Sleep Number vs. ReST Performance Mattress Comparison

Sleep Trial – 100-Night

Warranty – 15 year limited

Shipping – White Glove $199

Financing – Available thru Sleep Number
Price (Queen) – $4599
Sleep Trial – 90-Night

Warranty – 10-year prorated

Shipping – White Glove $199

Financing – As low as 0% APR with SplitIt

Price (Queen) – $4999 before coupon

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How the Sleep Number mattress compares to the ReST Performance Mattress

Sleep Number is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the mattress industry, certainly the most recognizable in regards to air adjustable mattresses. It’s a name that comes with a large price tag too.

While many of us would certainly be willing to pay a pretty penny if it meant consistently getting good sleep, we wanted to take a look at the competition. In today’s review, we compare the Sleep Number i10 against ASL Reviews favorite, ReST Performance, in a side by side comparison.

A Mattress Brand Comparison and Mattress Review

Why buy an Air Adjustable mattress?

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There are lots of reasons but perhaps the #1 reason to buy an air adjustable mattress is dual adjustability. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect mattress only to find your partner can’t stand it, or vice versa. Maybe you prefer a softer mattress and your partner needs something with a bit more firmness, this makes finding a bed that suits both your needs a real challenge.

With air adjustable mattresses you can both have it your way, which makes them a top choice for couples. Maybe you sleep by yourself, or you and your partner enjoy the same sort of feel–you will still find plenty of benefit from this unique design.

ReST Performance

Comparing Construction

Sleep Number i10

ReST uses a modular construction, if one layer breaks down you aren’t forced to replace the entire bed, rather, just the affected layer. This makes the initial investment with ReST well worth it, as you could easily have this bed for much longer than the industry standard.

The ReST layers include a sleep skin, a soft, stretchy material that moves well with the adjustments of the air chamber, this layer is machine washable and helps regulate temperature. Next you’ve got your comfort layer, 4 inches of gel-infused memory foam for optimal comfort and pressure-relief, as well as additional cooling benefits. Smart sensors deliver unique pressure-mapping data inside an antimicrobial knit blend fabric, this works together with the pump and smart app. Each side of the ReST bed comes with 5 individual air chambers allowing you to independently adjust your head, shoulder, lumbar, hips and legs. This is the only airbed we have reviewed with this many air chambers, offering a lot of customization. ReST also uses RF welding to seal the air chambers, preventing air leaks. Lastly, 1” of high resilience foam surrounds the air chambers, providing fantastic edge support.

The Sleep Number i10 is 13” in height and is equipped with two air chambers, one on either side of the bed. Unlike ReST, the i10 is only available in Queen, King and California King sizes. The i10 uses two different Comfort foams on top of these chambers. The first is Thermalux and below that is Ergonomex. Thermalux is made with ceramic, which is known to balance your temperature while sleeping. The Ergonomex foam is infused with cooling gel and known to provide contouring.

ReST Performance

Smart Bed Technology

ReST bed pressure mapping app
ReST Performance App Manual Mode Example

The app is pretty straightforward and offers 3 different control choices: automatic, auto position and manual. ReST uses responsive surface technology which senses your body’s weight and identifies points of pressure, displayed as a heat map on the app. This allows you to make adjustments to the various zones if additional pressure relief is needed.

  • Auto Position: lets you select your preferred sleep position (i.e: side, back) and automatically adjust to relieve your pressure points while maintaining support.
  • Automatic: as the name suggests when set to automatic ReST will automatically adjust throughout the night to whatever position you sleep in. These adjustments are made in real-time. This is great for combo sleepers who find themselves in several positions throughout the night.
  • Manual: as it suggests you’re in control in this mode. You can independently adjust each of the 5 zones allowing you a lot of control over your comfort. However, this can also be overwhelming in the beginning as you are discovering your perfect setting.

Sleep Number i10 Smart Technology

Sleep Number smart app

Like ReST, the Sleep Number i10 features a mobile app that pairs with the bed. However, it does function a bit differently.

The Sleep Number app, called Sleep IQ, measures your heart rate, your breathing, as well as how often you toss and turn while you sleep. It uses a responsive air technology that keeps your sleep number at its setting, only making adjustments every half hour to hour.

This app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Sleep Number’s pump works with the WiFi in your home, instead of internally, as ReST offers.

Smart Apps

What Makes Them So Different?

Both ReST and Sleep Number apps were fairly easy to use. The one issue we had with Sleep Number is the connectivity. The pump has to connect through the bluetooth/wifi and if the signal strength in your bedroom is not strong you could have issues. We had connectivity issues at least once a week, if not more. When that happened, it was a lengthy process of calling the Sleep Number support line and troubleshooting. Consider picking up a signal booster to circumvent this problem. On the other hand, ReST has its own built-in wifi on the pump so we didn’t have any connectivity issues.

