Sleep Number Bed Review and i8 Bed Comparison Vs. The Air-Pedic 800

Learn more about the Sleep Number i8 bed in this in-depth review and how it compares to the Air-Pedic 800 bed in a brand vs. brand head to head comparison.

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When you think of an air adjustable mattress the first company that might come to mind is Sleep Number. However, there are actually many other adjustable air mattresses to consider but in this comparison we will focus on Air-Pedic, by Selectabed and Sleep Number. Before we go into the these two popular brands, let’s talk a little about air beds in general.

What is an Air Adjustable Mattress?

All mattresses have some form of support system, whether that be springs, trapped air, or dense foam. Airbeds use trapped air to provide adjustable support, when and where you need it. With an airbed you can change the firmness level with the press of a button or even with an app on your smart device.

Is an Air Adjustable Mattress for you?

A great benefit of having an airbed is the ability to adjust the firmness levels on each side of the bed. This will greatly benefit couples who have different sleep styles and prefer different firmness settings. We found that It is also beneficial while you are pregnant, because you can adjust the firmness levels as your body changes. My mother in-law, who has suffered from chronic pain for the last 30 years, also mentioned how great an air adjustable mattress can be for those suffering. She said sometimes it’s so hard to get out of bed in the morning and fall asleep at night. This being the case, the ability to make the mattress harder or softer, slowly by a push of a button, can make all the difference in the world when dealing with pain.

Another great example and benefit of adjusting the firmness is sleep recovery. If you work out or are sore from standing on your feet all day, sometimes you need a little extra support to help your muscles recover. The added adjustability does come with a higher price tag. Airbeds typically tend to run a little more than other traditional mattresses, so if you are on a budget, this might not be for you. That being said, we spend a third of our life sleeping and it might be worth the investment.                                                                                                   

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Air-Pedic 800

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Our findings when comparing Sleep Number vs. Air-Pedic

 We found that Air-Pedic, which has 3 air chambers on each side, performed better for providing support, especially in the lumbar region. With the right amount of air fill, we did find that the Sleep Number felt supportive when we first wrote our review, but after testing the Air-Pedic’s multi-zone system that controlled the mid-section air support separately from the shoulder and leg zones, we could really feel the difference. With Sleep Number, you get a single air chamber on each side, which we discovered would allow the air to get pushed to the head and foot of the bed, leaving the mid-section not as supported. It did not seem to be a problem when we had our air level at a much higher setting, but when we reduced the air level, it almost felt like you were sleeping in a hammock. That being said, Sleep Number does have additional features in their pump, such as sleep tracking and responsive air, which are nice added features. We found that with the optional patented Airflow Transfer System, Air-Pedic allowed the mattress to sleep cooler than Sleep Number. Those are just some of the differences that stood out to us. We will go through the pros and cons of each mattress so that you can make an informed decision on which style might fit your needs best.

Lack Of Midsection Support Causing Sagging As Seen With One Zone Systems

Air-Pedic 6 zone Lumbar support
Air-Pedic’s 6 Chamber, Multi-Zone Lumbar Support System Below Prevents Mid-Section Sagging

Sleep Number i8:

When you think of an air adjustable mattress the first company that probably comes to mind is Sleep Number. They have been around since the 1980’s, making them one of the oldest airbed manufacturers. If you’re thinking that you don’t remember Sleep Number in the 80’s, that’s probably because they were known as Select Comfort then. The i8 is part of Sleep Number’s innovation line. The innovation series has more comfort and pressure relief than the classic or performance series. In addition, the innovation series also has temperature balancing benefits added to the mattress covers, as well as to the foam beneath.

Sleep Number i8 ratings review
Is the Sleep Number i8 the right choice for you?

The i8, along with all of the beds in Sleep Number’s current lineup are smart beds with one air chamber on each side. There are sensors inside of the bed that recognize your heart rate, your breathing rate, as well as how much you toss and turn during the night. This information will display for you on an app, via your iPhone, Android, tablet etc., which connects to your bed via Bluetooth. In the morning, you will get a report, or score, of how well your night went. That being said, we felt as though the sleep tracking wasn’t always accurate. There were nights we felt like we tossed and turned all night and our score would reveal something else. We also had issues with the pump staying connected to our Wi-Fi. So if you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi signal in your bedroom, you could have a problem with connectivity.

In addition to the sleep tracking, the i8 also has responsive air technology. This helps to maintain your comfort and firmness setting, no matter if you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or if you change positions during the night. That being said, we noticed that the responsive air adjustments occurred approximately every thirty minutes. The pump does make some noise, so you can opt to turn off the responsive air if you are a light sleeper and don’t want to be woken in the night.

The great thing about Sleep Number, is they offer airbeds for most budgets. Their C2 mattress, in a Queen, is just under $1000. So in case the i8 is a little over budget, you have other Sleep Number options. Overall, the i8 has some really cool technology, backed by a company that has been around since the 1980’s.

Air-Pedic 800

SelectaBed compares their Air-Pedic 800 with Sleep Number’s i8, so with us actually being able to test both, we thought that we could deliver a quality comparison between these two models. We have been sleeping on the Air-Pedic 800 mattress for the last few weeks and it has truly been some of the best sleep we have ever had.  The additional adjustable lumbar air chamber really makes a difference in the level of support, for proper spinal alignment, as well as great pressure relief. One of the factors that stood out to us, is the fact that the Air-Pedic foam and covering materials are made here in the USA with naturally certified safe foam. This means that they do not use any dangerous chemical flame retardants, such as PBDE’s as well as ozone depleters, formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We found that many of its competitors have a few of these great features, but Air-Pedic has it all. This includes dual side and separate lumbar adjustability, temperature balancing benefits with its Patented Airflow Transfer System, USA made high quality CertiPUR-US Certified foam, Urethane medical grade chambers and comes with a great warranty.

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Greenguard logo
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Is the Air-Pedic 800 the best choice for you?

The pump and remote are more simplistic compared to some other airbeds, but that could be good, especially for those who find new technology overwhelming. Their remote also has a memory button, so once you find your perfect setting, you can save it. Another great feature of the Air-Pedic, which makes it stand out, is their optional patented airflow transfer system. This is definitely worth the money because it provides extra cooling and breathability in the mattress foam layers. So if you sleep hot, this will be a great choice for you. We also found that SelectaBed (The maker of the Air-Pedic) is very accommodating, by offering customization to their beds. For example, if you don’t like the feel of the foam layers above the air chambers, they can send you different ones, to customize the feel of your bed. Another great feature of Air-Pedic is the use of medical grade urethane for their air chambers. Why is important? Traditional rubber can dry out overtime and cause cracks and fissures, much like an old rubber band. The medical grade urethane will help with the longevity of the mattress. Overall, this is a great mattress for all types of sleepers, and with all of the customization, adjustability, as well as natural materials, you are bound to find the perfect fit for you.

Air-Pedic Uses Patented Airflow Transfer System Technology to make The mattress over 100 times more breathable

Air-Pedic logo for comparison review

Air-Pedic 800

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Sleep Number i8 vs Air-Pedic 800 at a glance:

Air-Pedic vs Sleep Number construction

Final Thoughts:

We personally prefer an air adjustable mattress and love the ability to change our setting when we need it. Both mattresses listed above have great benefits, some unique and some shared. Every body type, sleep style and mattress preference is also unique, so we are hoping this comparison will give you the information you need to make the best choice for you.

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