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Side view of the luxury hybrid WinkBeds EcoCloud. This Natural Talalay Latex mattress is styled with decorative throws and a natural wood bed frame.
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Pressure Relief
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Our Verdict

The WinkBeds EcoCloud is an all-natural, organic mattress featuring natural latex and pocketed coils for a cooler, more breathable sleep experience. It is highly responsive, easy to move on, and has zoned support for targeted pressure relief and support. For the eco-conscious shopper, the EcoCloud stands as an excellent choice, marrying sustainability with luxurious sleep.


  • All-Natural, Organic Materials
  • Features Natural Latex and Pocketed Coils for Cool, Breathable Sleep
  • Highly Responsive for Easy Movement
  • Zoned Support for Targeted Pressure Relief and Support


  • May be too soft for most stomach sleepers.
  • Higher than normal motion transfer

Product Details

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Are you searching for the best organic mattress? Do growing concerns over harsh chemicals and substances have you searching for greener, more natural mattress alternatives? That’s where latex comes in, made from the sap of rubber trees, latex is 100% natural and sustainably sourced making it a wonderful alternative to the less eco-friendly memory foam mattress.

In this review, we take a look at the WinkBeds EcoCloud latex hybrid mattress. All-natural and organic, the WinkBeds EcoCloud could be a great choice for the eco-conscious shopper. Keep reading as we break down materials and construction, test out firmness, discuss best sleeping positions, and discover exactly what makes the WinkBeds EcoCloud so special.

WinkBeds EcoCloud YouTube Review

Going Green

It’s been a wild few years, but one thing is clear: now, more than ever, people are prioritizing their health and the environment. If you are reading this blog, it’s likely why you are here too. As technology rapidly advances we are left to wonder what the impact is on our health and on the world we live in.

With a myriad of bed in a box mattresses available online and in-store, finding the best organic mattress is both, easier than ever, and more overwhelming than ever. Shoppers concerned with the harmful chemicals and substances found in memory foam likely find themselves looking for greener, more natural alternatives with a lower carbon footprint and more sustainable sourcing.

Behind the WinkBeds Brand

Based out of Watertown, WI, WinkBeds prides itself on being a “small, family-owned business with a focus on American-made, handcrafted luxury mattresses”. WinkBeds is perhaps best known for its flagship model, simply known as the WinkBed, a memory foam hybrid available in a range of firmness options, including an option for plus-sized/heavier individuals.

The brand has expanded and now includes 2 other offerings, the WinkBeds GravityLux memory foam mattress, and the EcoCloud latex hybrid. All mattresses are made to order in the WinkBeds manufacturing facility, located in Wisconsin.

WinkBed's EcoCloud Organic Latex Hybrid

Firmness and Feel Of The EcoCloud

Overall, we felt the EcoCloud had a medium feel, around 5.5-6 on the firmness scale. Beds that fall in this firmness range tend to please the largest audiences.

Climbing into the bed we were immediately met with a buoyant, cloud-like feel. The combination of coils and latex kept us from sinking deeply into the mattress and provided a weightless sort of feeling. It is quite clear this could be a great choice for chronic pain sufferers as the mattress strikes a wonderful balance between support and pressure relief.

Firmness Scale 1-10 highlights a 6.0 or medium firmness.
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Is The EcoCloud Mattress A Good Fit For My Sleep Position?

It is important to consider your sleeping position when choosing a new mattress. The best mattresses for side sleeping generally provide more pressure relief through the hips and shoulders, while the best mattresses for stomach sleepers are generally firmer and provide more support through the midsection and hips. So, let’s take a look at each sleep position and see how the EcoCloud stands up!

Side Sleepers 

Soft, springy latex gives this mattress a cloudlike feel that should really please most side sleepers. Zoned pocketed coils give way beneath pressure from the hips and shoulders, not only helping to relieve pain but paresthesia (pins and needles). The EcoCloud mattress is designed to provide greater support through the lumbar region which promotes proper spinal health.

