Serta iComfort CF4000 mattress Review

Serta iComfort CF4000 mattress

Great for:

  • Average and lightweight side sleepers
  • Hot Sleepers
  • Those looking for contouring support
  • Those who want a well-established brand

Type – Memory Foam

Firmness – Firm, Plush, Ultra-Plush

Sleep Trial – 120-Night

Warranty – 10-year limited

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

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Serta iComfort CF4000 mattress
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Inside The Serta Mattress Brand

Established in 1931, Serta is one of the oldest and largest mattress companies in the United States. Their mattresses, crafted for superior comfort, are often seen in large hotel chains like the Hilton and Wyndham. The brand includes 6 different mattress models but in this review, we set our focus on the Serta iComfort beds. 

We tested the iComfort with the max cooling and pressure relief upgrade in ultra-plush (CF4000). This mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers who want a soft, yet supportive feel when laying on their side. One of the most amazing features of the iComfort was the slow response memory foam that cradles your body giving some of the best pressure relief we’ve experienced.

In this review, we will go over who this mattress is for, firmness, warranty, price, and more. We will also touch on the other Serta iComfort options to provide an overview of the entire series!

woman tests back sleeping on the Serta iComfort CF4000

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The Serta iComfort Models

This series is designed with hot sleepers in mind and has a range of upgrade options available to you. In addition to the upgrade options below, you can choose between the Serta iComfort (all-foam) or the Serta iComfort Hybrid series. 

All Serta mattresses are proudly made in the USA. They are also backed by 90 years of experience, which is much longer than most of the other companies we have reviewed. 

Furthermore, all Serta mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US certified foam. Foams with this certification are made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. They also have low emissions of VOCs for indoor air quality.Let’s take a look!

iComfort Limited Edition

The Serta iComfort LE is the least expensive mattress in the series with a Queen-size mattress priced at $999. The LE stands at 10 inches in height and features a Cold Touch™ mattress cover and 2 kinds of cooling gel foam: EverCool Fuze Gel Foam, designed for increased airflow and heat dissipation and EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam, built for a combination of cooling and contouring. 

    Comfort: Plush

    Price Range: $999-$1299

    Available Bed Sizes: Queen, King, and California King


Like the LE, the base only (CF1000) is also 10” tall. Unlike the LE, the CF1000 swaps out the EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam with Carbon Fiber Memory Foam. The Carbon Fibers help channel heat away from the body giving it more cooling capabilities. This model has a medium feel.

    Comfort: Medium

    Price Range: $909-$1899

    Available Bed Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King


Like the LE, the base only (CF1000) is also 10” tall. Unlike the LE, the CF1000 swaps out the EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam with Carbon Fiber Memory Foam. The Carbon Fibers help channel heat away from the body giving it more cooling capabilities. This model has a medium feel.

    Comfort: Medium

    Price Range: $909-$1899

    Available Bed Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King


The Max Cooling upgrade (CF3000) is an even taller mattress at 12.5”. This model includes a more advanced cooling cover, the UltraCold System, and the Carbon Fiber memory foam. The UltraCold system is another type of carbon fiber memory foam that works to keep the body cool. The CF3000 has 3 different firmness options; medium, plush and ultra-plush.

    Comfort: Medium, Plush, and Ultra-Plush

    Price Range: $1699-$2599

    Available Bed Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King


The Serta iComfort Max Cooling and Pressure Relief Upgrade (CF4000) measures 13.5” tall.  We reviewed the ultra-plush model. Let’s talk about what is inside the Serta iComfort CF4000.

    Comfort: Firm, Plush, and Ultra-Plush

    Price Range: $2199-$3299

    Available Bed Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King

CF4000 Ultra-Plush Mattress Construction

  • Max Cold™ Cover: This is truly cool to the touch. It has a silky feel to it and is slightly stretchy. The cover is removable, however, they only recommend spot cleaning.

  • Carbon Fiber Memory Foam: This layer is a somewhat slow response foam that allows you to sink into the mattress yet still feel like you can roll around a bit. This layer is engineered to channel heat away from the body and provide exceptional support for your back and neck.

  • UltraCold System: This is a series of two foams that work together to give ultimate pressure relief and cooling. The first of the two layers is a very slow response foam. The second layer works as a transition to the Air Support foam below.

  • Air Support Foam: This layer is really what makes it stand out from any other mattresses we’ve reviewed. Instead of a solid layer of foam, this layer is divided into a grid-like structure with circular cutouts. The unique design allows the foam to move and contour to your body, alleviating aches and pain and providing superior pressure relief.

  • Transition layer: This foam is a thin layer just above the base foam and has a fast response.

