The Sleep Number i8 vs. The Air-Pedic 800 Mattresses

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A Comparison Of The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed vs Popular Sleep Number Alternative Air-Pedic

When you think of an adjustable air mattress the first company that might come to mind is likely Sleep Number. But before you rush off to purchase a brand new Sleep Number bed, you may want to take a look at popular Sleep Number alternatives, such as our personal favorite, Air-Pedic. Made by Selectabed, Air-Pedic (like Sleep Number), is a luxury adjustable air bed. In our Sleep Number bed review and comparison, we’ll delve into these two popular brands to find out which one is right for you. But first, let’s talk a little about air beds in general.

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Sleep Number vs Air-Pedic Comparison Chart

SelectaBed compares their Air-Pedic 800 with the Sleep Number i8, so with us actually being able to review both mattresses, we wanted to deliver a quality comparison between these two models. Let’s take a peek!

Air-Pedic 800

Sleep Number i8

Mattress Type

Adjustable Air

Adjustable Air





30 – Year Limited

15 – Year Limited

Sleep Trial

120 Days

100 Days


$99 – $199


Price (for a Queen size)



Sleep Number vs Air-Pedic YouTube Review

What is an Air Adjustable Mattress?

While most mattresses use memory foam, latex, or coils to provide support, adjustable air mattresses utilize air chambers. These air chambers are connected to a pump where sleepers can adjust the fill of the mattress depending on the level of support desired. Adding air to the chambers provides more support while letting air out of the chambers will provide less support.

Some adjustable air beds , like Sleep Number, come with a single air chamber on either side of the bed, but the best adjustable air mattresses come with multiple air chambers on either side. This allows users to independently adjust the firmness of the mattress through different zones.

Most air beds require electricity and are used in conjunction with either a remote, a mobile app, or both. This controls the fill of air and ultimately lets you customize your sleep experience. Some adjustable air beds may include sleep tracking and other smart technology features.

Air-Pedic Air Chambers

Is an Air Adjustable Mattress Right for you?

Adjustable air mattresses provide a wide range of customization making them a great choice for chronic pain sufferers and couples with different mattress firmness preferences. Additionally, if your body ever changes, your mattress can change with you. 

This means if you gain or lose weight, are pregnant, or suffer an injury, your sleep needs may change. With an adjustable air bed, your mattress can be adjusted to accommodate your ever changing needs. While there are many reasons to own an adjustable air bed, let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons.

You Suffer With Chronic Pain

Proper spine alignment is necessary when you are sleeping. This can be achieved when you have the right sleep surface. If you struggle with back pain, sciatica, bursitis, fibromylagia, or other chronic pain conditions, this can feel especially problematic. With an adjustable air bed you can target painful pressure points caused by these conditions by changing the fill of air.

You Share Your Bed With A Partner

Couples benefit from the dual-adjustability that comes with owning an adjustable air bed. No more compromising on comfort. If you prefer a firm sleep surface and your partner prefers a softer sleep surface (or vice versa), you can independently adjust your side of the bed to match your needs.

Sleep Recovery

Another benefit of adjusting the firmness levels is sleep recovery. If you workout or are sore from standing on your feet all day, sometimes you need a little extra support to help your muscles recover. 

The added adjustability does come with a higher price tag. Airbeds typically tend to run a little more than other traditional coil and memory foam mattresses, so if you are shopping on a tight budget, this might not be for you. That being said, we spend a third of our life sleeping and it might be worth the investment.

Sleep Number i8 vs Air-Pedic 800 mattress Construction

Air-Pedic 800

Sleep Number i8

Kool-Flow micro-vented bamboo viscous cover

Cover includes temperature-balancing benefits

1″ Hypergel Plush Top Cooling Layer

3″ Energetix Comfort Foam

1.5″ Gel-Infused Cooling Foam

2″ Resilienx Support Foam

6 Chamber, Multi-Zone Air System

Single Air Chamber on each side of the bed

Optional Patented Airflow Transfer System

1″ Base Foam

Our findings when comparing Sleep Number vs. Air-Pedic

One of the biggest differences we noticed between Sleep Number vs Air-Pedic was the air chambers. The Sleep Number 360 smart beds come with a single air chamber on either side of the mattress. When lying on the mattress, this allowed air to get pushed to the head and foot of the bed, causing the mid-section to sag. 

It did not seem to be a problem when we had our Sleep Number set to a much firmer setting, but when we reduced the air level, it almost felt like we were sleeping in a hammock. That being said, Sleep Number does come with additional features such as sleep tracking and responsive air technology which are nice added benefits.

Air-Pedic, a popular Sleep Number competitor, has 3 air chambers on either side of the mattress. This allowed us to separately adjust the firmness for the head and shoulder region, mid-section, and hip and leg region. Ultimately, Air-Pedic performed significantly better in regards to support, especially in the lumbar region. We did not experience any mid-section sagging and experienced more consistent support levels.

