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Nest Bedding Starling mattress on a natural wood platform bed, adorned with decorative pillows. A large potted plant enhances the cozy corner of the room.
We evaluate mattresses across 8 key categories, providing an overall rating for easy comparison. For more details on our review process, read about how we test by clicking the question mark below.


Pressure Relief
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Our Verdict

We’re thoroughly impressed with the Nest Starling mattress. For us, especially as hot sleepers, its cooling capabilities were a game-changer, offering relief and comfort throughout the night. Its ability to support all sleep positions also meant we both enjoyed personalized comfort without compromise.

The quality construction, exceptional cooling, and Nest Bedding’s commitment to sustainability through its Lifetime Renewal Exchange program make it stand out. The Starling is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable, comfortable, and sustainable sleep solution.


  • Versatile: Suits all sleep positions.
  • Cooling Efficiency: Superior heat dissipation for hot sleepers.
  • Flippable Firmness: Offers different responsiveness levels.
  • Sustainable: Offers a comfort layer exchange program to reduce waste.


  • Edge Support: Some may find the edge support slightly lacking.
  • Price Point: On the higher end, prices range from about $1,500 to $3,000 before discounts.
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Nest Bedding has been turning heads with its focus on quality and comfort. So, when we were given the chance to review the Starling mattress, we were eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

In our hands-on review, we explore the Starling’s cooling technology, designed for hot sleepers, its adaptability to various sleep positions, and the brand’s commitment to sustainability to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Firmness & Feel

As we dove into our review of the Nest Bedding Starling Mattress, one of the first things we noticed was its medium-firm feel. When I climbed into bed, there was an immediate sense of not sinking too deeply into the comfort layers, which I particularly appreciated. Instead, I experience nice support for my back—firm enough to feel supported throughout the night, yet with a close contouring around my curves that feels almost tailored to my body’s shape.

Interestingly, Mike and I often find ourselves on different pages regarding mattress firmness—what feels right to one might not hit the mark for the other. However, with the Starling, we found common ground. We both agreed that the medium firm feel was just right, offering a blend of support and comfort that catered well to our individual sleep preferences.

Firmness Scale 1-10 highlights a 7.0 or medium firm firmness.
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Flippable Comfort Layer

The Nest Starling mattress introduces a unique feature—a flippable comfort layer designed to provide sleepers with a range of firmness options. In our experience, the difference in firmness between the two sides wasn’t stark, but the distinction in responsiveness was noticeable.

One side features Energex foam, which quickly bounces back and is ideal for those who move around a lot at night. It prevents the feeling of sinking too deeply. The other side has memory foam, which contours closely and returns to shape slowly, perfect for those who love the enveloping feel of traditional memory foam. This innovative design lets sleepers switch between a more responsive or more contouring sleep surface, tailoring the mattress to personal comfort preferences.

Mike's hand presses into the Nest Bedding Starling, demonstrating its exceptional pressure relief.

Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, I’ve often faced the challenge of finding a mattress that relieves pressure on my hips and shoulders without compromising spinal support. Softer mattresses sometimes fall short, making a good night’s sleep elusive.

The Nest Bedding Starling Mattress impressed me with its ability to do both: it cushioned my pressure points while keeping my spine aligned. Just to set expectations right—if an ultra-soft mattress is what you’re after, the Starling might not meet that criterion. However, the Starling is an exceptional choice for side sleepers seeking a harmonious balance of comfort and foundational support.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a mattress that balances support with cushioning, particularly around the hips and lumbar region. A mattress that’s too soft can cause the hips to sink excessively, throwing off spinal alignment. Too firm, and it can be uncomfortably hard on the back, lacking the necessary contouring to alleviate pressure points.

On the Nest Bedding Starling Mattress, I discovered just the right mix. Thanks to its medium-firm feel it offers excellent lumbar support and gentle cushioning for the hips. This combination is ideal for back sleepers, providing the necessary support for spinal alignment while ensuring comfort throughout the night.

Mike, from ASL Reviews, lying on his back on the Nest Bedding Starling.

Stomach Sleepers

Nest Bedding primarily markets the Starling Mattress for side and back sleepers, but through my testing, I’ve found it to be an excellent choice for stomach sleepers, too. Stomach sleeping demands substantial support to prevent your midsection from sagging, leading to lower back pain.

