Best Mattresses of 2021

You are in the market for a new mattress, but where do you start? The best mattresses of 2021 include our top picks based on overall performance.  Our goal is to make your buying experience easier by providing you with the facts about these beds, along with our own experiences, through our extensive review process.  We understand that what may be important to one sleeper may not be a priority for the next so we help you narrow down what fits your sleep needs the best. Whether you are looking for the best mattress for side sleeping, the best mattress for cooling, or simply the best cheap mattress we’ve got you covered in our guide to the best mattresses of 2021.

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Mattress Reviews for Side Sleepers

Best Mattress Overview

Puffy Royal

Best Mattress For side sleepers

Puffy Royal Mattress

Type – Memory Foam

Firmness – Soft

Sleep Trial – 101-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Puffy logo

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Puffy claims their mattress is like sleeping on a cloud and we would have to agree!  The best mattresses for side sleepers combine unparalleled pressure relief with optimal support for proper spinal alignment.

The Puffy Royal stands at 14” in height and has a machine-washable cover. The top layer is 1.5” of foam made with cooling beads to help reduce heat buildup. Next is 2” of reflexive pressure-relieving foam. This layer offers a quick response eliminating that stuck in the mud feeling. It’s followed by 1.5” of slow response foam that, like the layer above, features an open cell structure providing added breathability and enhanced airflow.

2” of zoned construction set the Puffy Royal apart from the competition. Mattresses with zoned construction are better able to provide support where you need it, such as your lumbar, while targeting tough pressure points, such as your hips and shoulders. Lastly, 7” supportive foam using insta-firm technology makes up the base layer. This not only gives the mattress plenty of support but also improves the durability of the mattress.

The Puffy Royal is one of the softer mattresses we’ve reviewed, we rated it a 5 – 5.5. Generally mattresses this soft are best suited to strict side sleepers. However, we think it is well suited to back and combination sleepers as well due to its zoned construction and insta-firm technology.

Ultimately, the Puffy Royal is an excellent example of support meets pressure relief, making it a clear winner for side sleepers. If you love a bed that cradles you to sleep without giving you that “stuck in the mud” feel, the Puffy Royal should be on your list of considerations.

Nolah Original

Best Mattress For Hip Pain

Type – AirFoam

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 120-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Nolah logo small

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If you struggle with acute or chronic pain, you know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep. Finding a mattress that can melt away pressure points while keeping your spine aligned and supported is crucial. That’s where Nolah comes in!

Nolah mattresses are made with AirFoam, a popular memory foam alternative. This proprietary foam blend is designed to provide 4x the pressure relief found in traditional memory foam mattresses while also offering enhanced cooling and breathability, making it a wonderful option for hot sleepers, side sleepers, and chronic pain sufferers.

The seemingly simple 3-layer design includes a comfort layer consisting of 2” of AirFoam. This layer is responsible for head-to-toe contouring, providing relief from painful pressure points in the shoulders, hips, and lower back. Next up is 1” of high-resilience foam. This layer functions as the transition layer providing a nice bit of responsiveness and bounce. This keeps sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress. This means you’ll sleep cooler and won’t get that stuck in the mud feeling. Lastly, 7” of high-density foam makes up the base layer, lending support and increasing the overall durability of the mattress.

The Nolah Original 10” truly strikes a balance between comfort and support. The mattress has a medium feel that supports a wide range of sleeping positions but is best suited to side and combination sleepers. Ultimately, if shoulder and/or hip pain are the cause of your restless nights, Nolah is certainly worthy of consideration and should be at the top of your list!

Air-Pedic 1000

Best Luxury Air Bed

Air-Pedic mattress review

Type – Adjustable Air

Firmness – Variable

Sleep Trial – 120-Nights

Warranty – 30 year

Shipping – White Glove

Air-Pedic Logo

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Adjustable air beds are a luxury line of mattresses that offer sleepers a great deal of control over their sleep experience. Owning an adjustable air bed allows you to change the firmness of your bed based on your needs. They also support dual adjustability meaning that each side of the bed can be adjusted independently of the other. This is especially beneficial for couples who do not share the same firmness preference.

The firmness of the Air-Pedic mattresses can be customized from quite soft to very firm. That being said, the overall feel of the Air-Pedic 1000 is quite plush, providing superior pressure relief and comfort. All of the Air-Pedic mattresses are made with a 6 chamber, multi-zone air system. This allows sleepers to adjust the firmness based on zone.

For example, an ideal setup for side sleepers might include a firmer setting in the midsection for better support while choosing a softer setting for the hips and shoulders. In this way, sleepers can target troublesome pressure points. Sitting atop the air chambers is 7” of foam. These layers provide comfort and contouring but also work as a transition layer so you don’t feel the air chambers below.

Air-Pedic also offers a patented airflow transfer technology that helps reduce heat retention. Hot sleepers will want to take advantage of this to experience a cooler sleep experience. Air-Pedic is one of the most versatile mattresses we’ve reviewed and the high level of customization could be a great fit for most sleeper types and preferences.

