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Climate Control, Sleep Tracking and Smart Technology Must-Have For Your Bedroom

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When we first heard of the Pod Thermo Cover by Eight Sleep it was with a mixture of excitement and skepticism. We love a good bit of smart technology for the bedroom and the Pod Thermo Cover promised to pack a punch. Eight Sleep claims it is the “most advanced cooling and heating technology designed to help you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep.”

With a myriad of companies like BedJet, Ooler and ChiliPad all promising next level climate control sleep systems, we had to wonder, how would Eight Sleep’s Pod Thermo Cover stack up? Who would reign supreme as the best bed cooling system? So naturally, we had to put it to the test! Learn why we think the Pod Thermo Cover by Eight Sleep is an absolute bedroom must-have in our latest review.

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Eight Sleep's Pod Thermo Mattress Cover Is a Bedroom Must-Have

You see, it’s August… pretty much the hottest month of the year throughout most of the United States and Death Valley just broke a World Heat Record. Everyone I speak to is suffering from the heat and consecutive sleepless, sweaty nights. Those that aren’t, are seeing the price of the electric bill climb as they crank the A/C to the lowest setting. But what if I told you there was another option? That Eight Sleep’s Pod Thermo Cover could keep you cool during the heat of summer and warm in the icy cold of winter, without causing a surge in your heating and electric bills?

…And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The mattress pad is so much more advanced than just a simple heating and cooling device. This unique technology allows you to track your sleep, works as an alarm clock, and I’m convinced could quite possibly save your marriage.

I know what you’re thinking… How could a mattress cover save my marriage? Sounds extreme, but did you know that 25% of married couples sleep in separate beds? This phenomenon is known as sleep divorce and a staggering 1 in 4 couples is choosing to go this route just to get a good night’s sleep. But before you throw in the towel and make for separate beds, determine what about sharing a bed with your partner is disrupting your sleep. If finding a comfortable sleep temperature is your major problem, you might just be in luck!

So, what exactly makes up this climate-controlled cover? How does the technology work? And how can a cover save you from sleep divorce? Keep reading as we uncover what makes the POD Thermo Cover a must-have!

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Top-Notch Quality

The POD Thermo Cover is a cleverly designed, temperature-regulated mattress pad featuring dual-zone Smart Temp technology. Presented unapologetically in a clean and well-packaged box, from the bulk of the mattress cover/sleeve all the way down to the sleek, futuristic-looking hub, Eight Sleep certainly know how to make a quality product.

This is further affirmed beneath the surface of the hub, where a single Noctua fan hides in plain sight. A premium choice, Noctua is well known in the computer gaming world for its effective and low, whisper-quiet RPMs. Inside and out, the POD Thermo Cover is truly impressive.

Noctua fan on display inside the Pod Thermo Cover hub

Inside Eight Sleep's Pod Thermo Cover

Compatible with Full, Queen, King, and California King size beds, Eight Sleep’s climate-controlled mattress pad is designed to accommodate mattresses 10 to 16″ in height. So you’ll want to be sure to check the dimensions of your current setup to ensure it will fit properly.

Looking to upgrade your old mattress? Eight Sleep has you covered. While the Pod Thermo cover can be purchased separately, both the Eight Sleep Pod and Pod Pro include the mattress. Like the cover, the mattress is only available in Full, Queen, King and California King sizes.

Three components, essentially, make up the POD Thermo Cover: the Active Grid®, a Wi-Fi enabled hub and the Eight Sleep app. Let’s take a look at how it all works.

Active Grid™ Cooling Technology

The Active Grid™ consists of tubing that fills with water from the hub. This water is cooled or heated to the desired temperature and then continuously cycled into the grid. A thin, soft layer of foam acts as a premium topper, softening the presence of the grid and providing gentle contouring and pressure-relief.

The grid zips snugly over the top of a sock-like cover that encapsulates the mattress. Once in place, you are left with a completely new (and rather fetching-looking) mattress cover. Beneath the surface is the real magic though!

Eight Sleep mattress cover zipper enclosure

As for the technology, it’s rather clever really. In addition to regulating temperature, the Pod Thermo Cover actively tracks your sleep through a seamless sensing technology. At just 0.01 inches thick, multiple sensors work beneath the surface of the cover to detect your heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep time, and sleep phases.

