Puffy Royal Mattress Review

Puffy Royal Mattress

Great for:

  • Strict side sleepers
  • Back and Combination Sleepers
  • Petite or lightweight individuals
  • Hot Sleepers

Type – Memory Foam

Firmness – Soft

Sleep Trial – 101 Night

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

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Puffy Royal Mattress
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If you have ever watched the Ellen show or read Forbes, you have probably heard of the Puffy Mattress. Featured on the Ellen show, Puffy received rave reviews and quickly positioned itself as one of the top-rated mattress brands in the industry. With 3 different models in its line-up, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury, the Puffy brand is accessible to a large audience. The Puffy Royal is the latest addition to the line-up and we had the wonderful opportunity to be one of the first reviewers! So, let’s see if this mattress is just as good as its predecessors in this unbiased Puffy Royal mattress review.

We had the pleasure of reviewing the Puffy Lux last year and it quickly became a favorite! What sets Puffy apart from the competition is the quality of its foam which is luxuriously soft while remaining supportive. In fact, the Puffy is our top mattress pick for side sleepers!

Is the new Puffy Royal worth the Price?

Puffy introduced the new Puffy Royal in 2020 and it is said to be even better than the Lux, but is it worth the extra dollars? There are many features the Royal has that the Lux does not and we are going to dive into those details starting with construction first.

Puffy Royal Construction

First and foremost, the Puffy Royal is a whopping 14 inches! Most mattresses have a profile of 8-12″ in height so this is quite tall for the mattress industry. Let’s dig into the layers.

Cover: The cover is the same as the Lux and is Oeko-Tex certified. This means it is responsibly made and environmentally friendly. The fabric is also stain-resistant and moisture-wicking to provide a cool sleeping surface that works with the layers below. Not only is it stain-resistant, but you can also unzip it and throw it in the washer. I can’t even describe to you how handy that is especially when you have small children or dogs!

1.5” Cooling Layer: This layer is exclusive to the Puffy Royal and is wonderfully cooling. You can feel the foam is cool to the touch and this is because of the cooling beads found throughout this layer of foam. This layer is soft and has a slow response allowing you to sink into the bed for great pressure relief.

2” Reflexive Pressure Relief Foam: This foam works really well with the surrounding layers. It has a fast response and makes it so you don’t get stuck in one position and feel like you can’t move. It has an open-cell structure and allows the mattress to breathe.

1.5” Breathable Open Cell Foam: This is the same foam found in the Puffy Lux and will work with the layers above and below to provide breathable coolness while sleeping. It also has a slow response memory foam feel.

2” Zoned Support Foam: The cute little clouds do have a purpose! If you look closely they are shaped differently. Not only do the clouds provide additional breathability in the mattress, they also provide zoned support. Having different levels of support through your head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet allows your back to stay fully supported while your hips and shoulders (common known pressure points) receive adequate pressure relief. This is what makes this mattress worth the extra dime! We are all curvy and to have a mattress that supports your dips and curves is fantastic.

7” Firm Core Base Support Layer: This is a great high-density foam that provides superior support. The support layer used in the Puffy mattresses is firmer than most base layers of all-foam mattresses. They claim it is more supportive because of the Insta-Firm technology used in the foam itself. The bottom line is, this firm layer will help your mattress last longer and have more support than other all-foam mattresses on the market today. It could be the reason they can boldly offer a lifetime warranty, but we will go more into that later.

inside of the puffy royal, showing the layers

CertiPur-US Certified

Not only are the mattress layers super comfy but they are safe as well! Unlike some mattresses which can emit a horrible off-gassing odor that is not only bad for the environment but you and your little ones, Puffy’s foams are certiPUR-US certified.

Having CertiPUR-US foams means they are made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, heavy metals or cancer-causing flame retardants. This is important for you and your family because you can feel safe bringing the bed into your home.

Firmness and Feel

On a scale from 1 – 10, 10 being the firmest, we rated the Puffy Royal a 5 – 5.5. While softer mattresses are generally best suited to strict side sleepers, the 7″ of Insta-Firm support foam in the base layer of the Puffy Royal makes it a great choice for back and combination sleepers as well as lightweight sleepers.

It’s also a solid choice for heavier individuals weighing more than 200 pounds. The more you weigh, the more weight is placed upon the mattress requiring more support from the bed. In general, beds with taller profiles and denser support foams, such as the Puffy Royal, are better suited to anyone classed as a heavy sleeper.

If you have been searching for a plush mattress this just might be the one you have been waiting for. When you initially lay on the mattress you will feel immediate pressure relief as you begin to sink into the surface layer of memory foam. The top 4 layers of foam completely wrap around each curve of your body making it truly one of the plushest mattresses we have tested; like lying weightless in a cloud. That being said, this mattress might be too soft for those who prefer a firm mattress or strict stomach sleepers.