Additionally, we opted for the optional patented Airflow Transfer System, which we felt gave Air-Pedic a slight advantage over Sleep Number in regards to breathability and cooling.

Air-Pedic 6 zone Lumbar support
Air-Pedic’s 6 Chamber, Multi-Zone Lumbar Support System Below Prevents Mid-Section Sagging

Air-Pedic 800

Air-Pedic logo

Get Up to $1400 OFF (select mattresses)

We have been sleeping on the Air-Pedic 800 mattress for the last few weeks and it has truly been some of the best sleep we have ever had.  The additional adjustable lumbar air chamber really makes a difference in the level of support, for proper spinal alignment, while also offering excellent pressure relief. 

The pump and remote are more simplistic compared to some other airbeds, but that could be good, especially for those who find new technology overwhelming. Their remote also has a memory button, so once you find your perfect setting, you can save it.

Mattress Cooling

As we mentioned earlier, Air-Pedic does offer an optional patented Airflow Transfer System. If you are a hot sleeper, you will definitely want to consider this add-on. The Air-Pedic 800 comes with a viscous bamboo mattress cover for breathability, and includes gel-infused foam designed to pull heat away from the body.

The AirFlow Transfer System works with these features to further enhance breathability and cooling. The top layer of foam includes hundreds of holes across the surface of the mattress while the foam layer beneath features grooved channels. Together these foam layers work to dispel trapped heat and regulate temperature.

Air-Pedic Uses Patented Airflow Transfer System Technology to make The mattress over 100 times more breathable

Customer Service

We also found that SelectaBed (The maker of the Air-Pedic) was very accommodating. For example, if you don’t like the feel of the comfort layers above the air chambers, they will work with you to send out a softer or firmer foam layer based on your needs.

Air Chambers

Air-Pedic’s air chambers are made with medical-grade urethane. Why is this important? Traditional rubber can dry out overtime and cause cracks and fissures, much like an old rubber band. The medical grade urethane air chambers are mold and mildew resistant, increasing with the longevity of the mattress.


Both Sleep Number and Air-Pedic use CertiPUR-US certified foams. This means the foams do not use dangerous chemical flame retardants such as PBDEs. These foams are also free from ozone depleters, formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

CertiPUR-US logo
the Green Bear Mark of Excellence logo
Greenguard logo, Product is certified for low chemical emissions
Air-Pedic Mattress Review corner bed view
CertiPUR-US logo
the Green Bear Mark of Excellence logo
Greenguard logo, Product is certified for low chemical emissions


  • Great for couples, because of adjustable firmness
  • Certified safe components by three companies (CertiPUR-US, GreenGuard and The Green Bear Mark of Excellence)
  • Breathable cooling benefits
  • Little to no motion transfer
  • Pressure relieving without losing support
  • Urethane chambers that are inherently mold and mildew resistant
  • Foam Made in the U.S.A.


  • Expensive
  • You might need additional time to find the right number firmness setting
  • Does not include sleep tracking

Sleep Number i8

Sleep Number Logo Small

Up to $1000 OFF (select mattresses)

When you think of an adjustable air bed the first company that probably comes to mind is Sleep Number. They have been around since the 1980s, making them one of the oldest airbed manufacturers. If you’re thinking that you don’t remember Sleep Number in the ’80s, that’s because they were known as Select Comfort then.

The i8 is part of the Sleep Number 360 smart bed innovation series. The innovation series has more comfort and pressure relief than the classic or performance series. In addition, the innovation series also has temperature balancing benefits added to the mattress covers, as well as to the foam beneath.

Smart Bed Technology

The i8, along with all of the beds in the Sleep Number 360 series lineup are smart beds with one air chamber on each side. There are sensors inside of the bed that recognize your heart rate, your breathing rate, as well as how much you toss and turn during the night. This information will display for you on an app, via your iPhone, Android, tablet, etc., which connects to your bed via Bluetooth. 

In the morning, you will get a report, or score, of how well your night went. That being said, we felt as though the sleep tracking wasn’t always accurate. There were nights we felt like we tossed and turned all night and our score would reveal something else. We also had issues with the pump staying connected to our Wi-Fi. So if you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi signal in your bedroom, you could have a problem with connectivity.

In addition to the sleep tracking, the i8 also has responsive air technology. This helps to maintain your comfort and firmness setting, no matter if you are a stomach, back, or side sleeper, or if you change positions during the night. Rather than occurring in real time we noticed that the responsive air adjustments occurred approximately every thirty minutes. The pump does make some noise, so you can opt to turn off the responsive air if you are a light sleeper and don’t want to be woken in the night.


