Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Great for:

  • Hot Sleepers
  • Heavier Individuals
  • Couples
  • Relief from painful pressure points
  • Side, back and combo sleepers
Most Innovative Mattress

Type – Purple Grid + Coils

Firmness – Medium to Medium-Soft

Sleep Trial – 100-Night

Warranty – 10 year limited

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

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Up to $400 OFF Mattresses

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Purple mattresses have been catching fire over the last few years. We have a few friends that have the purple mattress and swear by it so we were excited to try it out and see why it has been so popular. So the big question is will this unique mattress live up to all of the excitement behind it? In this Purple mattress review, we take a look at the Purple Hybrid Premier 4”. We’ll cover details on construction, firmness and feel, best sleep positions, and purchase details, plus much more!

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About Purple

Purple is a popular online mattress company focused on innovative technology to provide a better sleep experience. The bedding giant has won over the hearts of many with its quirky commercials and ads. As such, just about anyone you speak with has heard of Purple. The brand includes a variety of mattress models:

How is Purple different?

Purple is made from something called the Purple Grid, a Hyper-Elastic Polymer, similar in feel to a soft silicone or rubber. It feels nothing like a memory foam or innerspring mattress, or an adjustable air bed. This makes Purple different than any other mattresses we have reviewed. Purple created this mattress to solve common problems found in more traditional mattresses.

For example, memory foam known for its superior contouring and pressure relief, notoriously sleeps hot. Many companies have created foam that includes gel-infused cooling, however, after sleeping on it your body heat still tends to warm up memory foam. Even though they say it sleeps cool it might feel more temperature neutral.

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses present another unique problem. While these types of mattresses tend to be naturally cooler they tend to suffer significantly in regards to motion transfer. When motion transfer is high partners prone to sleep disturbances may have more difficulty getting a quality night’s sleep. In cases where motion isolation is poor, you may not only feel your partner moving but also hear the springs, which is a particular nuisance for light sleepers.

So Purple set out to address these common problems and create something truly innovative. The patented Purple Grid was developed to help combat these problems. Their mattresses are designed to provide maximum airflow and breathability while providing excellent isolation of movement and superior pressure relief. Let’s take a look at the construction of the Purple Premier Hybrid and examine how it is different.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review

Purple Premier Hybrid Construction

The Purple Premier Hybrid is available in two comfort levels: 3” and 4”, this refers to the thickness of the Purple Grid. We tested the Purple Premier Hybrid 4”. This is the deepest Grid option and Purple claims it is the “ultimate zero-gravity experience” and a favorite for “full-figured sleepers and side sleepers”. We put the mattress to the test to see if the claims were true. Let’s take a look at each layer and how they perform in the mattress.

  • Stretchy Cover – This stretchy knit fabric is made from 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, and 4% Lycra. It is a soft material designed to bend with the grid. It is ultra-breathable and promotes airflow. You can remove the cover completely, however, they don’t recommend machine washing.
  • Fire Retardant Cap – The knit material is non-toxic and provides the standards needed without being chemically treated.
  • 3” or 4” Purple Grid – This unique layer consists of the hyper-elastic polymer gel. Its grid-like or honeycomb construction is completely breathable and provides deep contouring without trapping heat.
  • 1” Transition Foam – This layer works well to dampen motion transfer. It also helps reduce and eliminate the feel of the coils underneath.
  • 7.5” Pocketed Coils – The coils are individually wrapped to help with motion transfer and to further enhance airflow and breathability as well as enhanced edge support.
  • 1” Base Foam – This provides a nice flat surface and acts as a support layer for the coils above.
Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Layers

Is The Purple Mattress Certified Non-Toxic?

Purple uses a polyethylene copolymer powder coating in all of their mattresses. There has been some concern on whether this is healthy or not. After doing some research, we learned that this powder keeps the grid from sticking together during the boxing process. Without this powder, the mattress would have major problems unrolling.

That being said, is it toxic or not? The powder is a non-toxic food-contact-grade material. Purple has not listed the exact ingredients because of patent issues but you can see more about what Purple has to say about the matter on their blog.

Many mattress companies now have a certification called CertiPUR-US. Foams with this certification contain no harmful chemicals such as ozone depleters, formaldehyde, or heavy metals. The volatile organic compound (VOC) emission is low. This means that when you open this mattress in your home it will not send high amounts of chemicals into the air to circulate in your home. There are also no PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP(“Tris”) flame retardants. One of the top certifications you can get for being non-toxic is Greenguard Gold. Purple has this certification on their flame retardant cap.

When we opened this mattress it had barely any off-gassing smell. The mattress is also hypoallergenic and can deter dust mites.

Purple’s Unique Firmness & Feel

Purple’s innovative technology provides a unique sleep experience and we knew this was going to be unlike any other mattress review we’ve done. I was weary of the thought of sleeping on a grid of foam and thought I would feel the holes but after laying on the mattress you don’t feel the strange structure underneath.