On the Starling, my stomach-sleeping experience was notably comfortable and supported, avoiding the common pitfall of excessive cushioning. This mattress provides the firm, even support stomach sleepers need, making it a surprisingly suitable option for those who prefer this position.

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Nest Bedding Starling mattress on a natural wood platform bed, adorned with decorative pillows. A large potted plant enhances the cozy corner of the room.
Nest Bedding Starling

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Get 30% Off The Starling

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Mattress Performance


For hot sleepers like us, a mattress that stays cool is essential. The Nest Starling mattress is one of the best cooling mattresses we’ve reviewed. Its unique design focuses on temperature regulation, featuring a breathable contour grid and Titanium + Graphite-infused memory foam for exceptional heat dissipation.

Mike and I found the Starling to significantly outperform other mattresses regarding temperature regulation. We paired it with the Nest Bedding Silk Cloud Comforter, which is designed for breathability and further enhances the cooling experience. Together, they create an ideal sleep environment for those who tend to overheat at night.

Check out our cooling test results below for a detailed look at how well the Starling keeps the heat away!


Baseline Temperature: 73.2°F

After 10 minutes of lying on the mattress: 82.8F

Heat Dissipation over time (after leaving the bed):

  • 1 Minute:   78.8°F
  • 2 Minutes: 77.5°F
  • 3 Minutes: 77.0°F
  • 4 Minutes: 76.3°F
  • 5 Minutes: 75.6°F
  • 6 Minutes: 75.0°F


Baseline Temperature: 73.2°F

After 10 minutes of lying on the mattress: 79.3F

Heat Dissipation over time (after leaving the bed):

  • 1 Minute:   76.3°F
  • 2 Minutes: 75.4°F
  • 3 Minutes: 74.7°F
  • 4 Minutes: 74.3°F
  • 5 Minutes: 73.9°F
  • 6 Minutes: 73.6°F
Nest Bedding Cooling Test shows temperature before and after lying on the mattress for 10 minutes. Below a graph demonstrates how quickly heat dissipates from the mattresses over 6 minutes.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is a mattress’s ability to absorb movement and prevent it from rippling across the bed. It’s crucial for couples or anyone sharing a bed, as it ensures that one person’s movements don’t disturb the other’s sleep.

The Nest Starling mattress performs well in this regard. Our tests showed minimal disturbances when Mike or I changed positions during the night. This level of motion isolation suggests that the Starling is a strong choice for couples seeking to minimize sleep disruptions caused by shifting or getting in and out of bed.

Edge Support

A mattress’s Edge support affects how stable you feel near the sides. The Nest Bedding Starling, an all-foam bed, tries to tackle the common issue of weak edge support with a special 2-inch edge support wedge foam. Despite these efforts, we found the edge support to be a bit lacking. While lying close to the edge of the bed, there was a noticeable sense of instability, a common trait in foam mattresses. While this will only impact some, it’s something to consider if edge support is high on your priority list.

Mike demonstrates edge support on the Nest Bedding Starling.

Ease of Movement

Ease of movement on a mattress refers to how freely you can change positions without feeling stuck. It’s especially important for combination sleepers who switch between different sleeping positions throughout the night.

As mentioned earlier, The Nest Bedding Starling features a flippable comfort layer. With a responsive foam on one side, it quickly returns to shape, facilitating smooth transitions between sleeping positions. Even when flipped to the memory foam side, known for a slower response, we found moving around relatively easy. This feature, combined with the mattress’s suitability for all sleep positions, marks the Starling as an ideal choice for combination sleepers.


Off-gassing refers to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from new synthetic materials, such as those found in mattresses. It’s a significant consideration because it can affect air quality and health, particularly in the initial period after unpacking a new mattress.

The Nest Starling mattress showed minimal off-gassing. By using CertiPUR-US certified foams, which meet strict standards for low VOC emissions, and airing out their foams at the factory before shipping, Nest Bedding ensures that any off-gassing is greatly reduced before the mattress arrives at your home.

