets I’ve ever felt in my life. Luxuriously soft, these sheets feel silky smooth and cool to the touch as you first climb into bed. 

I was amazed at how comfortably I slept, warm enough to feel cozy, but with a dry comfort that didn’t disturb my sleep. Overall, the Cozy Earth sheets are a great option for hot sleepers suffering from hot flashes or night sweats. 

That being said, if you have a mattress that sleeps hot, you may not benefit from the temperature-regulating properties of the Cozy Earth sheets. For an optimal sleep experience, make sure to pair your bedsheets with a mattress designed to regulate your body temperature.

The only thing I found as a personal drawback was that the flat sheet is so soft, it does sometimes get tangled up if you move around at night.

Woman sleeping in Cozy Earth bedding

Bed Sheet Sizes

The Cozy Earth sheet set comes with: (1) fitted sheet, (1) flat sheet, (2) pillowcases. Suitable for high-profile mattresses, the fitted sheet stretches to accommodate 20” pockets. The sheets are available in standard US bed sizes as seen in the chart below.

Fitted Sheet Dimensions

Flat Sheet Dimensions


39″ x 75″ x 18″

74″ x 110″


54″ x 75″ x 18″

92″ x 105″


60″ x 80″ x 18″

96″ x 110″


78″ x 80″ x 18″

110″ x 114″

California King

72″ x 84″ x 18″

110″ x 114″

Pillowcase sizes

The pillowcases are available in Standard or King sizes.

Pillowcase Dimensions


20″ x 31″


20″ x 38″

Bed Sheet Color Options

As we mentioned earlier, Cozy Earth bedding is free of toxins, harmful chemicals, and dyes. As such, Cozy Earth sheets are only available in white. So, if you are looking for a wide range of color options, unfortunately, Cozy Earth isn’t going to be your match. However, if your health and comfort are leading your purchase decisions, it doesn’t get much better than Cozy Earth. 

The clean white offers a bright, modern feel. The bed sheets are stain-resistant and machine washable, making them fairly easy to clean and maintain. They are also designed not to discolor which can be a common problem when choosing white bedding or clothing.

Caring for your Cozy Earth Sheets

We have been using the sheets now for around 6 months and we have washed them a few times, they still feel just as soft as the day we got them! That being said, you’ll want to ensure you are properly caring for your new sheets.

My one suggestion when buying Cozy Earth is to pay attention to the washing instructions! Each item on their website has a slightly different care instruction. In the care section on their site and the tag on the product, it mentions not to use bleach or fabric softener. Other than that you can wash and dry most of their bedding.

Another thing to note, bamboo is naturally resistant to allergens and bacteria. That means you won’t need to wash it as often as your typical sheets and comforter. So instead of doing laundry all the time, spend more time in your soft cozy sheets.

Cozy Earth Comforter Review

Material: Bamboo or Silk 

Comfort: Winter or All-Season

Colors: White

Prices: $399 – $599

Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King

The Cozy Earth comforter is available in bamboo or silk with an option for winter or all-season. We reviewed the Cozy Earth Bamboo All-Season Comforter and Duvet. 

I have not felt too hot in this comforter and occasionally when it is really cold I would add another blanket on top. This is a great all-season comforter and will do well in cold and hot environments.

The comforter has little snaps on all sides to hook it into the duvet cover. This makes it so the comforter doesn’t slide out of the duvet. At the very bottom of the duvet, there are little ties to close the open end. Overall, the comforter and duvet are very easy to put together. It has a nice weight and silky soft, cooling feel.

Size Options

The comforter and duvet don’t have as many options for sizes as the sheets, however, they will fit most sizes. The comforter and duvet come in Twin, Queen/Full, and King as seen below.

Bamboo Comforter

Bamboo Duvet Cover


68 x 86

68 x 86


96 x 100

96 x 100


112 x 100

112 x 100

How are the sheets made so soft?

Many other bedding companies purchase already made fabric to create their bedding. Cozy Earth, on the other hand, is hands-on for all of its processes, from the harvesting of the bamboo to the finishing of the bedding. This means they can guarantee the quality of the product, as well as the working conditions. 

The Bamboo is harvested only from USDA organic farms making Cozy Earth products pesticide-free. Considering we are spending many hours a day in our bed this gives Cozy Earth a big advantage over the competition.

Cozy Earth Purchase Details


Cozy Earth offers a 10-year warranty and guarantees their sheet will not pill or discolor. I have experienced pilling with other bedding companies we have reviewed but we have had Cozy Earth for 6 months now and still no pilling.

We did have a rip in the duvet cover right after washing. I was surprised but right away started a chat on their website. FYI, I didn’t let them know we were a mattress review company until the very end for shipping info. I have to say they responded quickly and immediately were ready to ship us a new one. I was so impressed with their customer service!

Sleep Trial

Like many bed in a box companies, Cozy Earth offers a 100-night trial. They offer free standard shipping within the United States.

If within 100 nights you decide Cozy Earth isn’t for you, you can return it for a full refund. Again, like most mattress brands, they require 21 nights minimum to try their product. That way you have time to adjust to something different when your sleeping.


I have to note the super cute packaging! Rather than just having to throw away the packaging and wrapping, Cozy Earth packages its products in bags that can be repurposed.

When I first opened Cozy Earth it was nicely presented in cute bags with zippers. I have since used the bags for various things. The small bags, which the sheets and duvet came in, have been a great use for my girl’s toys. And the big bag, which the comforter came in, became our new beach bag for the summer.

Cozy Earth Bamboo sheets packaging

Cozy Earth Review Conclusion

Who it is good for

  • Those looking for hugging soft sheets
  • Those looking for hypoallergenic sheets
  • If you want cooling and temperature regulating sheets
  • If you want a company with great customer service and a 10-year warranty

Who it is Not good for

  • Those on a budget
  • If you’re looking for more of a crisp sheet

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