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Mattress Reviews for Side Sleepers

Choosing the Best Bed For Side Sleeping

Side sleeping is a favorite sleep position for many, in fact, 41% of sleepers prefer sleeping in the fetal position and 15% prefer sleeping on their side with arms and legs extended downward.  Considered one of the healthier positions for slumber, side sleeping helps keep your spine naturally aligned, but finding the perfect mattress to complement your side sleeping style can be tough.

So, what should you look for when choosing your new mattress?

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10 Best Side Sleeper Mattresses

Puffy Royal Hybrid

Best Mattress For Lightweight Side Sleepers

Puffy Royal Mattress

Type – Luxury Hybrid

Firmness – Plush

Sleep Trial – 101-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Puffy logo

$300 Off + FREE Gifts ($455 value)

Strict side sleepers, as well as combination sleepers, should really enjoy this mattress. The Puffy Royal hybrid is designed to feel like you are “sleeping on a cloud”. The top layers of the Puffy Royal melt away pressure points, while the base layer is boasts contour-adapt coils for better breathability and spinal support. In this manner, the Puffy Royal Hybrid strikes a real balance between pressure relief and support.

This luxury mattress is also a great choice for hot sleepers and couples! Their trademark Cooling Cloud foam provides 8 times more airflow than traditional memory foam mattresses meaning it sleeps cool. However, lightweight side sleepers may be most pleased with the Puffy Royal hybrid design. This ultra-plush mattress is an ideal choice for side sleepers weighing less than 130lbs.

Learn more about the Puffy Royal Hybrid in our full mattress review.

Nolah Original 10"

Best Side Sleeper Mattress For Hip Pain

Nolah Original 10" Mattress

Type – AirFoam

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 120-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Nolah mattress logo

Up To $700 Off Mattresses & 2 Free Pillows

The best side sleeper mattress for hip pain, Nolah is made with AirFoam™, a memory foam alternative that provides deep pressure relief without that stuck-in-the-mud feeling. Your shoulders and hips are especially susceptible to painful pressure points when side sleeping but Nolah melted away pressure at these common trouble spots. As a result, the Nolah Original 10” is an excellent choice for those who suffer from chronic aches and pain or pain associated with sleeping on your side. 

Nolah also offers another model wonderfully suited to side sleepers. The Nolah Signature 12” is softer than the Original 10” and features a flippable design. Not sure which one is right for you? While both are excellent for relieving shoulder and hip pain, the Signature 12” is a better choice for lightweight individuals (under 130 lbs) and strict side sleepers who prefer a plush, contouring feel. 

The Original 10” provides a bit more support and sleepers will find it easier to move around on, this makes it better suited to side, back, and combination sleepers as well as sleepers over 130 lbs.

Learn more about the Nolah Original 10″ and the Nolah Signature 12″.


Best Adjustable Air Bed For Side Sleepers

Air-Pedic mattress review

Type – Adjustable Air Mattress

Firmness – Customizable

Sleep Trial – 120-Nights

Warranty – 30-year

Shipping – White Glove $199

Air-Pedic Logo

Get up to $2100 OFF select mattresses

Adjustable air beds are an excellent choice for all sleep positions due to their unique ability to adjust mattress firmness based on your personal preferences. But we think Air-Pedic is an exceptionally good choice for side sleepers. Thick layers of memory foam sit atop the air chambers providing the much-needed pressure relief side sleeping requires.

One of the best adjustable air mattresses we’ve reviewed, Air-Pedic boasts a 6-chamber air system providing customization through the head and shoulders, lumbar, and the hips and legs. This targeted relief allows you to create your own zoned support. This could be particularly beneficial if you suffer from hip or shoulder pain when sleeping on your side.

Dual adjustability also means that Air-Pedic is a great choice for couples with different firmness preferences. If you prefer a firm mattress and your partner prefers a softer mattress, an adjustable air mattress could provide the comfort you both crave. 

Air-Pedic comes in a range of adjustable air models. Learn more about Air-Pedic 800 and Air-Pedic 1000 in our reviews.


Best Luxury Hybrid for Side Sleepers

WinkBeds Mattress

Type – Luxury Hybrid

Firmness – Multiple options

Sleep Trial – 120-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Winkbeds mattress logo

$300 OFF & Free Gift

Available in 4 different firmness options, WinkBeds is a luxury hybrid mattress that combines individually wrapped pocketed coils with a plush gel-infused Euro-pillow top for hotel quality sleep. Designed specifically with side sleepers in mind, the gel-infused memory foam pillow top features 3 layers built to contour to your body and relieve pressure through the hips and shoulders. 

We recommend the soft model for side sleepers but, with an added LumbarLayer providing extra support in the mid-section, WinkBeds Soft could be suitable for all sleep positions, especially if you prefer a plush feel. 

