Happsy Mattress Review

Spring into Healthy Sleep with Happsy’s Organic Hybrid Mattress

Happsy Mattress

Great for:

  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Best for back and stomach sleepers
  • People who prefer a firmer mattress

Type – Hybrid Latex

Firmness – Medium to Medium-Firm

Sleep Trial – 120 Night

Warranty – 20 year

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

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Making healthy lifestyle choices shouldn’t be unaffordable, that’s what Happsy believes and we have to agree. Designed to be affordable and accessible for anyone who wants to take control of their health, Happsy is not only a certified organic bed-in-a-box, it’s one of the least expensive 100% organic mattresses we’ve tested.

In this mattress review we breakdown construction, certifications, best sleep positions, and more. We’ll also discuss Happsy purchase details such as sleep trial, warranty, and price to help you determine whether this organic hybrid is the right fit for you.

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Benefits of an Organic Mattress

Health concerns are the number one reason most people choose to go organic, whether shopping for food, household cleaners, or a new mattress. But how does an organic mattress impact your health?

Many of today’s mattresses are petroleum-based, made with chemical flame retardants, and can contain glues and adhesives. Dedicated to providing a healthy alternative, the Happsy is not only free from glues and adhesives, but made from organic cotton and organic wool (both GOTS certified), and organic latex (GOLS certified). Happsy is also certified by the following

  • Made Safe
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Zero Toxics Registry
  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Green America

Federal law requires all mattresses to pass a flammability test and Happsy is no exception. The big difference here is Happsy uses natural materials, in this case, wool to naturally extinguish and smolder out, rather than chemical flame retardants.

Going organic is also good for the environment. Purchasing organic products supports organic farmers. This means no GMOs, no harmful chemicals, and a healthier planet. Happsy is also committed to giving back to the community and has partnered with companies like 1% for the Planet, Women’s Voices for Earth, Kids for Saving Earth, American Sustainable Business Council and many more, donating portions of their profits to support sustainability and environmental solutions.

You can find out more about Happsy’s certifications and partnerships on Happsy.com. But for now let’s take a look at what’s inside Happsy’s Organic Hybrid mattress!

Happsy Construction

Mattress Cover: The cover is made of organic cotton and can be unzipped but not removed. This will allow for spot cleaning only.

Comfort layer: This layer is 2” of organic latex with a sewn-in wool batting. In addition to being a natural flame retardant, wool is also a natural temperature balancing material. The latex provides a fast response feel and works well with the coils below. This layer gives the mattress a plush feeling as well as a bit of bounciness.

Support Layer: 8” of pocketed coils will help alleviate some of the motion transfer you would typically feel with a spring mattress. They also enhance breathability and promote airflow. Typically pocketed coils tend to add a higher cost to the mattress, however, you don’t see that in the Happsy.

Organic cotton filling: This layer is under the coils and provides a more cushioned surface for the springs to lay on.

Happsy mattress construction

The Happsy’s Firmness and Feel

The Happsy has a medium to medium-firm feel. We rated it a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the firmest. The comfort layer has a great responsive feel to it. As soon as you lay down you can feel the buoyant latex working under you to give a supportive yet soft, contouring feel. While not likely to provide you with the same deep cradling feel you might experience with traditional memory foam, this does provide some advantages. Not only does Happsy sleep cooler than memory foam beds, less sinkage means better mobility. This is especially important for combination sleepers!

Prefer a plusher mattress feel? Happsy has you covered! While the Happsy is perhaps best suited for back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers and those who prefer a plush, pillow-top feel can opt to add-on Happsy’s organic latex mattress topper. While this add-on will increase the overall cost it does mean Happsy should be suitable for all sleep positions.

If you’re looking for a soft natural or organic mattress but aren’t keen to use a mattress topper we’d suggest checking out the WinkBeds EcoCloud or the Saatva Classic (plush model).

