ReST Bed Review: the bed of the future?

How a smart bed is changing the way we sleep:

Smart technology is the latest household trend and now your bed is no exception. ReST uses a responsive surface sleep technology that monitors nearly 2,000 pressure points for real-time pressure mapping. Integrated with 2 Samsung smart tablets the ReST bed adjusts pressure as needed, no matter your sleep position, allowing you a better night’s sleep!

If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep you’ll appreciate that this bed is fully customizable. With 5 zones on each side of the bed you have the ability to automatically and manually adjust to your body’s needs. Additionally, this bed is perfect for couples who prefer different firmness settings and individuals who sleep in various positions throughout the night.

Modular Construction:

The first layer consists of a 3” cooling gel-infused memory foam, which has a very plush cooling feel. Under the memory foam there are 5 air chambers on each side allowing for specific targeting of the following zones: head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. This will allow you to relieve pressure exactly where you need it. The air chambers are made with medical grade polyurethane and are made with the seams welded shut to prevent any air leaks. Supporting the air chambers is 1” of high resilience foam and surrounding everything is an interlocking edge support. The cover is a breathable, stretchy material that will allow the air chambers movement and is removable for washing. Each layer is separate, which is great for the life expectancy of the mattress. As a result, if one layer breaks you can just replace that layer rather than replacing the whole mattress. In other words, you could have this mattress for a lot longer than the industry standard of 7-10 years, which makes it well worth the investment.

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ReST - Responsive Surface Technology

The bed of the future!

Enjoy smart home technology with this luxurious air mattress. Save $300 when you use coupon code JANDJ

100% customizable pressure-mapping:

The mattress comes with 2 Samsung tablets (1 for each side of the bed) with the ReST app already downloaded. Once in the app you will have 3 control choices: Automatic, Auto Position and Manual.

  • Automatic: This will automatically adapt to your sleep position; if you switch sleep positions it will adjust to any changes in pressure points. You have a main control in this setting to choose the firmness level.
  • Auto Position: In this mode you can customize your preferences for your various sleep positions whether lying on your back, side or front. You will be able to manually adjust each air chamber so that when you switch positions the bed will detect it and adjust it to your preferred setting.
  • Manual: This mode allows you to manually adjust each zone and the bed will stay in the chosen adjustment throughout the night.
Rest Bed with Galaxy Tablets

Feel of mattress:

The top layer gives the mattress a great memory foam feel without being hard. With the ability to adjust the bed to your likeness, it will feel different for every individual. The cooling gel works well and kept our temperature balanced throughout the night. The amazing factor about this bed is you can adjust it in five different zones for your ever changing needs. For example, my wife is pregnant, so the further on in the pregnancy the more support she needs in the lumbar area. No other bed has the ability to adjust just one specific area of the bed to offer support where needed.


Return policy and warranty:

ReST has a 90 night return policy, if you don’t like the bed they will come and pick it up. The mattress is white glove delivered with a $199 fee. It comes with a 10 year non-prorated warranty, which means the price for repairs, if needed, within the 10 years will be 100% covered.


  • Smart bed technology for those tech lovers with built-in Wifi on each pump and two Samsung Galaxy A tablets that you can use independently of the ReST bed
  • Ability to specifically target zones both automatically and manually
  • Great for partners with different firmness preferences
  • “Modular construction” meaning if one part of the bed breaks down you can replace just that part rather than the whole bed


  • It is expensive for a mattress
  • If you’re not a technical person it can be overwhelming
  • If you’re a light sleeper the pump is a little noisy when inflating and deflating, however, you can put it in manual mode or get a white noise machine




  • Smart bed technology for tech lovers 
  • Ability to target pressure zones both automatically and manually  with 10 air chambers
  • Great for couples wanting adjustable firmness 
  • "Modular construction" meaning if one part breaks down you can replace just that part
  • Pressure relieving without losing support


  • Expensive 
  • If you are not a technical person it can be overwhelming
  • When using automatic mode, if you are a light sleeper, the pump is a little noisy 

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ReST logo

ReST - Responsive Surface Technology

The bed of the future!

Enjoy smart home technology with this luxurious air mattress. Save $300 when you use coupon code JANDJ

Close up of the Rest bed

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