Purple Pillow Review

Cooler and more supportive than memory foam

Purple pillow - Review

Is the Purple Pillow Right For You?

Purple is a name that needs no introduction. In fact, simply typing the term mattress into a search engine you’ll likely see it pop up as one of the first search results. It’s gained a lot of traction over the years and continues to be one of the biggest mattress companies out there due to its unique marketing strategy and of course its unique hyper-elastic polymer grid, also known as the Purple Grid™ which is arguably the most innovative material we’ve seen put in a mattress or a pillow! But is it right for you? Find out in our latest Purple pillow review!

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Purple Pillow Construction

The cover is a moisture-wicking breeze mesh cover made up of a Polyester (88%), nylon (3%) and spandex (9%) blend. It is stretchy and soft to the touch and can be removed for machine washing.Under the cover is the main bulk of this pillow, the unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid. It uses a non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating, likened to soft rubber or silicone. The grid can also be hand-washed with warm water and gentle soap then left out to air dry. We realize that it’s not the easiest to wash but you should hopefully not need to do it that often, if at all.

Purple pillow cover

Feel of the Purple pillow

The Purple Original Pillow continues to turn heads even today. As mentioned before, the Purple Grid™ feels like soft rubber or silicone. It’s incredibly malleable and stretchy with a buoyant feel providing ergonomic neck support through column buckling technology (more on that below), all the way to the edges. Like the Purple mattress, this pillow has a very unique feel to it and we understand that it may not be for everyone, it’s certainly a different take on the traditional pillow!

How Firm is the Purple Pillow?

The Purple pillow is naturally firm but has a soft cushioning surface thanks to the column buckling technology mentioned earlier. Using multiple channels or columns that buckle under the pressure when weight is applied, this allows for a pillow that is firm and supportive. Because of this you don’t need to ‘re-fluff’ or re-shape the Purple Pillow, it keeps its shape no matter how much you move it or change positions throughout the night.

Weight Of The Purple Pillow

There is however a downside to the pillow–the weight of it. Of course, this depends on how you look at, as this is one pillow fight you’d win by default! Weighing a whopping 11.7lbs, this is one of the heaviest pillows by far that we have tested. In addition to its weight, the Purple pillow has a very slinky and flexible feel to it making it very difficult to shift or reposition the pillow throughout the night. If you are looking for a pillow to cuddle up with, this might not be the best option. If, however, you are looking for a pillow that provides excellent support while effortlessly relieving pressure, the Purple pillow has you covered.

Mike demonstrating the flexibility of the Purple pillow

Also, you will find that the Purple Pillow is a very low profile pillow at only 3” tall. This may be a little low for some, but because it is a little firmer than most pillows and uses the Purple Grid™, the pillow keeps its shape all the way to the edges and doesn’t lose much height once you actually lay your head down on it. We think it works particularly well for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

Personally it has worked wonders for me (a combo sleeper) but it could limit some side sleepers who would prefer a loftier pillow. To combat this Purple has created additional boosters that will increase the pillow height if you do require just a little extra loft. 

Does the Purple pillow sleep cool?

The Purple pillow’s unique design provides hundreds of open-air channels set in a grid-like pattern, this allows for the pillow to breathe freely beneath you without retaining heat near your head and neck. Additionally, the Purple pillow features a naturally temperature neutral gel which is cool to the touch and wrapped in a soft cover that is moisture-wicking and breathable. We think this pillow could be a great choice for those of you that sleep hot throughout the night; it’s one of the coolest pillows we have slept on!

Mike showing the flexibility of the Purple pillow grid

Price and Trial Period of the Purple Pillow

The Purple Pillow is one of the most expensive pillows we have reviewed so far at $109, it’s not the cheapest pillow but it could well be worth the investment for a good nights sleep. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial, so you get a full 100 nights to try it out and send it back if it’s not working for you, it also comes with a warranty at a one year, and free shipping and returns, not a bad deal!

The Purple pillow is also available on Amazon:

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Who is Purple pillow best suited for?

If you are a back or stomach sleeper who has struggled to find a pillow that doesn’t leave you with shoulder or neck pain, the Purple pillow is definitely worthy of consideration. Additionally, side sleepers who prefer a lower profile may also benefit from the Purple pillow and the additional foam boosters which allow you to customize the pillow loft.

Like the Purple mattress, the Purple pillow does an excellent job of regulating temperature—no more flipping to the cool side of the pillow! Bottom line, if you’ve struggled to achieve the perfect sleep experience and are ready for a change then there is no better place to start than with Purple!

You'll love the Original Purple Pillow if:

  • You like a firmer, lower profile pillow
  • You are tired of memory foam pillows and want to try something new
  • You sleep hot and want a temperature neutral pillow
  • You want a pillow that provides pressure relief while remaining supportive

The Original Purple Pillow may not be for you if:

  • You are a side sleeper
  • You prefer a softer or loftier pillow
  • You prefer a pillow you can wrap your arms around and cuddle