Sleep Number on a Budget

The great thing about Sleep Number, is they offer airbeds for most budgets. Their C2 mattress, in a Queen, is priced at $1099. So in case the i8 is a little over budget, you have other Sleep Number options. Overall, the i8 has some really cool technology, backed by a company that has been around since the 1980s.

Common Sleep Number Complaints

Part of what we take into account when reviewing products is overall customer service and customer satisfaction. Regarding Sleep Number, there have been numerous complaints of transparency issues, in particular concerning the warranty and sleep trial.

It is very important to note that, while the mattress itself is covered under a 100 night sleep trial, if you purchase an adjustable base with Sleep Number, the base is NOT eligible for refund and is considered final sale. 

Other common complaints include pain associated with the mattress as a result of sagging and/or hammocking of the midsection.  We do recommend purchasing an air bed with multiple air chambers for both greater adjustability and greater support.

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  • Dual adjustability
  • Sleep tracking
  • Temperature balancing
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • Smart technology, ie- Responsive Air


  • Can have a hammock effect at times
  • Bluetooth connection can be faulty at times
  • Expensive

Sleep Number Bed Review & Comparison Conclusion

Shopping for a new mattress can feel overwhelming and ultimately choosing the perfect mattress for you boils down to your priorities. Air-Pedic is a popular Sleep Number alternative that boasts some clear advantages such as multi-zone air chambers for optimal support, a patented airflow transfer system for maximum cooling, and medical-grade urethane air chambers that are both bacteria and mold resistant.

On the other hand, Sleep Number offers sleep tracking and responsive air smart technology. The brand has a long history manufacturing beds and includes an extensive lineup including the c2 and c4 models, specifically geared towards budget shoppers.That being said, comparing the price points of the Sleep Number i8 vs the Air-Pedic 800, Air-Pedic comes comes in at a slightly lower price point with our coupon for $1,000. Simply mention ASL Reviews at the time of purchase.

Still undecided? Check out these best luxury adjustable air beds or browse through our mattress reviews to find your perfect mattress! And of course, feel free to reach out to us directly with a comment below. 🙂

This Post Has 52 Comments

  1. Pat Bohinski (Sleep Number, Worst Customer Service Ever!)

    Back at the beginning of December 2021 I purchased a Sleep Number bed. It was to be delivered 7 weeks later. The morning of delivery day there was a snowstorm, they wanted to reschedule delivery. OK I get that, but they wanted me to wait two more weeks. After waiting 7 weeks, I thought two more was a bit excessive. Upon complaining their best solution was to offer to refund my money. WOW, they would rather give up a sell then to try to provide any customer service. I tried to contact upper management asking for them to call me back, after several attempts they still have not called me back. Thank God I found out what a terrible company this is before I gave them any money. BE WARE OF THIS COMPANY!

  2. Mahes Patel (Sleep number queen size)

    Don’t buy not worth the money, also the foam inside deteriorates, they do not have a good after sales service,
    Warranty is prorated so you still pay.

  3. Sandy (360)

    Watch out Seniors, our delivery guys told us our warranty would be void if we attempted to move our beds to our new home or disassemble them. Also, they told us that they would disassemble and move our beds for a fee when we move. Nothing they said was the truth. Now as seniors we have to hire a moving company, but just to let you know you still have a warranty if you do it yourself. I have bought 4 beds from sleep number and I will never make another purchase from them again. I am getting ahold of the BBB to file a complaint.

  4. Lisa Thomas (Sleep Number i8)

    I save my money and pay cash for my bed in August 2020 I have had Trouble with it every sense I am very disappoint I have call Customer service The bed keep sliding off the frame my warranty is almost over and then I will be on my own with this I don’t think it’s right

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Lisa,

      I am so sorry to hear you are not happy with your Sleep Number. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us and help our readers make more informed purchase decisions.

      That being said, the i8 does come with a 15-year warranty. When you say you just recently purchased it and the warranty is ending soon, do you mean the bed frame?

    2. Rhonda (360 smart bed)

      Piece of junk

  5. Joe (Sleep Number Bed Review)

    We were fooled by the sales pitch and the hype. Beware that their return policy covers only the mattress, and not the base which is sold as an integral part of the experience. If you buy a mattress and base like us, you’ll be out about half your investment (about $4000) you don’t like it.

    Now, onto the mattress. It’s a 5″ air mattress under 2″ of foam. It feels exactly like that. I didn’t have back and neck pain until I started trying to sleep on this thing. I don’t know what they did to the bed in the showroom to make it feel like something different, but we could never duplicate that. The app is cool and all but you could probably cobble this setup sans app together from a retail store for maybe $200.

    Go to return it and the fun begins. They’ll keep about $500 for your trouble, and you’re stuck with the non refundable base. The job refundable base that doesn’t work after they take the “brain” (pump) with as part of the bed.