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Nest Bedding Starling mattress on a natural wood platform bed, adorned with decorative pillows. A large potted plant enhances the cozy corner of the room.
Nest Bedding Starling

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Get 30% Off The Starling

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Mattress Construction

The Nest Starling mattress is built with innovative layers designed for optimal sleep comfort and support:

  • THERMIC® Phase Change Cooling Cover: Adjusts to your body temperature for a cool sleep surface.
  • Energex™ Foam (3 lb./14 ILD): A responsive layer that adapts to your movements for continuous comfort.
  • Titanium and Graphite-Infused Memory Foam (4 lb./10 ILD): Provides pressure relief while keeping you cool, thanks to its heat-dissipating properties.
  • Contour Grid Support Foam (2 lb.): Offers targeted support and pressure relief, molding to your body.
  • Transitional Support Foam (1.5 lb.): Acts as a buffer between the comfort layers and the base, ensuring a balanced feel.
  • Base Support Foam (3.5 lb.): The foundation of the mattress, providing durability and stability.
The mattress also features a non-chemical fire barrier made from hydrogenated silica for safety without harmful substances. This structure delivers a blend of comfort, support, and temperature regulation, making the Starling mattress a solid choice for a restful night’s sleep.


Nest Bedding’s commitment to sustainability stands out, especially with its Lifetime Renewal Exchange program. This program combats the issue of mattress waste in landfills by allowing customers to exchange their comfort layer once to change the feel or extend the mattress’s lifespan. It’s a responsible move that saves you money and reduces environmental impact. Nest Bedding exemplifies how companies can offer quality products while being mindful of their ecological footprint.

Purchase Details

Sleep Trial

Nest Bedding offers an exceptional 365-night sleep trial for the Starling Mattress, one of the longest trials in the industry. If you’re not completely satisfied during this period, you can exchange or return the mattress for a full refund. However, adjusting to a new mattress can take time, and because of this, Nest Bedding encourages customers to spend a minimum of 30 days before initiating a return.

Shipping & Delivery

The Nest Bedding Starling mattress simplifies your mattress shopping experience by delivering directly to your doorstep as a bed in a box. Enjoy free shipping within the contiguous United States. Additional shipping fees may apply for customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.


The Nest Bedding Starling Mattress is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, reflecting the brand’s confidence in its product’s durability and quality. This warranty specifically covers any defects encountered during the mattress’s lifespan, including foam compressions or indentations that exceed 1 inch, which are not the result of improper use.

For example, using an unsuitable frame or foundation can void the warranty, underscoring the importance of selecting the right base for your mattress. To ensure compliance and maintain warranty coverage, familiarize yourself with the acceptable types of bed frames.

Prices, Bed Sizes, & Weights

The Starling Mattress is available in various sizes to fit your space and sleep preferences. Here’s a quick overview of the available sizes and their respective prices:





38″ x 75″ x 12.5″


Twin XL

38″ x 80″ x 12.5″



54″ x 75″ x 12.5″



60″ x 80″ x 12.5″



76″ x 80″ x 12.5″


California King

72″ x 84″ x 12.5″


Split King

36″ x 84″ x 12.5″ (x2)

$1732 (x2)

*Prices may be subject to change.

30% Off + Free LRE
Nest Bedding Starling mattress on a natural wood platform bed, adorned with decorative pillows. A large potted plant enhances the cozy corner of the room.
Nest Bedding Starling

Get 30% Off The Starling

Get 30% Off The Starling

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Is The Nest Bedding Starling Right For You?

After thoroughly testing and living with the Nest Starling mattress, it’s clear it is a standout in both comfort and functionality. Its exceptional ability to provide cool, comfortable sleep across all positions makes it a versatile choice for many sleepers.

Nest Bedding’s commitment to sustainability, demonstrated through its Lifetime Renewal Exchange program, adds significant value, aligning with the growing consumer desire for sustainable products. This program highlights Nest’s dedication to the environment and the longevity and satisfaction of their customers.

Although the Starling’s price may be above average, its premium construction, exceptional cooling features, and commitment to sustainability justify the investment for anyone seeking a long-lasting, comfortable, and eco-friendly sleep solution.

For those interested in exploring other options, Nest Bedding also offers the Owl, a latex model known for its durability and natural materials, and the Sparrow, the brands most popular offering. Each of these models embodies Nest Bedding’s high standards and commitment to providing a restful night’s sleep!

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