I have read some reviews that say you can feel the grid but we didn’t feel it once we were laying on it. I did notice, when you press on the mattress you could feel the air flowing through it. That airflow made it sleep cooler than most mattresses we have tried.

The firmness rating for this mattress was hard to gauge because of its unique feel. Overall, we felt this mattress had a medium to medium-soft feel. Depending on your body weight and shape you may experience firmness differently as this will change the feel of the mattress from user to user.

If you are a lightweight side sleeper and you like to sink into a soft mattress, this may not be it. The coils provide the extra support needed for heavyweight sleepers, making this a good option for those weighing 230+ lbs.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of the grid provides surprisingly supportive pressure relief. Ultimately, we think most sleepers regardless of weight or sleep position should enjoy the Purple Premier Hybrid mattress.

Woman lying on her back on the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Is the Purple mattress cooling?

Yes! Purple has nailed breathability and cooling. In fact, Purple is one of the best cooling mattresses we’ve reviewed. The first thing I noticed when sleeping on the Purple Hybrid Premier was that I didn’t sleep hot. The Purple Grid allows air to flow through the bed and assists in temperature regulation.

Even if you have a great cooling mattress, if your mattress protector isn’t breathable you likely won’t benefit as greatly from the cooling design. Purple does sell a stain-resistant, machine-washable mattress cover that is made specifically to work with the Purple mattresses. You can also find a wide selection of breathable mattress protectors on Amazon that can help to maximize cooling.

Because the Purple Grid is so flexible you may want to consider grabbing a set of sheets from Purple. While most sheets should work with the Purple Hybrid, Purple does offer specialized accessories. The Purple sheets are super soft and stretchy, allowing you to feel the full benefits of Purple’s superior pressure-relief.

Inside look at the Purple Grid in Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Is the Purple Hybrid Premier Good for couples?

Motion transfer is always important for couples looking for a mattress. We felt that the motion isolation was quite good. There was some motion transfer when tossing and turning, which could be from the coils but overall it was very little. The Purple Grid did a great job of isolating movement.

Another important factor for couples is edge support. This is important especially if you are a couple sharing a Queen size mattress or smaller. You will want to be able to sleep near the edge without feeling like you are going to fall off. The Purple Premier Hybrid did great in this category. We felt supported while sitting on the edge of the bed and didn’t feel like we were going to fall off if we laid on the edge.

Do You need a special bed frame?

The first thing I noticed with this mattress is it is one of the heaviest we have tested. Weighing in at 202lbs this mattress was a doozy to get upstairs. That being said Purple recommends a sturdy base. If it has slates they cannot be more than 3” apart. We tested our bed on an adjustable bed frame and it did great. Purple does sell a variety of bed frames and bases on their site and often run special pricing on sleep bundles. Or take a look at these best selling adjustable bases on Amazon.

Mattress Purchase Details

Free Sleep Trial

All Purple mattresses come with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. They do require you to keep it for at least 21 nights before making a decision, which is pretty typical for the mattress industry. If you do end up deciding Purple is not for you they state on their website they do not refund the shipping charges for the mattress.

Shipping and Returns

Purple offers free shipping and returns in the contiguous United States. If you are in Hawaii or Alaska shipping fees apply and are calculated at check out.


Purple offers a 10-year limited warranty. This is pretty standard for the mattress industry. They do stipulate you have to have the proper base or the warranty will be void. If you have a Queen or larger they require a frame that has at least 5 legs and center support. The warranty is also only valid for original owners only.

Mattress Price

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4” is Purple’s top of the line mattress coming with a top of the line price tag. A Queen retails for $2299 (3” Purple Grid) and $2999 (4” Purple Grid). They do often run sales with freebees and you can rack up your savings when purchasing a sleep bundle. They do offer 10 – 15% off of their bases if you purchase it with a mattress. Purple works with Affirm and SplitIt to offer as little as 0% financing options for 6, 12, or 18 months.

Hybrid Premier 3″

Hybrid Premier 4″

Twin XL












California King



Split King



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Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review Conclusion

We felt that the Purple Hybrid Premier 4” was best suited to side, back and combo sleepers. If you are a stomach sleeper you might want to try the Purple Hybrid which is said to be firmer than the Purple Hybrid Premier 4”. It’s certainly an excellent choice for hot sleepers and its superior edge support and above average motion isolation make it a great choice for couples.

While the Purple Hybrid Premier is a crowd-pleaser, it is not a good choice for the budget-conscious shopper. A Twin XL starts at $1999 for the 3” Purple Grid and $2499 for the 4” Purple Grid. Budget shoppers may wish to consider the original Purple mattress (their cheapest model) or check out our top picks for the best affordable mattresses.