    Choose to try literally anything else. You’ll have fun literally lighting your money on fire. Buy the base at the warehouse members only store because they will accept returns. Buy a mattress from a place that doesn’t charge $500 to return it after two months.

  6. Jane

    Don’t bother with BBB. They did nothing except go to the company and tell you sorry nothing they could do. We will be taking it to the Attorney General next.

  7. Mike Daniels (Sleep Number Bed)

    there is a bed for everyone, and these may actually be the bed for you. If so, great, but be warned, it will cost you nearly $700 to find out. they offer a 100 day sleep guarantee, during which time you can return the bed for full refund, EXCEPT, home delivery $199, mattress pad, $299 non-refundable, and required in order to have the bed fully warranted, and bed pick up $199.
    i am a large guy and a side sleeper, swear to you I have never been in so much pain on a bed. and since the center foam has been deleted, movement on one side of the bed, pushed the air pads sideways on the other side, sort of like the waterbeds of the 70s.
    So, have at it, find what works for you, but buyer beware.

  8. Bonnie Connors

    What bed are you writing about? This review wasn’t specific. Thank you for your time.

  9. Jenny (Sleep Number Air Bed)

    This is a horrible bed. My partner and I are very different in weight and this bed is so uncomfortable if the numbers are different. A complete waist of money! Please save your time and for a sake of a late night argument over a bed and don’t purchase this bed. Complete nightmare and so uncomfortable! The air adjusts at night and wakes you up throughout the night too. So frustrating!

  10. Patty Renz (Sleep Number i8)

    Do NOT buy a sleep number before you read this!
    People at the store are so nice, keep stores at a cool temp. Probably cause they falsely call a few of their beds cooling technology! Customer service on the phone – super nice! Try everything (send you a couple “free” things) to try and make you happy. But their corporate – we haven’t heard from them in over a month. We have called oh 5 times – them telling us we need to speak to higher ups and we have yet to receive a call back from them! For a well known company to not even hear your complaints or give a customer who just spent upwards of $9000 on a bed. So WRONG!
    No way sleep number! I will make sure everyone knows not to buy from you.
    Complaints about bed, we purchased the i8 split with movable bed-frame. (That they stick you with)
    Bed not cool – not even close, feels like a air mattress, split didn’t not fit on the frame. My side had a three inch gap at the top of the bed (I have pictures) to about a 1in. Gap at the bottom. That you could feel while sleeping or reaching over to grab something off the night stand.
    Split whole got bigger and bigger with time. First night or two you couldn’t tell but by night 30 you could fall into it.
    Once they gave us their fix (a hard as a rock topper) you couldn’t feel anything not even the different in your sleep number or the foot warmers they claim are under the bed in the frame. Not true they are stick on stickers that you can’t use or feel the heat now cause you have a thick topper on the bed to make it feel like a bed.
    Oh and the app – stinks!!!!
    And the frame – no worries they said adjusts to any other bed. We send you hardware ( ya with no instructions on how to put it on) and no wholes to add them!!! I can’t NOT believe this place is still on business.
    Last words – they also just throw the bed out in the garbage. My husband asked the guys if we could buy it back so we could sell the whole thing to someone (cause we don’t want the base) no it has to be junked!!!! Do NOT buy a sleep number bed. You will regret it.

  11. Carol (Sleep Number Bed)

    After three back surgeries, sleep comfort is a major priority for me but my husband and I have vastly different preferences in a mattress. We decided to purchase a Sleep Number bed because having the ability to adjust independently of each other really did make sense. We couldn’t wait for it to be delivered! The first night was horrible because they installed the bed incorrectly so no matter what I did I was rolling towards the center of the mattress but it would take them 2 weeks to come back to fix it. Instead, my husband had to do it himself. I could not get comfortable no matter the sleep setting or changing the position of the bed or any other combination. Then my hips and neck started hurting. After about 3 more completely restless nights, I could barely put weight on my right hip, which had never had pain before and I wasn’t able to reach to put my coat on. We decided it was enough and called to return the bed. The base is non refundable once delivered but it is industry standard so it will work with most any bed. They kept pushing for us to keep it for the required 30 day trial but we kept declining. KEPT as in, they try to hard sell you into keeping it by offering additional items to help fix it. Fix it? That tells me they are selling an interior product, for which they already done solution. And (get this) this woman from customer care said, “we don’t guarantee anything” and “we just put your bed on a truck and send it to you”. Infuriating! I would strongly suggest not purchasing one of these beds.

  12. Mary Cazabon (Sleep Number Customer Service)

    We are very dissatisfied with our Sleep Number bed Customer service is poor, and the quality of the mattress is questionable. My husband has Parkinson’s and he has had difficulty sleeping on it as it is constantly deflating. We did the air cap test that was recommended and his side of the bed is resting on the platform. We would not recommend this bed to anyone. Buyer Beware!