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Best Hybrid Mattress

WinkBeds Mattress

Type – Hybrid

Firmness – Multiple Firmness Options Available

Sleep Trial – 120-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

When it comes to hybrids, WinkBeds takes the cake. We reviewed the soft model but the WinkBed is available in a total of 4 different firmness options, including the WinkBed Plus, specifically designed for heavier individuals (230+ lbs).

The WinkBed is made with a Tencel mattress cover which enhances breathability and works with the coils beneath to encourage airflow. The mattress comes with an extra-plush Euro-pillow top made with gel-infused foam. This layer is designed for superior cushioning and support while alleviating pressure buildup. Pocketed coils provide support while flexing independently of each other to target your body’s pressure points. Sitting atop the triple-tempered steel springs is a layer of gel foam designed to improve motion isolation by dampening movement.

A proprietary LumbarLayer works similarly to zoned construction supplying extra support throughout the lumbar region while still allowing for plenty of contouring through the hips and shoulders. While Triple Layer Heat Disperse Technology helps dispel heat, ensuring a cooler night’s sleep.

We rated the WinkBed (Soft) around a 5 on the firmness scale. The soft model is an excellent choice for lightweight sleepers in any sleep position. Side sleepers of any weight are also likely to get on with the soft version. Average weight individuals and heavier individuals who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach may want to consider the luxury firm or PLUS models.

This bed in a box hybrid stands apart from the crowd due to its superior pressure relief, zoned support, and excellent cooling benefits. The WinkBed delivers a luxurious sleep experience for a fraction of the cost associated with many comparable luxury mattresses.

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Best Value Mattress

Nectar Mattress

Type – Memory Foam

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 365-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

nectar mattress logo

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Want all the benefits of memory foam without breaking the bank? Nectar is it. The original Nectar mattress offers a classic memory foam feel with deep contouring to alleviate even the most sensitive pressure points. This popular bed in a box brand includes active cooling properties to help combat heat retention while allowing you to sink gently into the plush memory foam layers.

The mattress cover is made from a cotton and Tencel blend that promotes breathability and helps pull heat away from the bed. 1 inch of cooling memory foam is quilted into the mattress cover. The comfort layer consists of 3” of gel-infused memory foam designed to hug your curves and relieve pressure, while further helping to mitigate heat. Next up, we have 1.75” of Adaptive Hi Core memory foam, which acts as a transition layer and provides a more responsive feel than the memory foam layers above. Lastly, 5.25” of hi-density foam makes up the supportive base, providing sleepers with a mattress that is not only great for pressure relief but supportive, promoting healthy alignment. This layer includes grooved channels that encourage airflow and dispel heat.

Nectar has a medium feel (5.5-6) which could be great for any sleep position but lends itself particularly well to side sleeping due to its body-hugging properties. This also makes it a great choice for anyone who struggles with painful pressure points. Couples will enjoy Nectar too as this memory foam mattress provides excellent motion isolation and has decent edge support.

With a Queen size mattress starting at just under $800, Nectar delivers exceptional value while remaining one of the least expensive mattresses we’ve reviewed so far.  If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, Nectar is a mattress you should consider.

ReST Performance

Best Smart Bed

ReST smart bed

Type – Adjustable Air Bed

Firmness – Variable

Sleep Trial – 90-Nights

Warranty – 10-year

Shipping – $199 (white glove)

ReST bed logo

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Like Air-Pedic the ReST bed is one of the best adjustable air beds on the market today but it has some distinct differences from its competitors. Featuring smart technology the ReST bed uses a responsive surface sleep technology that monitors nearly 2,000 pressure points for real-time pressure mapping. The ReST bed is not remote controlled, instead it is designed for use with a smart device and controlled via the ReST app.

Designed with a total of 10 air chambers, sleepers can independently adjust pressure in the head, shoulders, midsection, legs and feet. This provides sleepers with a great deal of customization. Like most popular adjustable air beds, each side of the ReST bed can be independently adjusted making it an excellent choice for couples with different firmness preferences.

Three control choices are available to adjust firmness. Users can choose from manual, auto position or automatic. In manual mode you will be responsible for increasing or decreasing the firmness of your mattress. Auto position allows sleepers to select their preferred sleep position and ReST automatically adjusts to a recommended setting. Where ReST really shines is in automatic mode.

In this mode, ReST is able to detect pressure buildup and make realtime adjustments to alleviate pressure. As you shift or change position throughout the night, ReST senses your movement and continually adapts, providing superior comfort.

ReST is available in 3 different models: the ReST Essential, ReST Original, and ReST Original w/ Gel Grid. All of these mattress come with NightVision, a sleep quality monitor that tracks your sleep. Sleep reports include a sleep score, information about your sleep stages, movement, positions and more.

Purple Hybrid Premier

Best Cooling Mattress

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Type – Purple Grid + Coils

Firmness – Medium to Medium-Soft

Sleep Trial – 100-Nights

Warranty – 10-year limited

Shipping – Free Shipping and Returns

Purple mattress logo

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Purple combines their innovative Purple Grid with classic springs to create this truly unique hybrid experience. Hybrid mattresses typically run cooler than their all-foam counterparts. As such, they are an especially good choice for hot sleepers, providing enhanced breathability and airflow.