WinkBeds is handcrafted and made to order in the USA. Additionally, WinkBeds is a top pick for heavier sleepers with their plus-sized specific model, the WinkBeds Plus. Looking for a latex hybrid option? Check out WinkBed’s EcoCloud mattress, this responsive, soft-feel latex mattress is another great side sleeper pick!

Learn more in our full WinkBeds mattress review.

ReST Performance

Best Adjustable Air Bed Featuring Smart Technology

ReST smart bed

Type – Adjustable Air w/sleep tracking

Firmness – Customizable

Sleep Trial – 90-Nights

Warranty – 10-year

Shipping – White Glove $199

ReST Performance logo

$500 Off (Original models) + FREE E255 Adjustable Base

ReST Performance is an adjustable air mattress with some of the most advanced technology we’ve seen in a bed thus far.  You’ll need to download the ReST app onto your phone or a tablet, from there you can make adjustments to the 5 individual air chambers located on either side of the bed. The air chambers can be adjusted in 3 different modes: manual, auto position, and automatic.

The reality is none of us stay in the same position all night long but using responsive surface sleep technology, ReST can make real-time adjustments as you move through the night, relieving pressure when and where you need it. The ability to independently adjust both sides of the bed makes it an excellent choice for couples who find themselves wanting different firmness levels.

Learn more about how this smart bed is changing the way you sleep in our full ReST Performance mattress review.

Amerisleep AS5

Best Side Sleeper Mattress For Back Pain

Amerisleep Mattress Review

Type – Memory Foam

Firmness – Medium-Soft

Sleep Trial – 100-Nights

Warranty – 20-year

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

amerisleep mattress logo

Get $300 OFF + FREE Gifts

The Amerisleep lineup includes 5 different firmness levels with the AS5 being their most luxurious and plush offering. While all of the models have some shared construction the AS5 is the only one to include an Active Flex foam layer. This layer is quick and responsive, bouncing back almost instantly.  Couple that with 3″ of Bio-Pur comfort foam (memory foam) and a 7″ Bio-Core base support (35ILD) and Amerisleep strikes the perfect balance between pressure relief and support, making it a solid option for those with back pain.

There is lots more to love when it comes to Amerisleep! Featuring a celliant cover, Amerisleep uses infrared technology to increase blood flow and oxygenation making it an excellent choice for athletes or anyone looking for enhanced recovery during sleep.  The celliant coupled with open cell foams makes this one of the coolest mattresses we’ve slept on and a great choice for hot sleepers as well.

Click here for our full Amerisleep AS5 mattress review to learn more!


Best Cheap Mattress For Side Sleepers

Nectar mattress

Type – Memory Foam

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 365-Nights

Warranty – Lifetime

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Nectar mattress logo

Get $300 OFF + FREE Gifts

Not only does Nectar provide exceptional pressure relief for side sleepers, but it also does so at a most affordable price. The slow response foams of Nectar offer a classic memory foam feel. The gentle hugging sensation will leave you feeling as if you are sleeping in the mattress as it contours to your body. 

While traditional memory foam mattresses are notorious for retaining heat Nectar takes several steps to combat this pesky problem. Nectar uses gel-infused memory foam and built-in channels to provide added breathability and cooling benefits, helping to regulate temperature all night long.

One of the most popular bed-in-a-box brands on the market Nectar also has one of the longest sleep trials and warranties in the industry. Nectar gives you 365 nights (a full year) to decide if it is right for you and a lifetime warranty to boot. With a Queen mattress starting at just under $800 (before discount) it is no wonder Nectar is our top pick for the Best Budget mattress.

Learn more about Nectar in our full Nectar mattress review.

Brooklyn Signature

Best Cheap Hybrid For Side Sleepers

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

Type – Hybrid

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 120-Nights

Warranty – 10-years

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Brooklyn Bedding Logo

Get 25% OFF w/code: BLACKFRIDAY25

Available in 3 firmness options the Brooklyn Signature mattress is wonderfully plush with a high-end luxury feel. Surprisingly for a mattress with individually wrapped coils, the Brooklyn Signature is priced at under $1,000 before discounts, making it truly one of the best budget hybrids we’ve reviewed so far!

We tested the medium option and found that not only is it a great choice for strict side sleepers, it is also well suited for back, stomach, and combination sleepers. Lightweight individuals should find the Brooklyn Signature to be a great fit as well.

1.5” of foam is quilted into the cover providing a soft, plush feel. The comfort layer is 2” of TitanFlex foam. This responsive, yet contouring layer provides optimal pressure relief when sleeping on your side. 

Pressure relief meets support with individually wrapped coils. In addition to added support, the coils provide longevity and durability, saving you more money over time. Lastly, the wrapped coils improve breathability and promote a cooler sleeping experience.