    1. Carmen irigoyen (Sleep Number Bed)

      I am very unhappy w the slerp number bed.
      I purchased it 8yrs ago.
      That 20 yr warranty is a joke. It’s prorated.
      Pump broke I had to pay 100.00 for them to come and Tell me it’s the pump. They wanted to charge me 800.00 for that and they said I need a cover. Because it’s sinking in the middle.
      Matress is like sleeping in a cot. I refused to pay 800.00. I argued they brought it down to 400.00. But they only guarantee the pump for 30 days. Why r they still in business. They rip u off constantly. Don’t buy a sleep number bed

  13. Lue (Sleep Number Bed)

    Is any one have or complaints about allergy to the sleep number bed Causing rash skin itching ? I have rash since bought the bed

    1. Anonymous

      I’d turn it back

  14. Marie (Air-Pedic)

    Looks like the Air Pedic does not lift your legs. I need to have my legs elevated, so that would not work for me.

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Marie!

      The Air-Pedic adjustable base lifts both the head and the legs, it offers multiple combinations including zero gravity, thanks!

  15. Patti Sourk (Sleep Number Bed)

    We bought 2 sleep number beds about 4 years. There was problem just after our 1 year warranty ran out. We called for help but we first had to crawl under the bed than get a part number, pay for then we would call a repairman to fix it and it would cost us $200 per hrs to fix.

    Last year the bed started losing air. I put it on 50 at night and in the morning it is down to 10. It is almost to the point that I can’t sleep in this bed anymore.

    We didn’t buy the cheap ones our had the head and foot adjustments and the foot warmer.

    We spent a lot of money buying 2 beds, sheets, mattress pad, pillows and extra pillowcases for king size bed. We spent over $20,000 for these beds and 4 years later they worthless

  16. Nina Dodzik (Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed)

    Purchased a sleep number 360 smart bed in Feb.2020… all should know that there is no edge support. I have slipped off edge twice as I am an edge sleeper. Side sleeper and edge sleeper are two different positions. When you raise the mattress to a sitting position, it does not move totally back to headboard. This leaves a gap for pillow to fall through or in my case, my cat walked above my head and fell through! Service person said that was normal until I showed him picture of raised head and mattress was still even at end of frame. False advertising.g??? And my refund will be nothing compared to purchase price! So will be shopping for old fashion supportive coil bed!

  17. Amanda Hayden

    They also fail to probably discuss their return policy. 3 nights of sleeping on this mattress and they don’t fully refund your money, or discuss the “small print” in your policy manual. They simply tell you in a smarta** tone, “Would you like me to add the extra $200.00 delivery fee for having to come back and pick up your mattress?” You pay thousands of dollars for these mattresses and that’s your customer service, better yet a manager?? Wow!! So just a tip, read the fine print, don’t expect them to discuss it and also be prepared to pay for shipping costs to return your bed. It’s certainly not a full refund if you have had it less than 30 days…

  18. DENNIS L JOHNSON (Sleep Number Review)

    I found my Number, it was on the floor. Worst bed ever. you really need too take them up on their return policy. I told them I tried everything to make this Sleep Number bed work. Nothing helped, they gave me more foam, more Gel, nothing helped. I tried selling the bed and adjustable frame, no takers $ 8000.00 nightmare, and with $2000.00 in upgrades this was a 10K horror story. Lesson learned, this bed is not for everyone. read the reviews, from the worst to the best. Lots of people I found had the same problems I encountered. Pain, couldn’t get a good night sleep, ect. I told sleep number I was going to put the bed in the guest room, that way they wouldn’t stay so long!!

  19. David Charitat (Sleep Number Bed)

    DO NOT! DO NOT!! DO NOT ever buy anything from Sleep Number! Their products are very poorly built and their customer service is atrocious. I went into the store. They hard-sold ne a $3,000 bed. It was crap from Day 1. They strung me along with replacement parts that did not help. And now refuse to honor their refund deal because I have had the bed for two years.

    They spend all their money on advertising and make an inferior product. Then sell you hard and take the money and run!

    Don’t even go in the store!!!

    1. I have been thinking about buying one of these beds I thought they sounded ideal I sure am glad I read all these peoples complaints so I’m going to do as you said I’m not even gonna go in the store the whole thing scares me. Thank you

      I have been thinking about buying one of these beds I thought they sounded ideal I sure am glad I read all these peoples complaints so I’m going to do as you said I’m not even gonna go in the store the whole thing scares me. Thank you

      1. Anonymous (Sleep Number Bed)

        I wish we had read the reviews first. Spent over $7,000. on a boat anchor that floats. Had ours for just under the 100 days. We have the Flex 2 base that raises the head and foot. Have hand numerous times where the bed will not go flat. I raised it up twice now ,when I tried to lower, it keeps going up. Talked with customer service and they had me set factory defaults, the it work for about a day and back to old tricks. I could return it , but still would owe over $5,000 with no bed. My wife has not been able to get a good night sleep, Me I can go to sleep standing up.

