The Sleep Number i8 vs. The Air-Pedic 850 Mattresses

Learn how the Sleep Number I8/ILE compares to the Air-Pedic 850 Mattress

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A Mattress Brand Comparison and Mattress Review

When it comes to picking a mattress, sometimes it’s hard to choose with so many options out there. One of the major mattress brands that you see in malls all over the nation is Sleep Number. You might be wondering what other brands are out there to compare. We have tested both Sleep Number and Air-Pedic and the results are in. Take a look at our unbiased Sleep Number i8 vs. Air-Pedic 850. 

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Air-Pedic 850

Sleep Number i8

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Adjustable Air

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Sleep Trial

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$99 – $199


Comparing Construction

Air-pedic 850

Kool-Flow® Micro-Vented Bamboo Viscous Covering: The cover has a wonderful soft feel and is breathable.

  • 1 inch Hypergel Plush Top Cooling Layer:This springy-soft layer provides a cooling affect and will help with pressure relief 
  • 1.5 inches Gel-Infused Cooling Foam: this layer is more slow response and will allow you to sink in without feeling stuck in the mud
  • 1.5 inches Poly Flex Comfort Layer: this layer is a soft flexible quick response foam
  • 2 inches Resili-Flex Support Layer: transition layer

6 Chamber, Multi-Zone Air System:With three different zones on each side of the bed you are able to control the lumbar area separate from the head and feet.  100% Medical Grade, Flexible Urethane Chambers that are inherently mold and mildew resistant and are controlled by a remote for each side of the bed.

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Sleep Number I8/ILE

Top Cover: A stretchy soft cover that has outlast technology.  This makes the cover cool to the touch.


  • 3″ Energetix comfort foam: this has a responsive soft feel
  • 2″ Resilienx support foam: this acts as a support transition foam


  • 3″ Clima-Temp™ comfort foam: this has a plush, responsive feel and is infused with gel for temperature balancing
  • 2″ Resilienx™ support foam: this also has a responsive feel and acts as a transition to the air chambers

Air chambers: There is 1 air chamber on each side of the bed.  This is good for being able to independently adjust each sides firmness level. The air chambers are controlled by an app on your phone or a remote that you can purchase separately.

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Air Chamber Construction

One of the major differences between the Sleep Number and Air-Pedic is the air chambers on each side of the mattress.  Sleep Number uses rubber for the construction of their air chambers.  The problem with this is, rubber over time, will fissure and crack. Mold was a top complaint with Sleep Number mattresses but they have since started spraying a coating of anti-mold treatment to their chambers which will help in preventing mold to grow overtime. On the other hand Air-Pedic uses 100% Medical Grade, urethane for their air chambers.  This makes it inherently dust mite and mold resistant.  

1 Vs 3 Air Chambers:

The other major difference is the fact that there is only one air chamber on each side of the Sleep Number and there are 3 on each side of the Air-Pedic.  What does this mean for you? By having 3 air chambers on each side and having the ability to adjust the lumbar separately we were able to feel better support in the Air-Pedic.  We were able to adjust the lumber a little firmer so that when we were on our side we felt fully supported and did not have a hammock effect.  When we slept on the Sleep Number we felt slightly out of alignment because of the lack of support.

inside of an adjustable air mattress
Jason viewing the Air-Pedic chambers

Feel Of The Sleep Number Vs Air-Pedic:

Both mattresses have a great feel, however we noticed the Sleep Number lacked support in the lumbar region. We also found we would roll to the middle of the Sleep Number because the air chambers are zipped together. This was especially obvious when one of us had a very firm setting and the other a soft setting.   Air-Pedic uses a bonded box frame to support its air chambers. There is a firm foam support beam running between the air bladders.  By having this added support it eliminated us rolling into the center of the bed.


The Sleep Number and Air-Pedic both did well on temperature balancing, however Air-Pedic came out ahead. Air-Pedic offers an optional patented Airflow Transfer System that we highly recommend.  It works by using thousands of small holes connecting to open channels underneath to ensure over 100 times the airflow.  This means that your skin cells will get much more oxygenation with the increase in air flow.  

As we mentioned earlier the covering for the Air-Pedic is a Kool-Flow Micro Vented bamboo viscous covering and bamboo is known for having exceptional cooling properties.  Bamboo-based materials offer great airflow as a result of micro-venting, combine that with it’s natural moisture wicking properties and you’ve got a material that is bound to help you sleep cooler. 

Sleep Number does have a lineup of temperature controlled bedding such as sheets and mattress toppers which are available as an add-on.

Motion Transfer

The Sleep Number and Air-Pedic both have foam in the layers above the air chambers which helps with dampening the motion transfer.  However, we did feel more movement on the sleep number because the air chambers are zipped together.  In fact, one of the more common complaints with Sleep Number is partners rolling into the center of the bed, especially if one partner’s firmness setting is drastically different from the others.

Purchase Details

Sleep Trial

Both Air-Pedic and Sleep number offer 120-night trial with full return policy, but only Air-Pedic also offers free customizations, should the mattress model you purchased not suit your exact needs in terms of the surface comfort layers and they do these free custom layer adjustments at no extra cost.


  • Air-Pedic offers a 30 year limited warranty
  • Sleep Number offers a 15 year limited warranty


Sleep Number took longer to set up than Air-Pedic and came in 3 boxes. They will typically have a delivery team come to set everything up that will take around 30-40 min.  The delivery price is $199. 

Delivery with Air-Pedic is pretty straight forward.  As you can see the Air-Pedic is delivered already assembled, aside from the pump and hoses which will need connecting.  The hoses are color coded.  Air-Pedic has the option for threshold delivery, which basically means they will leave the mattress in your foyer for $99.  We recommend the white glove, which is $199, because the mattress can be awkward to maneuver especially if you need to bring it to another floor.


Unfortunately, the Sleep Number ILE is no longer available. The Air-Pedic is priced at $4999 for a Queen size. Though Air-Pedic frequently offers a discount. Discounts can save you up to as much as 50% off. Still undecided? read through our Sleep Number Bed reviews and mattress comparisons for more information on Sleep Number and Sleep Number alternatives.