Man side sleeping on the Winkbed's EcoCloud mattress

Back Sleepers 

The EcoCloud also performs exceptionally well in this position. I find that sometimes coil mattresses with zoned construction can exert too much pressure through my lumbar making for an uncomfortable night but I was pleasantly surprised this was not the case with this mattress. At the same time, the latex and coils kept my hips lifted and prevented sagging. Overall, back sleepers should get on quite well with this bed.

Stomach Sleepers 

Strict stomach sleepers, in particular heavier individuals, may find the EcoCloud just a bit too soft. In general, stomach sleepers require a firmer mattress to keep their hips from sagging and putting pressure on the low back. Overall, we found the EcoCloud least suited to stomach sleeping.

Combination Sleepers

We think the EcoCloud is a great fit for combination sleepers! Zoned support and a balanced feel provide this mattress with plenty of support to keep your spine properly aligned while alleviating pressure points. Combo sleepers will appreciate the gentle springiness of the latex which allows sleepers to change sleep positions with ease.

$300 Off
Side view of the luxury hybrid WinkBeds EcoCloud. This Natural Talalay Latex mattress is styled with decorative throws and a natural wood bed frame.

$300 OFF

$300 OFF

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Testing the EcoCloud Mattress

Now that you know what sleep positions the EcoCloud best suits let’s talk about sleep preferences. Do you share your bed with a partner? Are you sensitive to off-gassing? Do you sleep hot and need a mattress that offers cooling benefits? Let’s take a look!

Motion Transfer

Unfortunately, the bouncy feel of the coils and latex means the EcoCloud isn’t the best option for those looking for minimal motion transfer. This may or may not be an issue depending on your sleep situation. Motion isolation is particularly important for sleepers who share their bed with a partner, pet, or child.

Edge Support

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses generally have great edge support and the EcoCloud is no exception. Reinforced coils give this mattress a good amount of support. This is particularly noticeable when sitting on or lying near the edge of the bed. This may be especially important for seniors who may use the edge of the mattress for support to enter and exit the bed.

Edge support is also an important consideration for couples, especially couples sharing a full or queen size bed. Better edge support allows sleepers to utilize the full surface of the mattress without feeling like they are going to roll out of bed.

Man demonstrates edge support on the WinkBed's EcoCloud Mattress


Another perk of latex is its advantage over memory foam bedding when it comes to off-gassing. No harsh, chemical scents here. A mild, rubbery smell may be noticed when unboxing your new mattress but this odor should dissipate within a few hours.

Is WinkBed’s EcoCloud Good For Hot Sleepers?

Yes! The EcoCloud mattress is a great choice for hot sleepers.

The organic cotton cover and wool sock wick away moisture, ensuring a dry sleep surface. The Talalay latex comfort layer is aerated and promotes breathability. And because latex provides a bit more bounce than other mattress materials, sleepers are more likely to sleep “on” top of the mattress, this alone helps to reduce trapped heat. Lastly, individually wrapped coils allow air to flow freely, enhancing the overall breathability of your mattress, and helping to regulate temperature.

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$300 Off
Side view of the luxury hybrid WinkBeds EcoCloud. This Natural Talalay Latex mattress is styled with decorative throws and a natural wood bed frame.

$300 OFF

$300 OFF

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EcoCloud Materials & Construction

Standing at 12.5 inches in height, the WinkBeds EcoCloud combines Talalay latex and pocketed coils for a simple, straightforward 2 layer construction. Let’s take a look at how the materials come together:

Mattress Cover -

The quilted mattress cover is made from 100% organic cotton and is soft to the touch.

Fire Sock -

US bedding regulations require that all mattresses come with a fire sock. While many fire socks are made with harsh chemicals, the EcoCloud uses sustainable New Zealand Wool. Ensuring a cooler, drier sleep surface, this organic fire sock option eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and is hypoallergenic to boot.