  20. JOAN (Sleep Number Complaints)

    My complaints are the same as the rest. I had a Sleep Number for 10 years, then it started to sag. They said they would give me a good deal if I bought another one, which I did. This one was sagging with a year. Called to have someone come out and they said it was $199 now for a service call. I put up quite an argument that they sent out someone(in fact two guys) and never looked at the air pump which I still think is the problem. They said they knew what was wrong and they would send the parts. Then when they put the order in someone called me and said that couldn’t be the problem, but she knew what it was and they sent me foam to put on top of the chambers. Still sagging. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. VERY BAD SERVICE!

  21. Mary (Sleep Number Bed)

    If you are reading these reviews to determine whether to buy a sleep number, just don’t. I recommended a Sleep Number to my parents, who both have bad backs, because a friend with a bad back swears by hers. Unlike many reviews I’ve seen, they do not consider it uncomfortable. That is the nicest thing I can say about it. Two years after they got it, one side went completely flat. Called customer service and they said it would be $99 for someone to come out and diagnose it, and another $99 for someone else to come out and fix it. Really?? After some argument, they agreed to send someone out for nothing just because it was the first time. Couple of guys came out and determined that the air bladder was leaking (which we had already figured out) and ordered a new part. A week later when my mom had heard nothing from them, she called them again. They had no record of the part being ordered. They ordered the part and will ship it to them — for $64. A bed that is supposed to last 20 years or more has the main part go bad after 2 years, but the so-called warranty will only cover 72% of the cost of the part. So whatever formula they use to determine the likelihood of malfunction over time to ensure they don’t have to actually pay anything on their sham warranty estimates a 28% “depreciation” or whatever after only two years for the main component of the bed — the part that holds the air. My mom has been sleeping in a trough in the middle of the flattened mattress for two weeks. And since they are just going to mail her the part, I guess we will need to figure out how to install it or pay someone $99 and wait ANOTHER week for them to come out. It is an uber-expensive air mattress with a worthless warranty. If you want an air mattress, go to Wal-Mart and save yourself $5-10 grand. If you want a good mattress, look into a Purple. I love mine. My last one was Denver. Slept on it for years and it is still in great shape, now as a guest bed. It isn’t difficult to find one that is better than Sleep Number.

  22. Theresa (Sleep Number i8)

    Very disappointed in our I8 bed. Horrible squeaking noise in the frame. Cheap made. Would not recommend this bed.

  23. Leslie E (Sleep Number Bed Review)

    When we were looking to purchase bed, we were AWED by the 25 yr warranty, believing that EVERYTHING was inlcuded under said warranty. So, stupid us..bought a $7000.00 bed which 5 years later is CRAP!!!
    WHY DO YOU ASK????

    1. The mattress covers have torn off both parts of our split king.
    2. The mattress protector that was supposed to keep stains off, (washed correctly, I might add) allowed accidental body fluid to seep through and cause staining and odor.
    3. The “supposed” support system on the side has warn through.

    Believing that we REALLY had a good warranty, I call sleep number and they said they would be glad to send out new mattress covers at a “pro-rated” price of “just” 700+ dollars…yeah, like I am going to spend any more money with your company…NOOOOT!

    I can practically buy a quality brand new regular bed that will last much longer than this piece of crap!!!

    We could have bought a good used car for that price and gotten better support from the car seats!!

    We are an average middle-aged couple who do more sleeping than anything, (this said to advise that we don’t abuse the bed). We were proud that we owned a sleep number bed and now, we are so embarrassed to admit that we own one. We are passing on the word to EVERYONE who is looking at beds ANYWHERE to stay away from sleepnumber!!!

    This company should be put out of business as it DECEIVES potential customers to then be stuck with an inferiour product and realized that they HAVE BEEN DECEIVED themselves.

  24. Erica (Sleep Number Bed)

    My husband and I purchased a sleep number about 2-3 years ago and I am ashamed to say we spent about $5,000. The bed is so uncomfortable now and has permanent indentations where we sleep causing back aches when we wake up. My husband can’t even stay in bed because it causes him too much pain! We are not heavy people and we are in our 40’s. It seems like we need a new bed already!! What a ripoff!! I would never purchase another sleep number again and hope this comment helps others to make a better decision when shopping for a new bed!

    1. Marnel Nelson

      The WORST bed ever. Poor customer service, the box platform that the mattress sits on is all plastic that cracked at the support. Customer service takes messages but never returns calls. I guess they will not cover me for this.