In addition to providing you with a valuable sleep report (via the app), the Smart Temp technology automatically adjusts to your temperature needs throughout the night, ensuring you get the best sleep possible!

First Impressions

Initially, I was concerned that I would feel the tubes beneath me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. In fact, the tubing is almost completely undetectable. As you run your hand across the surface of the bed, the grid-like design seems to blends neatly into the cover. This is also true lying down, as you spread your weight across the surface, it is barely noticeable and we quickly felt comfortable with the new cover.


Pretty on the outside, high-quality technology on the inside. 3.2 liters of temperature regulated water flows from here to the active grid via thermo-electric cooling elements. A heat sink absorbs the heat while two high-quality Noctua fans cool it.

Well known in the computer gaming world, Noctua is often the first choice for those that wish to have a quiet, effective cooling setup. And boy is it quiet, when the hub is turned on, it’s barely even noticeable! An almost imperceptible hum vibrates softly from the device, blending effortlessly into the background noise of the room.

3.2L water container inside the Pod Thermo Cover hub

The App

When you have all this luxury equipment there is only one thing left to do, integrate it all in a beautifully designed app. Available for both iOS and Android users, the hub is completely controlled via the Eight Sleep app.

Personally, I am a big fan of anything that eliminates the need for another pesky remote. Especially as I am notorious for losing them! As bedroom tech grows, having all your devices controlled through your phone or tablet means one less controller to lose (or break). That being said the app has to be functional and not overly bulky or cumbersome.

The Eight sleep app gets top marks for functionality and ease of use! An absolute pleasure to set up, each step comes with well detailed, simple to follow video guides. At no point did I feel lost and honestly, for me, the visual element beats reading paper instructions any day.

Opening the app brings you directly to the control center for the cover. Divided into 4 phases: bedtime, initial, final, and wake-up, it is here you can schedule your temperature routine, or make adjustments to a pre-existing routine.

Sleep Phases

  • Bedtime – This corresponds to the temperature you want your bed set to when you first climb in. Not only excellent at cooling, but it’s also perfect for those cold winter nights when nothing seems worse than crawling into an ice-cold bed. The POD will begin to heat or cool 1 hour before your scheduled bedtime, providing year-round comfort.

  • Initial – This phase begins when you fall asleep. Tracking your breathing and heart rate, the Pod Thermo Cover detects the moment you’ve actually fallen asleep and adjusts the temperature to your scheduled setting.

  • Final – This setting corresponds to the final hours of your sleep cycle. This is great if you are an early riser and the cold temperatures of a fresh morning don’t suit you, or vice versa.

  • Wake Up – In this phase, you can either set the temperature you wish to wake up to, or you can use this setting as an alarm clock. I personally use it for the latter and it works wonders for starting my day off fresh. Rather than beginning my day jolted from sleep, I set the Pod Thermo Cover to ramp up the heat, gently waking me from slumber. More of a wake-up window, simply set the time you need to get up by and it will begin making temperature adjustments about 30 minutes beforehand.
Eight Sleep Pod Thermo cover Sleep App
Eight Sleep Sleep App Settings

Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is available after your first night of sleep on the Pod Thermo Cover. You’ll be given an overall sleep score and a sleep report. The sleep report will show you what time you got into bed, how long it took you to fall asleep, and how long it took you to leave the bed once awake. You’ll also see you how frequently you tossed and turned, as well as what percentage of your night was spent in REM, Deep, and Light sleep.

You can also find data on your sleeping heart rate, heart rate variability, and your sleeping respiratory rate. This information is useful in understanding your overall health and long-term fitness. Tracking these averages and sleep patterns can help you determine when your stress levels are on the rise or if you are likely to be getting sick.

Eight Sleep Pod sleep tracking
Eight Sleep app with sleep tracking
Eight Sleep app does sleep tracking
Eight sleep tracking app

Meditation and Breathing Tools

Lastly, the app offers a series of tools designed to improve your sleep. These tools include both meditation and breathing exercises that can be used to help you calm racing thoughts and fall into a deeper sleep. A movement segment provides video exercises to help you unwind before bed. A wake-up segment is also available, with video instructions designed to get you energized and ready for your day.

