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Puffy Adjustable Base Review

Adjustable bases aren’t anything new, in fact, hospitals have been using them for years. But they are fast becoming the next must-have for your home and it’s for a multitude of reasons, from helping to relieve neck and back pain to sitting up while you read or watch TV in bed, the adjustable bed frame is adding convenience and luxury to the bedroom!

The adjustable bed frame has come a long way from the health benefits that hospitals originally adopted them for, now with luxury features such as USB chargers, massagers and wireless remote controls, adjustable bases are elevating the sleep and relaxation experience. Coming in a variety of sizing options, they are even a great choice for couples who are looking for dual adjustability. So, let’s find out what makes the Puffy Adjustable Bed Frame a great buy.


  • 4 different adjustable leg heights
  • 2 color options
  • Zero Gravity setting
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A bit expensive for those shopping on a tight budget.

Puffy is a name that needs little introduction when it comes to mattresses, they were featured on the Ellen Degeneres show and it has been quoted that it “feels like sleeping on a cloud”. We fell in love with Puffy too, so much so it’s been awarded the following awards on ASL Reviews:

What you may not know is they also offer a feature-rich adjustable base packed with extras such as under-bed lighting, zero gravity, and massage motors, giving a truly customizable sleeping experience. So if you are looking for the best adjustable base, Puffy is certainly a contender! Check out our video review, or keep reading to find learn more.

How to set up The Puffy Adjustable Bed Frame

When it comes to setting up, the Puffy Adjustable Base couldn’t be easier. In fact, you don’t even need any tools, so when we say easy, we truly mean it. Everything comes in a simple to follow guide, once out of the box it is pretty much just following the step by step instructions to add the feet and plug in the cables, simple as that!

The base is available in 2 colors: light gray and dark gray, these neutral color options should integrate easily with most color palettes. You’ll also be pleased to know that the base supports all mattress types, so even if you’re saving your pennies for a Puffy Memory Foam Mattress later on down the line it will still be compatible with your current mattress, bonus!

What we love about the Puffy Adjustable Frame (among other things!) is its adjustable leg height. This is a really nice feature, giving you access to 4 different heights: 4.5”, 6.5”, 9.5” and 11.5” as seen below:

Puffy adjustable mattress base, 4 different height diagram

The adjustable options allow the head to be raised to a maximum of 65 degrees and the legs to rise to 45 degrees, together or independently. And for those really long days, you also have the zero gravity position setting that will help to relieve that extra pressure.

Mike demonstrates the adjustable leg
If adjustability is the main focus, the extras are the cherries on top, and Puffy has plenty. So let’s dig into the details! The last thing you want to do is blind yourself (and your significant other) just because you wanted to visit the toilet in the dead of night.
And for those that might choose to stumble around in the dark instead, Puffy has a saving grace, the under bed light. Pressing the remote to illuminate your way is a great feature we wish all beds had; it’s a simple gesture but certainly, a welcomed one.

Puffy puts the control in your hands through a gentle massage motor placed just behind the upper and lower body panels of the bed giving you a gentle soothing that sometimes a long day needs! And of course, all these features are controlled through the use of a wireless remote that connects to your bed flawlessly. The remote works straight out of the box and doesn’t rely on set-up, or sightlines to function, making controlling your base a breeze!

The controller has back key lighting to help you see the buttons clearly in the dark, without blinding you and even has a little flashlight on the top to help you find your way to the bathroom. As a little added extra you can also make use of the two USB ports on either side of the bed to charge your phones or tablets.

The king adjustable base is a split base which makes this the perfect companion for any couple. If you’re not quite in the position to pull the trigger on a split top mattress to match, don’t worry, the Puffy Adjustable Base has you covered with a cable that allows the two bases to be joined together so they act in complete harmony.

Puffy stands by its quality, offering a lengthy 101 Night Sleep Trial, if you don’t end up enjoying it as much as thought you would simply return it for a full refund, it is as simple as that. But if the sleep trial isn’t enough of a reason to grab the base, Puffy also offers a generous lifetime warranty! Lifetime… as in forever, if that doesn’t speak for Puffy’s quality, nothing will.

If you are looking for a better sleep experience, explore the Puffy Adjustable Bed Frame and other comfy products on puffy.com.

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