Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Review

Best Side Sleeper award
Puffy Royal hybrid mattress review

Great for:

  • Strict side sleepers
  • Some Back and Combination Sleepers
  • Petite or lightweight individuals
  • Hot Sleepers

Type – Foam + Coils

Firmness – Soft

Sleep Trial – 101 Night

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

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Puffy Royal Mattress $1,350 Off

$1,350 Off

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If you have ever watched the Ellen show or read Forbes, you have probably heard of the Puffy Mattress. Featured on the Ellen show in 2018, Puffy received rave reviews and quickly positioned itself as one of the best bed in a box brands in the industry. 

The Puffy lineup includes the Puffy, the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and the Puffy Royal Hybrid. The mattresses range in price from budget-friendly to luxury, making Puffy accessible to a large audience.

In our Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress review, we talk about the firmness, feel, and construction of this popular bed in a box. We’ll also cover the purchase details of the Puffy Royal Hybrid such as the sleep trial, warranty, pricing, and much more.

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Puffy Royal Construction

The Puffy Royal hybrid stands tall at a whopping 14 inches. Most mattresses have a profile of 8-12” in height so this is quite tall for the bed in a box industry. Let’s dig into the layers.
  • Cover – The mattress cover is Oeko-Tex Certified. Textiles with this certification are free from harmful chemicals and deemed harmless to human health. Additionally, the fabric is stain-resistant and moisture-wicking, providing a cool sleeping surface that works with the layers below. If a stain does penetrate the fabric you can simply unzip it and throw it in the washer. Not all mattresses have the ability to remove and wash the cover so this is a big one for those who have kids and pets.

  • 1.5” Cooling Layer: This top layer is exclusive to the Puffy Royal and is wonderfully cooling. You can feel the foam is cool to the touch and this is because of the cooling beads found throughout this layer of foam. This layer is soft and has a slow response allowing you to sink into the bed for immediate pressure relief.

  • 2” Reflexive Pressure Relief Foam: This foam works really well with the surrounding comfort layers. It has a fast response and makes it so you don’t get stuck in one position and feel like you can’t move. It has an open-cell structure and allows the mattress to breathe.

  • 1.5” Breathable Open Cell Foam- This is the same foam found in the Puffy Lux and will work with the layers above and below to provide breathable coolness while sleeping. It also has a slow response memory foam feel.

  • 2” Zoned Support Foam- We have found that zoned foam often times enhance the sleep experience by providing support where you need it. The Puffy zoned support foam has big and little cloud shapes used to notate different levels of firmness throughout the mattress.It is firmer in the hips to provide more support where you need it and it’s softer through the shoulders to help alleviate pressure points. The clouds also help with breathability, working with the layers above to create an ideal sleep temperature.

  • 7” Firm Core Support + Contour Adapt Coils (Hybrid) – The Puffy Royal hybrid is made with a thin layer of hi-density foam for better support and durability. This support layer also includes contour adapt coils for better stability, breathability, and edge support.
Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress construction

CertiPur-US Certified

Unlike some mattresses, which can emit a horrible off-gassing odor that is not only bad for the environment but you and your little ones, Puffy’s foams are certiPUR-US certified and OEKO-TEX certified. The OEKO-TEX certification means the fabric is made without chemicals, formaldehyde, heavy metals, PFOS or PFOA, and PVC. 

While having CertiPUR-US foams means they are made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or cancer-causing flame retardants. This is important for you and your family because you can feel safe bringing the bed into your home.

Firmness and Feel

The Puffy Royal Hybrid is a very plush mattress. On a firmness scale from 1-10, 10 being the firmest, we rated the Puffy Royal Hybrid a 4.5 to 5 for mattress firmness. Because it is so soft it is best suited to strict side sleepers and combination sleepers that prefer a soft mattress. 

As soon as you lay on the mattress you feel your body sinking in. We immediately felt our pressure points just melt away but we were also met with some nice support. That being said, the Puffy Royal hybrid likely won’t be firm enough for most stomach sleepers and some back sleepers. If you are looking for a firm mattress check out our Helix Dawn mattress review.

While it could also be a solid choice for heavier individuals weighing more than 230 pounds, we think its best suited to lightweight (under 130 lbs) and average weight sleepers (130-230lbs). 

The more you weigh, the more weight is placed upon the mattress, requiring more support from the bed. In general, the best mattresses for heavy sleepers include taller profiles and coils, such as the Puffy Royal Hybrid, are better suited to anyone classed as a heavy sleeper. That being said, the Puffy Royal hybrid could be a bit too soft for sleepers in this weight range.

Lightweight woman demonstrates side sleeping

Is the Puffy Royal good for couples?

Things like motion transfer and edge support can be very important when choosing a mattress for two people. Mattresses with good motion isolation mean fewer sleep disturbances throughout the night. This is especially true if you or your partner tend to toss and turn a lot or share different sleep schedules.

Motion Isolation

The Puffy Royal Hybrid is constructed with thick layers of memory foam which sit atop pocketed coils to help dampen motion transfer. When my husband made major movements I felt the bed move slightly on my side while slight movements were barely felt at all. 

All-foam mattresses, like the Original Puffy, tend to isolate motion the best but all-in-all the Puffy Royal Hybrid performed fairly well in regards to motion transfer.