Overall, this is an extremely versatile mattress that should be quite pleasing to a large audience. Learn more about the Brooklyn Signature in our full mattress review


Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

Casper Mattress

Type – Combination Foam or Foam + Coils

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 100-Nights

Warranty – 10-Year Limited

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns


Up to 20% OFF Bundles, 15% OFF mattresses

Casper is one of the most versatile foam mattresses we’ve tested. Utilizing a multi-zone construction Casper targets your core with 3 different firmnesses for shoulders, lumbar, and hips. This means it maintains the support you need for your lumbar, regardless of position, while offering plenty of pressure relief through your shoulders and hips.

Finding a mattress that can be comfortable regardless of sleep position can be challenging but Casper hits the mark. Combination sleepers who favor their sides will particularly like this targeted design. Additionally, it is good for couples who favor different sleep positions and those looking for little to no motion transfer.

Find out more about this innovative design in our full Casper mattress review.


Best Pressure Relief for Side Sleepers

Purple mattress side view

Type – Purple Grid + Foam

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 100-Nights

Warranty – 10-Year Limited

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

Purple mattress logo

Up to $600 OFF

You are likely already familiar with the Purple mattress and their wildly popular raw egg test. The test is designed to demonstrate the exceptional pressure-relieving capabilities of the Purple mattress. We opted for more practical testing and have to agree the Purple mattress offers some of the best pressure relief we’ve experienced.

Unlike traditional mattresses made from foam or springs, Purple combines foam with it’s trademarked hyper-elastic polymer grid. Similar in feel to silicone, the walls of the grid are designed to collapse under your body’s weight to provide pressure relief exactly where you need it. As such, we found it performed particularly well for side and combo sleepers.

In addition to being a great choice for side sleepers, the grid naturally promotes airflow making this a great option for anyone who sleeps hot.  It’s also an excellent choice for couples as the grid keeps motion transfer to a minimum allowing you to change positions or move around in bed with very little disturbance to you or your partner.

To learn more about Purple read our full Purple mattress review.

Choosing The Best Mattress

We’ve already discussed the important balance between support and pressure relief, as well as our recommendations, but at the end of the day deciding on the right type of mattress for you is a personal decision.  We’ve included in our recommendations a wide range of mattresses that include different materials, technologies, prices, and features to help you determine which mattress is best suited for your needs.

Choosing The Best Pillow

Once you’ve decided on a mattress you’ll want to turn your attention to the perfect pillow. But, with so many options available where do you start? To keep the spine in healthy alignment you’ll need a pillow with a decent loft and support. 

If the pillow has too high of a loft the neck will be arched up at an uncomfortable angle, too little loft and the opposite occurs.  In both instances, you are bound to wake with pain in the neck or shoulders. Ear pain is also something to look out for; look for a pillow with some contouring and pressure relief that isn’t too firm.

Because everyone is built differently a one size fits all approach can be tough when selecting a pillow. Though there are lots of options available we recommend checking out an adjustable shredded memory foam pillow for side sleeping which allows a fully customizable experience.

 The shredded memory foam can be added to or removed so that you may adjust the height of the loft exactly as you need. Not sure where to start? Learn more about two of our favorite adjustable memory foam pillows, the Snuggle-Pedic and Coop Eden.

Utilizing Multiple Pillows

If you suffer from back or leg pain when you wake up you may need a little extra support from additional pillows. It is recommended that side sleepers use a pillow between the knees to relieve pressure on the joints. This also helps keep the pelvis from rotating and keeps the spine aligned. I’m particularly fond of this Amazon body pillow and can’t sleep without it.

A pillow in front or behind you can also keep you from rolling over in the night, this is especially helpful if you are trying to train yourself to sleep in a side sleeping position. In addition to offering some cuddly comfort, a pillow placed in front of you can keep the shoulder and upper body lifted and the chest open, again promoting better spine alignment. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love more pillows? 🙂

Mattress Toppers

If you’re no longer comfortable on your current mattress and purchasing a new bed isn’t an option, you may want to consider purchasing a mattress topper. Significantly less expensive than the average cost of a mattress, mattress toppers can be a great way to add extra comfort and relief. 

We recommend checking out Lift by Amerisleep. This 3” mattress topper is available in 2 options: comfort or support. If you’re looking to alleviate hip or shoulder pain we’d recommend the comfort layer. Made with Bio-Pur foam, the Lift by Amerisleep mattress topper is zoned, maintaining adequate support through the lumbar region. Or check out these best-selling mattress toppers on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

When done right, lateral sleeping can provide undeniable comfort and a host of health benefits. We hope you side sleepers now have a better understanding of what to look for when choosing the perfect sleep setup and more confidence in making your purchase. Looking for more information before you buy? Check out our guides:


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