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Serena Scheide

Editor-in-Chief & Certified Sleep Science Coach

Serena is the driving force behind the wealth of content you discover on ASL Reviews. Her authority in the field of sleep science is not only academic but deeply personal.

Having experienced her own battles with sleep disturbances and the profound impacts of sleep deprivation, Serena embarked on a personal quest for solutions. This journey led her to become a Certified Sleep Science Coach, armed with the knowledge and expertise to help others overcome their sleep challenges.

As a result of her certification, Serena brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and personal empathy to her role at ASL Reviews. She ensures that every piece of content on our website is informative and reflects a deep understanding of the real-life struggles and impacts associated with sleep disorders.

But Serena’s dedication to well-being doesn’t stop at sleep. She advocates for a balanced and wholesome lifestyle encompassing health and fitness, meditation, wellness practices, and effective stress management.

When she’s not testing the latest mattresses or sleep gadgets, she enjoys reading, watching horror movies, gaming, and traveling to new destinations around the world. With 23 countries and counting, she’s always looking for her next adventure!

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