Why multiple air chambers?

One of the biggest distinctions between these two brands are the air chambers. Sleep Number features one air chamber on either side while ReST Performance features five. This gives ReST a big advantage over Sleep Number.

Having multiple air chambers lets you not only accommodate for different firmnesses between you and a partner but different firmness settings for your head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. This makes ReST a great option for athletes and anyone suffering from pain. Had a tough workout and feeling achy? Just dial down the air in a specific zone and get the pressure-relief you need.

Another major difference is the fact that Sleep Number’s chambers are zipped together with a slight space in-between each one. The results of this, depending on where you lay, is that you may get the feeling of rolling toward the middle of the bed. On the other hand, ReST’s chambers fill the whole bed, without spaces, which made it so that we didn’t roll toward the middle of the bed.

The negative for both beds is if your partner has a very firm setting and you have a soft one you might have a hard time cuddling in the middle of the bed, as you will both probably roll toward the soft side.

Can I try Sleep Number or ReST In-Store?

We talk about having multiple air chambers a lot when referring to adjustable air beds. With only one chamber we started to feel a hammock effect with the Sleep Number. This happens as greater amounts of weight from your midsection dispel air outwards causing sagging in the lumbar area. Conversely, with ReST we were able to independently adjust different zones of the bed, eliminating the hammock effect.

You can find Sleep Number stores in many malls throughout the nation, and while testing a bed in person can be tempting you really need to sleep on a new mattress for at least a few nights to get a good feel for it. That being said, often times you pay more to cover the costs associated with brick and mortar storefronts. Thats why many stores have turned to selling online with a great sleep trial, that way you can try it in the comfort of your own home, on your own time.

ReST also has locations available for those wishing to test the bed out in store, you check locations here.

Sleep Number

Common Complaints

ReST Performance

Other than the price, customers appear overwhelmingly happy with their purchase, with most stating that even though the price was steep, they have never slept better!

Since we first reviewed Sleep Number about a year ago we have received numerous comments from dissatisifed customers, regarding not only the comfort of the bed, but the transparency of the company. Many reviews show that customers experienced worsening aches and pains after purchasing a Sleep Number, with sagging and durability of the mattress being a top issue, we attribute this to the single air chamber design.

Additionally, many customers expressed concerns with problems related to warranty issues, risk-free trials and overall customer service. In many cases, customers had also purchased adjustable bases with Sleep Number and when attempting to process a return were told that only the mattress was eligible for refund, something that was not explained at time of purchase.

When requesting repairs under warranty customers were surprised to learn that they would have to pay a fee for a tech to come out to the house and investigate the problem. 

“We purchased this bed knowing it had a 25 year warranty and now, a year later, we not only have had restless nights, but when calling customer service they are no help. We were told we had to spend $200 for a tech to come out and decide the problem. Then we have to pay ANOTHER $200 for them to come back and fix the problem. So not only are we over $400 down, but have to waste two separate days off work because they don’t carry the parts with them.”

ReST vS Sleep Number Conclusion

Sleep Number Best Mattress Coupon Code $50 Off
Sleep Number i10

$50 Off

No coupons found.

Both ReST and Sleep Number’s i10 offer plenty of great features, including firmness adjustments and temperature balancing benefits. Sleep Number can track your sleep, while ReST provides Real Time adjustments and offers you insight to your personal pressure mapping of your body’s pressure points. ReST also provides five zones of support and adjustment, over the one air chamber on either side of the bed, offered by Sleep Number. In our opinion, we feel that having the multiple zoned support is more beneficial, as the various areas of your body have specific needs, which can change daily. 

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  1. Richard Kretz

    I am debating on either the Air-Pedic 850 or the Rest Performance, all things considered, what is your suggestion. I do suffer from lower back pain.

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Richard,

      Both are great choice beds! The Air-Pedic 850 offers great buoyant support and a great 30-year warranty (first 3 years non-prorated) while the ReST has a more traditional memory foam feel with a 10-year non-prorated warranty. At a similar price point, the air chambers differ slightly between the two but both offer great lumbar and back support, the 850 has a three-zone support system while ReST offers two additional air chambers to create five, however, ReST is also offering a three-zone support model at a lower price point if budget is your concern ($2999 for a queen) ReST also offers automatic adjustments via the use of its pressure mapping grid giving ReST more customizable support throughout the night.

      Hopefully, this helps point you in the right direction, thanks Richard!

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