Edge Support

Edge support comes into play mostly when you are sharing a smaller mattress, like a full or queen-sized bed. Mattresses with poor edge support may feel even smaller as you are less able to comfortably use the full surface of the bed without feeling like you are going to fall off. 

Unfortunately, the Puffy Royal hybrid does not provide the best edge support as the edges do compress quite a bit. I believe this is because there are so many layers of plush foam on top of the springs. 

I wouldn’t say the Puffy Royal Hybrid did well in this category. However, if you and your partner are sharing a king or California king-sized bed this likely won’t be a concern for you.

Puffy Royal Hybrid review - woman demonstrates edge support

Does the Puffy Royal Hybrid sleep Hot?

Many mattress brands claim their mattresses are cooling and in actuality, they are not. Foam, particularly memory foam mattresses, typically retain heat throughout the night and can cause unnecessary sleep disturbances.

While many bed in a box brands are constructed with cooling beads and/or gel, we have found many of these mattresses sleep temperature neutral rather than cool.

The Puffy mattresses, in general, do a good job of mitigating heat. The Puffy Royal hybrid utilizes cooling beads, open-cell foams and channeled zoned foam for optimal cooling and breathability. If you sleep hot, Puffy could be a good choice for you!

Giving Back

Puffy is not only one of the most comfortable mattresses we’ve reviewed, they also give back to support our Nation’s children. Puffy donates a mattress for every 10 posts from their customers on social media. So if you end up getting a Puffy make sure to post about it and tag their page. Puffy works with charities such as the Penny Lane center, Mission of Hope, and others that help provide mattresses for homeless children.

Puffy Purchase Details

Risk-Free Sleep Trial

Puffy offers a 101-night sleep trial. What this means is you can sleep on it for 100 nights and if by the last night you don’t love it you can receive a full refund. They do require you to sleep on it for at least 14 nights before making your decision. 

Most bed in a box brands require you to try the bed for a minimum of 14-30 days before initiating a return, so this is not unusual. However, if you are doing a mattress comparison, you may want to check the fine print of each bed’s sleep trial.

Lifetime warranty

There is no doubt Puffy has one of the best warranties in the bed in a box industry, providing lifetime coverage. This is fairly unique as only a handful of other mattress brands offer a lifetime warranty.

There is one small rule, you do have to be the original owner to take advantage of the lifetime warranty. Please note the lifetime warranty is limited and is intended to cover manufacturing defects. For more details on the warranty click here

Mattress Sizing and Price

Pricing for the Puffy Royal is shown below and includes adjustment after our coupon for $750 off. The price of the mattress also includes shipping within the United States. See the coupon above for the most up to date discount or visit our mattress coupons and deals page.

Puffy Royal Hybrid

Mattress Dimensions



39 X 75 X 14

Twin XL


39 X 80 X 14



54 X 75 X 14



60 X 80 X 14



76 X 80 X 14

Cal. King


72 X 84 X 14

Compatible Bed Frames and Mattress Foundations

To get the most out of your new mattress you’ll want to be sure to pair it with a compatible mattress base or foundation. Puffy claims their mattress can be used on most types of foundations and bases including box springs, slatted frames, platforms and adjustable bases, even the floor!

If you do opt for a slatted frame ensure that the slats are no more than 4″ apart. Puffy does offer a slatted base, adjustable base and a bed frame on their website. Learn more about Puffy’s adjustable base.

Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress review

Puffy vs Puffy Royal Hybrid

The Puffy Royal hybrid is the brands most luxurious offering, while the Puffy is their flagship model. A such, there are some big differences between the 2 models. The Puffy is an all-foam mattress with a medium to medium-firm feel, while the Royal is a hybrid with an ultra-plush feel.

Choose the Puffy if: 

  • You like a memory foam feel
  • You’re shopping on a budget
  • You want a medium to medium-firm mattress
  • The Puffy mattress is suitable for all sleep positions

Choose the Puffy Royal Hybrid if:

  • You prefer a hybrid design
  • You want an ultra-plush mattress feel
  • You want a luxury mattress
  • You are a strict side sleeper
  • You are a lightweight or average weight sleepers 
$1,350 Off
Puffy Royal Mattress

$1,350 Off

$1,350 Off

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Puffy Royal Mattress Review Conclusion

The Puffy Royal provides exceptional body-contouring and pressure relief without sacrificing the health of your spine. Because of this, it’s a great choice for most sleep positions, but particularly good for side sleepers. It’s also, by far, one of the best cooling mattresses we’ve reviewed, so if you struggle with sleeping hot, it’s definitely worthy of consideration. We also recommend it for couples and heavier individuals.

Though we think the Puffy Royal likely to please a large audience, there are a few exceptions. This is a luxury mattress so, if you are on a strict budget than the Puffy Royal is not for you. We’d recommend checking out the Puffy Original or taking a look at our top picks under $1,000. Lastly, if you prefer a firm mattress this may not be the right fit. Though there is plenty of support, the overall feel of the mattress is quite soft.

The bottom line, great sleep is truly priceless, especially if you calculate how much time you spend in your bed. So, treat yourself to better sleep!