Comfort Layer -

4” of Talalay latex makes up the comfort layer of the WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress. This aerated latex layer is naturally breathable and sleeps cool. Intended to provide a zero-pressure experience, this layer offers targeted comfort, firmer through the low back and lumbar for more support, softer through the hips and shoulders. Another benefit of Talalay latex? It’s naturally antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant.

Support Layer -

Individually wrapped coils make up the support layer. Made from recycled steel, the innerspring support system features 5 zones for varying degrees of pressure-relief. The pocketed coils work with the latex above to provide a nice lift and a bit of gentle bounce. This may be especially useful for combination sleepers, allowing them to easily move from one position to the next.

Winkbed's EcoCloud organic cotton mattress cover

EcoCloud Purchase Details

Before choosing a new mattress you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the purchase details. This is especially true if you are comparing mattresses, as these details can make or break your buying decision.

Sleep Trial

All WinkBed mattresses come with a 120-night risk-free trial. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, WinkBeds will give you a full refund and arrange for pickup of the mattress, free of charge. There is one stipulation, WinkBeds does ask that customers sleep on their new bed for a minimum of 30 nights before initiating an exchange or return.

Adjusting to a new mattress can take time, especially if your old mattress lacked adequate support. This is a fairly standard requirement for returns in the bed in a box industry, though the length of time required to keep the bed before deciding can vary.


Winkbeds offers a lifetime durability promise and warranty. In the mattress industry, lifetime warranties aren’t the standard, so this helps to set WinkBeds apart from the competition. As a part of WinkBed’s promise, you can rest easy knowing your new mattress is made with triple-tempered wear-resistant springs, increasing the durability of your mattress over time.

Shipping & Delivery

Free shipping and returns are the industry standard for any bed in a box purchase and WinkBeds is no exception. WinkBeds mattresses ship free within the contiguous US. Do keep in mind each mattress is made to order so expect about 2 weeks for your new bed to arrive.

WinkBed EcoCloud Mattress Prices, Bed Sizes & Weights

Latex drives the price of this hybrid up a bit with a queen size EcoCloud costing $1999. That said, WinkBeds often offers a discount of $300 Off. For a complete listing of mattress discounts check out our mattress coupons and deals page.






38″ x 75″ x 12.5″

78 lbs


Twin XL

38″ x 80″ x 12.5″

82 lbs



54″ x 75″ x 12.5″

100 lbs



60″ x 80″ x 12.5″

117 lbs



76″ x 80″ x 12.5″

135 lbs


California King

72″ x 84″ x 12.5″

147 lbs


*Prices may be subject to change.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon

$300 Off
Side view of the luxury hybrid WinkBeds EcoCloud. This Natural Talalay Latex mattress is styled with decorative throws and a natural wood bed frame.

$300 OFF

$300 OFF

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What type of frame can I use with the EcoCloud mattress?

WinkBeds claims the EcoCloud is “compatible with nearly every frame.” This includes traditional frames, slatted frames, platforms, and adjustable bases. The only requirement? Make sure whatever frame you choose has a rigid support center. Following this recommendation should help extend the lifespan of your mattress. Not following these recommendations can cause problems should you need to take advantage of your mattress warranty.

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WinkBeds EcoCloud Mattress Review Conclusion

The EcoCloud mattress by WinkBeds ticks a lot of boxes! One of the best organic mattresses on the market, the EcoCloud is a suitable option for most sleep positions and preferences. But let’s recap.

Winkbed's EcoCloud organic hybrid latex mattress

We think you’ll love the EcoCloud if:

  • You’re an eco-conscious shopper. Made with organic, all-natural materials the EcoCloud mattress is GOTS and OEKO-TEX (class 1) certified.
  • You sleep hot. The EcoCloud mattress promotes airflow, enhances breathability and wicks away moisture, keeping you cool all night long.
  • You are a side, back or combination sleeper.

The EcoCloud might not be the best fit if:

  • You are on a budget. In general, latex mattresses run on the pricier side.
  • You are a strict stomach sleeper. If this is your preferred sleep position we recommend taking a look at the Helix Dawn or Amerisleep.
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