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Motion Transfer

Motion transfer tends to be most important for couples or those who share their bed with their children or pets. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses tend to suffer a bit when it comes to motion transfer, as such, you may be more likely be experience sleep disturbances if your partner or child tends to move around a lot throughout the night. That being said, the Happsy is made with individually wrapped coils which does significantly help to reduce motion transfer. However, if this is a major concern for you when shopping for a new bed then we would suggest taking a look at popular memory foam brands such as Puffy or Amerisleep.

Edge Support

Couples sharing a full or queen size bed will want to pay special attention to edge support. If you don’t have the space or the budget to upgrade to a king size mattress, you’ll want to make sure your new mattress has great edge support. This will allow you to utilize the full surface of the mattress without feeling like you are going to topple out of bed.

This is also an important consideration for seniors who may use the edges of the mattress for support in getting into and out of the bed. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses tend to excel in this area and the Happsy is no exception. Whether sitting or lying on the edge of the bed you won’t feel like you are sinking into the mattress frame or box spring. All in all, edge support was great on the Happsy.

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Does the Happsy mattress Sleep Cool?

Yes! The Happsy mattress is an excellent option for hot sleepers. Pocketed coils provide breathability and increased airflow. And because you won’t sink deeply into the latex layer, you won’t experience any of the pesky heat retention commonly found in memory foam mattresses.

The organic wool also does a great job of regulating your body temperature. Wool naturally takes the heat from your body and moves it through the fibers. It then releases it into the air keeping your body cool (and dry) all night long.

Latex and Off-Gassing

One thing we did want to note was that the latex had a strong smell that took a very long time to dissipate. It almost smelled like a dentist office. That being said it is certified organic latex and not harmful. When we spoke to Happsy about it they said natural latex can have an off-gassing scent that will dissipate over time. If this is an issue for you when unboxing, place the mattress in a well ventilated area for faster dissipation.

Happsy Close Up

Happsy Purchase Details

Free Sleep Trial

The bed in a box industry has completely reinvented the way we purchase mattresses. While it may seem odd to buy a bed without first trying it out in a store, this is quickly becoming an outdated way to mattress shop. Simply put, testing a bed for 5-10 minutes inside a store doesn’t guarantee your comfort once you get it home. When you purchase a mattress in a box, not only is the cost of the mattress cheaper, but most, if not all companies offer a lengthy sleep trial. This gives you the opportunity to break in a new mattress, allowing your body (and spine) to adjust to a new bed. This is especially important if your old bed was starting to sag or dip.

The Happsy mattress comes with a 120 night sleep trial. During this time Happsy recommends sleepers keep the bed for at least 30 days before initiating a refund, though this is not required should you decide Happsy is not right for you. The mattress topper is also covered by a 120 night sleep trial. Rest easy knowing you either love it or your money back!

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Warranty, Shipping and Return Policy

The Happsy mattress comes with a 20-year warranty. The first 10 years offer full replacement or repair if it falls within their warranty parameters. After 10 years it is prorated for another 10 years, for a total of 20 years. 10 years is the industry standard, so this is slightly longer than average.

Another industry standard is free shipping and returns within the United States and this holds true with Happsy. However, If you are shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, you will need to contact Happsy for shipping prices.

Mattress Sizing and Price

The prices listed below are before discounts are applied. See our coupon or visit our mattress deals for the latest discounts. Financing is available through Affirm.

Happsy Mattress

Organic Mattress Topper

Mattress Dimensions




38 X 75

Twin XL



38 X 80




53 X 75




60 X 80




76 X 80

Cal. King



72 X 84

Happsy Mattress Review Conclusion

If you are looking for an organic mattress that won’t break the budget the Happsy could be a great choice. The all-natural latex comfort layer provides a great responsive feel while helping sleepers stay cool and dry all night long.

Overall, the Happsy should accommodate most sleep positions and sleep preferences. Ultimately, if you are on a very tight budget the Happsy might not be right for you, check out our top picks for the best cheap mattresses. That being said, Happsy is one of the least expensive organic latex mattresses we’ve reviewed and an excellent choice for the eco-conscious shopper.