  • Support Layer: This layer is a typical base layer foam and is dense and firm to the touch.
Serta CF4000 mattress construction

Firmness and Feel

The Serta CF4000 has a traditional memory foam feel with a little added plushness. As soon as you lay down on the iComfort you slowly start to sink into the mattress. What I love about this mattress is you feel the layers supporting and cradling you, right where you need it. 

We got the ultra-plush version and I was a little worried it would be too soft but it is honestly just right. That being said, I am a lightweight side sleeper and prefer a soft mattress. If you are a side or back sleeper and you prefer a medium firmness feel you might want to try the CF4000 plush model. 

Stomach sleepers require extra support to keep their hips from sinking too deeply. If this is your preferred sleep position you’ll want to consider the firm version of the CF4000. This version could also be suitable for back sleepers who prefer a firm, supportive feel.

On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the firmest we rated the ultra-plush at a 5.5. Although this is a soft mattress, the slow response foam makes it feel more supportive than other ultra-plush models we have tested. The air support system really allows you to feel supported yet gives pressure relief where you need it.

Woman sleeping on her side on the Serta CF4000

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is especially important if you or your partner is a light sleeper and easily prone to sleep disturbances. No one wants to wake up every time their partner tosses and turns or wakes up for a late night bathroom break. 

Not surprisingly, the Serta iComfort did a great job of isolating motion. All-foam mattresses generally excel in providing minimal motion transfer. When my husband got up out of bed or tossed and turned I barely felt him moving, so well done Serta.

Edge Support

Hybrid mattresses tend to have an advantage over all-foam mattresses in terms of edge support. This can be even more evident in softer mattresses. 

That being said, the edge support, overall, was pretty good on the Serta iComfort CF4000. The slow response foam does help with making it feel more supported but as your sitting on the edge you will feel a little bit of slow sinking. 

On the other hand, I felt very supported when laying on the edge of the bed. This is great for couples who are sharing a full or queen size mattress, that way you can utilize the whole mattress surface.

Is It Good For Hot Sleepers?

While memory foam mattresses are known for their exceptional ability to relieve pressure points, they also tend to retain heat. This is particularly problematic for the hot sleeper. But, as we mentioned earlier, the iComfort series is designed with cooling in mind and it shows. The CF4000 did an excellent job of not just regulating temperature throughout the night, but actively keeping us cool.

Serta Purchase Details

Free Sleep Trial

Serta offers a 120-day sleep trial. Sleep trials are a common practice when purchasing online. They help to alleviate the stress and fear associated with making a major purchase sight unseen. 

Serta does ask that you keep the mattress for a minimum of 30 days before initiating a return. This is common and gives you a chance to adjust to your new mattress.

The 120-day sleep trial does not apply to purchases made through the Serta Guest Purchase Program.

Shipping and Return Policy

The Serta iComfort comes with free shipping and returns, as well as an option for white glove delivery. Shipping is available within the contiguous US and does not include Alaska or Hawaii.

Standard shipping (free) allows you to schedule a delivery window for the date and time of your choosing. If you choose this option your mattress will be delivered to your front door, but does not include set up.

If you would like to have your new mattress set up for you and your old mattress removed, you’ll want to opt for white glove delivery. An adult will be required to sign for the mattress. Fees for white glove delivery are $150. 

Be prepared, the mattress is pretty heavy, so if you’re lugging it up steps you might want to grab a friend to help.


Serta comes with a 10-year limited warranty which is pretty standard for the mattress industry. Claims can be placed directly on their website at

How Much Does The Serta CF4000 Cost?

The Serta iComfort series varies widely in price. The Limited Edition model is the least expensive, offering an affordable option for the budget-conscious shopper. 

The CF4000 comes with all the bells and whistles and the price reflects this. While a queen size LE is priced at $999 (before eligible discounts), a queen sized CF4000 costs $2599. 

Financing is available through Affirm.

Serta CF4000  Price



Twin XL








Cal. King


Serta Mattress Coupon

Serta iComfort CF4000 mattress
Serta iComfort

Up To $1,000 OFF mattress + adjustable base

Up To $1,000 OFF mattress + adjustable base

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Choosing a Compatible Bed Frame

The Serta iComfort mattresses can be used with a wide variety of foundations including box springs, platform bed frames, and adjustable bases.

Serta does sell a selection of bed frames on their site or you can check out these best adjustable bases on Amazon.

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Serta iComfort CF4000 Review Conclusion

While the Serta iComfort Series is designed to fit a wide range of body types and preferences, the CF4000 is the top of the line in the series. The ultra-plush model is engineered for superior pain relief and maximum cooling. As such, we think it is a great fit for both lightweight and average weight side sleepers, sleepers who prefer a soft mattress feel and hot sleepers.