BlanQuil by Nectar weighted blanket review

Nectar Weighted Blanket

Nectar is a giant in the mattress industry known for their great prices and excellent products. The Nectar mattress is one of our favorites and even won Best Value Mattress 2019. But Nectar has lots more to offer than just their legendary mattress. Their product line includes pillows, bases and bedding; even a weighted blanket!

Weighted blankets are all the craze right now, but are they just a fad? We were so thrilled to get our hands on the BlanQuil Quilted blanket for testing.  Is it worth the $169 price tag?  Find out in our latest review.


  • Great for managing anxiety and reducing stress.  May be beneficial for persons with ASD
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Removable, washable outer cover


  • Only comes in grey
  • Individual size only, no sharing!
  • Not good if you are claustrophobic 

Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Similar in appearance to a regular blanket, weighted blankets are designed to help alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and improve your sleep. They are also a popular tool for managing autism and sensory processing disorders.

The weight of the blanket is intended as a form of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy. DTP Therapy has both short term and long term effects on the body’s biochemistry. It is said to decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase serotonin and dopamine, also known as “happy hormones”.

The idea is that the weight from the blanket will give you a sensation similar to a hug or an embrace. Hugs, which release Oxytocin, not only reduce stress but decrease blood pressure.

Additionally, weighted blankets can help with Restless Leg Syndrome and ADHD. It’s also recommended for the elderly who are more prone to episodes of insomnia.

Why BlanQuil?

So, as you can see there are a multitude of uses for weighted blankets, so why choose BlanQuil? BlanQuil is sold by Nectar, which is part of Resident, a brand focused on delivering better choices for your home products. Nectar, Level Sleep, Dreamcloud and Awara are all known for offering some of the longest trials and warranties in the industry which is hard not to love!

BlanQuil Materials

Only available in gray, the quilted cover is made from 100% polyester batting fill. The liner is 80% polyester and 20% cotton and the outer portion of the quilt is 100% polyester velvet. The outer quilt is removable should you prefer a cooler sleeping experience or live in a warmer climate. It’s also machine washable! The inner blanket is where you get the weight. The cover of the inner blanket is 100% cotton and the filling, or the weight of the blanket comes from silicon dioxide beads.
BlanQuil weighted blanket review, close up of the quilted texture


The BlanQuil weighs 20 lbs and has a width of 47″ and a length of 74″. It is intended for one person only. Unfortunately this can make snuggle time with a partner a bit more difficult as the blanket is truly not designed for sharing. If you and your partner both desire having a weighted blanket you will need to purchase one each. Weighted blankets can be found in a range of weights from 5 to 30 lbs and should generally total about 10% of your body weight give or take a pound or two. Nectar claims the blanket is best suited for anyone weighing 165-200 lbs. It is very important to note that weighted blankets are not recommended for infants or very small children.

Sleeping with BlanQuil

This was my first experience using a weighted blanket and I had no idea what to expect. I suffer from hyperthyroidism and struggle to stay cool during the day, but even more so at night. My first thoughts were that I was going to be way too warm. I was surprised to find I slept with the blanket on the entire night without ever overheating. My experience stayed consistent night after night and I never felt forced to remove the outer cover for extra cooling. I absolutely loved the soft, plush feel of the quilted cover. It definitely has a soft, cuddly quality that is compelling.

I did find the blanket to be quite heavy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I could see why some people might not like this and may opt for something a bit lighter in weight. Personally, it probably suited me just about right as I tend to toss and turn a bit. After my first night sleeping with the blanket I noticed it certainly kept me from moving around so much. A few times during the night I had gone to switch positions and was met with the weight of the blanket, this helped me stay in one position throughout the night. This can be particularly helpful if you are trying to train yourself to sleep in another position for health or comfort reasons.

Blanquil Close Up Zipper
Close up of the BlanQuil removable outer cover and zipper

Sleep Trial and Warranty

BlanQuil has a 50 Night Final Sale Period, during this time you may return your weighted blanket as long as the product remains unopened. It’s backed by a 5-year warranty and comes with free shipping and returns! Nectar even offers financing for your new blanket through Affirm; monthly payments could be as low as $15!


There is lots to love with the BlanQuil by Nectar. It’s definitely a tool that can improve sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety and even serve as a management tool from anyone suffering from ASD (autism spectrum disorder). It works similarly to a hug to release happy hormones and make you feel safe and calm. In this manner it could also help to manage depression. It also offers the nostalgic quality of your favorite blankie in childhood.

There are a few instances in which a weighted blanket may have the opposite effect. If you suffer from claustrophobia this will likely heighten your anxiety, not decrease it. Though generally recommended for sensory processing disorders such as autism, it may not be great in cases where a person is extremely sensitive to sensory perception, for example, you are overly sensitive to pain or feel anxious and uncomfortable receiving touch from others.

It’s a bit on the pricy side for a blanket ($169) but the benefits can well outweigh the price tag. Our experience with the blanket and Nectar products on a whole make it a product we think well worth investing in!