  25. Patricia Alpiste (Sleep Number Bed Review)

    By law you have three days to return an item. Brought sleep number and could tell from day 1 knew it was not for me. Called to have them pick up the bed and was told I needed to keep it for 30 days. Called after 30 days and was told they will pick up the mattress but I would have to keep and pay for the frame. The frame was $2,000. What a rip off. Gave it to daughter and her husband, they brought a different mattress but they have told me it is the worst bed ever. They have never had a good night sleep with this bed and will never recommend these beds. I know sleep in a recliner because I have several health problems. I brought a Comfortair bed years ago and loved it. Too bad Sleep number brought them out.

    1. Patrick Franklin (Sleep Number Bed)

      I agree don’t buy a sleep number

  26. Sarah (Sleep Number Customer Service)

    Sleep number has THE WORST customer service. Tried to reach a human to set up pymt plan and it would NOT direct me no matter what I said. Almost wish I hadn’t bought my bed from a company who does not put the customer first AFTER the sale. They also told us they had no room in their truck to remove our old bed. Just pathetic.

  27. ASL Reviews

    Hi Karen,
    Thank you for the comment! Are you talking about Sleep Number or Air Pedic?

  28. WR Smith (Sleep Number Return Policy)

    If you are thinking about a Sleep Number bed, MAKE SURE YOU ASK: “WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY?”.

    I guarantee that you will walk away in a heartbeat.

    If you are dissatisfied with your “bed”, for any reason, you will be stuck with the bed frame and any supporting apparatus — that will be on your dime.

    Trust me, most of the stuff they will not take back is (a) extremely expensive, and (b) of no use whatsoever with any other product. It is useless.

    Also — if you are dissatisfied and desire to return your bed — then my prayers are with you. Be prepared to be treated like a criminal, a fraud, common dirt, or all three. These are not nice people.

    Accordingly, this company earns the absolute lowest marks I can possible confer on any business with which I have dealt in an entire lifetime.

    In my view, Sleep Number must be investigated, thoroughly, by the FTC or the state’s attorney general. Their practices are deceptive, if not downright fraudulent. At VERY best, their practices amount to legalized felony theft.

    My wholehearted, sincere recommendation is that you save yourself considerable grief and anguish — buy your bed elsewhere.

  29. Natasha A Barlock (Sleep Number Review)

    We purchased a Sleep Number king size bed 13 months ago. In the last two weeks one side of the bed has become non responsive and caused horrible nights sleep. The bed tries to load air and cannot and then sends an Oops message. Basically, I am sleeping on the base, but with my heat and feet up – it looks like a dent in the bed in the middle.
    We purchased this bed knowing it had a 25 year warranty and now, a year later, we not only have had restless nights, but when calling customer service they are no help. We were told we had to spend $200 for a tech to come out and decide the problem. Then we have to pay ANOTHER $200 for them to come back and fix the problem. So not only are we over $400 down, but have to waste two separate days off work because they don’t carry the parts with them. It’s one of two problems to fix these air chambers and they don’t carry any parts?!!? And we have to continue to sleep in discomfort or in the guest bedroom.
    I wrongly assumed this product is at a high level where, if a problem arose, they would be sending someone to fix the bed immediately – at no charge. Despite the amount of money you pay for these beds, that is not the case. My expectation was to have a bed that not only works, but if broken would be fixed at no extra cost. I am very unsatisfied with Sleep Number now and urge them to revise their customer service, warranty and product service.

    1. ASL Reviews

      Wow Natasha, that is awful. Thank you for sharing your story and if you would like any recommendation for a bed in the future let us know. From our knowledge, both AirPedic and Rest have a more clear cut warranty.

  30. Laura (Sleep Number)

    Worst bed ever! I was told I could try the bed out for 100 days! Well that was a lie. They charged me for everything under the sun until they owed me nothing.. they said sorry they lied basically. We never found a sleep number so be sure if you buy this! Worst bed ever!

  31. Cynthia Dines (Sleep Number Bed)

    I stumbled upon their videos and we followed them then contacted customer service. they did send out the part and while inconvenient, we were able to install it. BUT, after a few weeks, one side of the bed – the side with the original problem, starting losing air completely within minutes. Down to zero. We saw that a part of the nozzle that should be permanently attached to the bed came out with the rest of the nozzle. After contacting customer services, they stated the part was 100% covered under the 25 year warranty, HOWEVER, the fee to have a technician come out and install it was $99! So, that was a surprise. Not something they stated in the store. I’ve read the entire warranty and it’s crap. I love our bed but hate their business.