Woman laying on the puffy royal

Is the Puffy Royal good for couples?

Motion transfer is very important for couples and those who have kids or dogs that like to crawl into bed. If you have a bed that has a lot of motion transfer you may find your sleep disrupted when your partner moves throughout the night.

The Puffy Royal performed wonderfully in this category. The slow response rate from the memory foam layers dampens movement creating little to no motion transfer. Not to mention that when you achieve better sleep, you are likely to toss and turn less. We are pretty confident you’ll be sleeping better with the Puffy Royal!

Edge support is another important element for couples. If you sleep on a Queen or Full-size mattress with a partner you’ll want to be able to utilize the entirety of the mattress surface for sleep. With less than optimal edge support, you may feel like you’re falling off the bed as you move towards the edges. Tasks such as putting on your shoes may also feel uncomfortable if the mattress compresses down to the frame.

Like most all-foam mattresses, Puffy performed just OK for edge support. While hybrid and innerspring mattresses tend to perform best in this regard, this is not likely to be a deal-breaker. If it is a priority and you can accommodate a King or California King size mattress, we suggest making the move….it’s worth it!

Puffy Royal mattress - Sitting on edge

I sleep hot...Is the puffy royal right for me?

In short, YES! But let’s talk about why…

Memory foam, known for its contouring and ability to alleviate pressure, is also notorious for sleeping hot. And let’s face it, no one wants to wake up, sweating in the middle of the night. While many mattress brands utilize cooling technology to mitigate this problem, they do so with varying degrees of success.

The Puffy Royal, like the Lux, performed exceptionally well in this category. In fact, the Puffy mattresses are some of the coolest (literally and figuratively) mattresses we’ve reviewed. Almost every layer in the Puffy Royal has some type of cooling property and let me tell you, it works! On other mattresses I would start with two blankets and end up sweating, pushing the second blanket off by the middle of the night. I couldn’t believe I slept through the night with both blankets on and never felt hot. With softer mattresses, like the Royal, cooling is even more important as you are likely to feel like you are sleeping in the mattress, rather than on it.

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Puffy Royal Mattress

Giving Back

Puffy gives back to charity in a different way. For every 10 posts from customers on social media, they donate a mattress to their partners, such as the Penny Lane Center, Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, The Mission of Hope and many more. On their website, it says they have donated thousands of mattresses so far. Each mattress is donated to help children who have been or were homeless.

Puffy Royal Purchase Details

Free Sleep Trial & Warranty

Puffy offers one of the best warranties in the business. There are only a small handful of companies that offer a lifetime warranty and Puffy is one of them. Puffy has not been around long enough to really put that to the test but the fact that they offer it indicates they stand proudly behind their product. The little catch is it has to be the original owner, however, that is typical for any warranty in the mattress industry. Puffy also offers a 101-night sleep trial. That means if you don’t like it even after 100 nights you can return it for a full refund.

Mattress Sizing and Price

Pricing for the Puffy Royal is shown below and includes adjustment after our coupon for $300 off. The price of the mattress also includes shipping within the United States. See the coupon above for the most up to date discount or visit our mattress coupons and deals page.

Puffy Royal

Mattress Dimensions



39 X 75

Twin XL


39 X 80



54 X 75



60 X 80



76 X 80

Cal. King


72 X 84

Compatible Bed Frames and Mattress Foundations

To get the most out of your new mattress you’ll want to be sure to pair it with a compatible mattress base or foundation. Puffy claims their mattress can be used on most types of foundations and bases including box springs, slatted frames, platforms and adjustable bases, even the floor!

If you do opt for a slatted frame ensure that the slats are no more than 4″ apart. Puffy does offer a slatted base, adjustable base and a bed frame on their website. Learn more about Puffy’s adjustable base.

Puffy Royal Mattress Review Conclusion

The Puffy Royal provides exceptional body-contouring and pressure relief without sacrificing the health of your spine. Because of this, it’s a great choice for most sleep positions, but particularly good for side sleepers. It’s also, by far, one of the best cooling mattresses we’ve reviewed, so if you struggle with sleeping hot, it’s definitely worthy of consideration. We also recommend it for couples and heavier individuals.

Though we think the Puffy Royal likely to please a large audience, there are a few exceptions. This is a luxury mattress so, if you are on a strict budget than the Puffy Royal is not for you. We’d recommend checking out the Puffy Original or taking a look at our top picks under $1,000. Lastly, if you prefer a firm mattress this may not be the right fit. Though there is plenty of support, the overall feel of the mattress is quite soft.

The bottom line, great sleep is truly priceless, especially if you calculate how much time you spend in your bed. So, treat yourself to better sleep!

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