If that wasn’t enough, the app also bundles an ambient soundboard so you can fall asleep with calming sounds such as tropical rain or underwater movement. Truly the Swiss Army knife of the sleeping world, the Eight Sleep app is thoughtfully designed and we love it!

Eight Sleep breathing and mediation sleep app

Is The Pod Thermo Cover Good for Couples?

Relationships require compromise but your sleep shouldn’t. That’s where Eight Sleep comes in, the POD Thermo cover features dual-zone climate control. The app can be controlled via one smart device or downloaded on separate smart devices. Either way, with two separate temperature zones, you and your partner have complete control over your side of the bed.

How the Pod Thermo Cover Kept Us From Sleep Divorce

I love my husband, and he adores me. We are pretty much inseparable, but significantly different sleep preferences have left us wondering more than a few times if sleeping in separate beds wasn’t our destiny.

He likes a really firm mattress while I like more of a medium feel. He’s always freezing, while I am quite often the temperature of the sun. It makes achieving good, quality sleep for both of us a challenge. Days or weeks would go by with one of us sacrificing our needs for the needs of the other. Until finally, a series of restless nights would force us to change things up. And on more than a few occasions, one of us would crawl into the spare bedroom in the wee hours of the morning just for a bit of restful sleep.

When the Pod Thermo Cover arrived we were skeptical, but hoping it might just be the answer to our problems. And it was! The power struggle for the thermostat is no more. Mike no longer needs extra blankets and I no longer wake up sweating, restless and cranky. We’ve even managed to eliminate the need for the ceiling fan. For the first time in a long time, we are both sleeping comfortably, in the same bed, and it feels so good.

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Available in 4 sizes, the POD Thermo cover will run you between $1495 and $1795. While the price tag may seem a bit steep, we think it’s worth every single penny.

Eight Sleep works with Affirm to offer financing options, depending on what you qualify for you could be eligible for monthly payments as low as $42 a month.

Sleep Trial, Shipping and Returns

Eight Sleep offers a generous 30-day sleep trial along with free shipping and returns. The POD Thermo cover also comes with a 2-year limited warranty on any defects. For more information regarding the warranty visit eightsleep.com.

Will the Pod Thermo Cover Work With An Adjustable Base?

No. Unfortunately, the intricate grid-like structure does require a flat surface, free of any kinks, to allow proper water to flow throughout.

Who Is The Pod Thermo Cover Best For?

Eight Sleep’s mattress cover is a powerhouse sleep accessory that comes with lots of bells and whistles. You’ll love the Pod Thermo Cover if:

  1. You have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. The advanced cooling and heating technology is designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for better rest.
  2. You and your partner have different sleep preferences. The mattress cover features a dual-zone design perfect for sleep partners with different preferences.
  3. You want to track and improve your sleep health. Comprehensive sleep tracking is available through the app. It also includes useful meditation and breathing tools to help improve your sleep health.
  4. You are a techie. Eight Sleep may have just created one of the most beautifully designed products that anyone obsessed with the tech world might see as the Ferrari of sleep accessories. A must-have smart device for tech lovers.

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Eight Sleep Pod hub

Who Won't Love Eight Sleep's Pod Thermo Cover?

While we think the Pod Thermo Cover is likely to please just about everyone, there are a few cases in which it simply isn’t a good fit:

  1. You use an adjustable base. The Pod Thermo Cover cannot be used in combination with an adjustable base
  2. Your mattress is shorter than 10″ or taller than 16″. Eight Sleep’s mattress pad can only accommodate mattresses with a height of 10 to 16 inches.
  3. You’re on a budget. Eight Sleep works with Affirm to provide financing which can make purchasing a Pod Thermo Cover more accessible.

Review Conclusion

When we first set out to review the Pod Thermo cover, we were excited but somewhat skeptical. We had so many questions… how could the water be pumped effectively and quietly into the bed? Would we feel the tubing? How would my partner feel about the temperature settings? Well, I have to say we are sold now. Say goodbye to electric blankets and hello to the Pod.

A true marvel in engineering, the Eight Sleep Pod Thermo Cover is an impressively designed, full package that not only challenges the future of sleep, but it seems to do it so effortlessly. So effortlessly that you wouldn’t even know it was there, until its missing.

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