    1. Patrick Franklin

      Don’t buy a sleep number
      Me and my wife cannot stay in it all night
      Our backs are killing us after sleeping in it every night have to get up and sleep in recliner

  32. ASL Reviews

    Hi Al,

    Yes, it does. We have one and it works perfectly. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  33. Ingo (Air-Pedic)

    1. Have you reviewed any of the bases that go with these beds? Most companies will let you return a mattress, but not the base (which is still almost a 2K investment). 2. Which base/brand do you use for your Airpedic, and is it adjustable, independently (like the mattress)? My elderly parents need a base that allows their mattress to raise their head and feet. 3. Did you find the Airpedic mattress to be ‘cooler’ than the others? My Mom finds her current bed to be too hot. Thank you for your help. Loved your video, and I’m glad to have found this site!

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Ingo,

      Thank you for your kind words! We are happy you found our site too! We are currently sleeping on the Airpedic and LOVE IT! It does sleep cooler than many of the other mattresses we have tested, including Sleep Number. I would suggest using their mattress protector. We were using the Sleep Number one and when we switched to Airpedic’s protector it had even more airflow. If you end up going with Airpedic make sure to use our coupon code “ASLKOOL” and you will get the protector for free.

      We have not tested out other adjustable frames yet. We are currently using the one Sleep Number sells, which I believe is Leggett & Platt, and frankly, I am not happy with it. We have a wireless remote, however, it loses connection all the time and I would not recommend this for someone who is older and doesn’t want to mess with wireless connections and rebooting. I would suggest giving Select a bed a call, who is the company that sells Airpedic and ask them to recommend an adjustable base. I have found their customer service to be exceptional. My mother recently purchased and Airpedic and is extremely happy. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  34. April (Sleep Number Complaints)

    19 years ago my husband and I purchased a Sleep Number Bed. It was noisy to pump up so you couldn’t adjust it when the other person was asleep or it would awaken them. I found out many years later that was not normal. bout 5 years in, it started to sag in the middle. When we were near the local Sleep Number Store, we would stop in and ask them about it. Every time the answer we got was, “Do you have it pumped up to 100?” No! We don’t use it at 100! That is too hard. It didn’t matter what sales person we got, that was the answer. What was that going to solve is my question? We finally put a memory foam gel topper on it and then we put it at 100! That has worked until now and the gel topper is going bad so we are looking for a new mattress. I can tell you that we are not even considering a Sleep Number Bed since they ripped us off so badly on the first one and weren’t willing to help us. I have had a bad back for most of my life and need a bed to help me. My husband has had a bad back for about 10 years now. The bed didn’t help him and many days he got up super early because he couldn’t lie in bed any more because of the pain.

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi April, We previously had a sleep number and were all about it until we started our review company and realized there are much better choices out there. After sleeping on the Sleep Number, we also felt the hammock feeling. Our favorite mattress is the Airpedic. It is an airbed, however, it has the additional air chamber in the lumbar region that will prevent the middle from sagging. What I also love about Airpedic is they will work with you until you love your mattress. What that means is, if you feel the foam is too hard or soft, they will work with you to get you the perfect combination. Check out our review of the Airpedic and let me know if you have any other questions.

  35. Gayle (Sleep Number Bed)

    Our sleep # bed was very expensive, the worse bed we have ever slept on. Sorry we ever considered this bed. It is a King, mattress is only 5″ dummy us we did not know there were different sizes. I am ready for a new bed.

  36. Al Giaquinto

    Does this mattress work with an adjustable frame?

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Al, Both the Air-Pedic and Sleep Number will work with an adjustable frame. We are currently sleeping on the Air-Pedic and use an adjustable frame with it.

  37. GARY BARTON (Sleep Number Bed)

    What you leave out is that Sleep Number’s warranty is a total sca. They say it is for 25 years but what they don’t tell you is thay don’t send anyone out to fix a problem. They will replace a part when YOU figure out what is wrong. I know no one who can take off a mattress and even with phone help, figure out what is wrong. nIt never occured to me that their warranty did not include someone coming out to fix the problem. My top of the line mattrass has been losing air every night. When I called them and requested help, they informed me there was a video showing how to determine what was wrong. I find it really hporrible that no one tells you they don’t send out someone when something goes wrong. I highly recommend DO NOT BUT A SLEEP NUMBERF BED unless you want to fix your own problem. What a rip off!

    1. Nancy (I 8)

      Getting the base repaired is a nightmare. What SleepNumber doesn’t tell you is that they have no clue how to repair the base nor do they give you any assistance on determining the problem. We are on our 3rd repairman and 3rd replacement part and it still isn’t what we need. After the first 2 guys came and pretended to order a part, I had trouble even getting Sleep Number to direct me to a company that has replacement parts for the base. I will never recommend Sleep Number to anyone after this experience. By the way, our bed is 8 months old and our daughter’s puppy chewed the wires under the bed. Having to pay for their ignorance out of pocket each time.

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