The Purple Grid features a honeycomb-like structure designed to collapse and buckle under pressure providing targeted pressure relief where you need it most. It also allows air to move freely throughout the mattress keeping you cool. The mattress cover is a stretchy knit fabric made from 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, and 4% Lycra. Combine that with individually pocketed coils, also designed for maximum airflow, and you have one really breathable cooling mattress.

The Purple Hybrid Premier is a medium to medium-soft mattress best suited to back and side sleepers. The Purple Grid does an excellent job of relieving pressure while the coils add support to keep you properly aligned. This could be an ideal setup for those who struggle with painful pressure points throughout the night. It’s also an excellent choice for couples, providing decent motion isolation and edge support.

The Purple Hybrid Premier is Purple’s luxury model. It is available in a 3” or 4” comfort grid. Purple also makes 2 other mattresses, the Purple Hybrid and the Original Purple. All of which feature the Purple Grid and are excellent choices for those who sleep hot.

If you are looking for a mattress that provides excellent pressure relief while also delivering maximum cooling benefits, the Purple Hybrid Premier should be at the top of your list!

Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Most Innovative Mattress

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress

Type – All-Foam Smart Bed

Firmness – Medium to Medium-Firm

Sleep Trial – 100-Nights

Warranty – 10-year / 2-year on mattress cover

Shipping – Free Shipping and Returns

Eight Sleep Pod Logo

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The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is hands down the most innovative mattress we’ve reviewed thus far. Packed with smart technology, the Pod Pro can track and monitor your sleep sessions, track key health metrics, and integrate with other smart devices in your home, all while providing some of the best cooling and heating technology we’ve ever seen in a mattress.

The Pod Pro mattress cover contains a flexible, grid-like structure that connects to a Wi-Fi-enabled hub. The hub is filled with water and then distributed throughout the mattress. Using your smart device you can control the temperature settings which range from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, making for year-round comfort. Even better, the Pod Pro is designed for dual-zone custom temperatures for each side. This is especially useful if you and your partner prefer different temperature settings. No more compromise, now you can both sleep in comfort!

The smart app is loaded with cool features such as GentleRise Technology. Simply select your wake-up time and choose heat, vibrations, or both to gently wake you from sleep. No more harsh alarm clocks. And, like the dual-zone temperature setting, the alarm clock is tailored to your side. So if you and your partner haven’t different wake-up times you won’t be disturbed.

Sleep tracking allows you to see when you fell asleep, when you woke up, how many times you tossed and turned and how long you spent in each sleep cycle. It calculates all this data and provides you with a sleep score to help you better understand your sleep patterns. Sleep tracking also records data such as sleeping heart rate, heart rate variability, and sleeping respiratory heart rate. These metrics can provide indications of your overall health. The app will even send you updates to let you know if your stats have fallen outside the normal range and what that might indicate.

The mattress itself is constructed of 4 layers of polyfoam and features a fairly straightforward design. It provides a medium to medium-firm feel suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions. The mattress does an excellent job of isolating motion and provides solid edge support making it a great choice for couples, especially those who have different temperature needs throughout the night.

Overall, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro is one of the best smart beds on the market and certainly one of the most innovative!

Which mattress type is right for you?

There are many excellent mattress types available today; the most popular being adjustable air, innerspring, hybrid and foam. While each design offers its own benefits, they also pose some unique problems. That’s where we at ASL Reviews come in. We test top brands and share our experiences with you. We break down our “Best Mattress” reviews into the following categories for ease of use:

Air Adjustable Mattresses

All mattresses have some form of support system, whether that be air, springs or dense foam. Air beds use trapped air to provide adjustable support, when and where you need it. A great benefit of having an airbed is the ability to independently adjust the firmness levels on each side of the bed, making it a great option for couples. Airbeds typically tend to cost a little more than other traditional mattresses, so if you are on a budget, this might not be for you. That being said, we spend a third of our life sleeping and it might be worth the investment. Learn more about the Best Adjustable Air Beds.

All-Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses offer some great benefits not found with its competitors.  For example, foam beds are lightweight and pliable, making them a perfect option for the increasingly popular bed-in-a-box brands. This makes them a great choice if you aren’t settled down and plan to move around a lot. Additionally, they are one of the better options in regards to motion transfer and an excellent choice if you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns.  Of the major mattress types, foam beds are generally the least expensive. See our top picks for the Best Foam Mattresses.

Innerspring & Hybrid mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are perhaps the most traditional design on the list.  They are durable and provide great support . They come in a variety of pricing options from value to luxury making it a great choice for any budget.  Unlike the popular foam mattresses, which are known for running hot, innerspring mattresses are known to sleep cooler. With innerspring mattresses, there is also little to no off-gassing.  Take a look at our top picks for the Best Hybrid Mattresses.