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How the ReST Smart Bed is changing the way we sleep

Smart technology is the latest household trend and now your bed is no exception. ReST uses a responsive surface sleep technology that monitors nearly 2,000 pressure points for real-time pressure mapping and real-time adjustments. App controlled, the ReST bed adjusts pressure as needed, no matter your sleep position, allowing you a better night’s sleep!

If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep you’ll appreciate that this bed is fully customizable. With 5 zones on each side of the bed you have the ability to automatically and manually adjust to your body’s needs. Additionally, this bed is perfect for couples who prefer different firmness settings and individuals who change positions frequently throughout the night.

YouTube Review of the ReST Smart Bed

ReST Modular Construction

Adjustable air beds come with a few components you will not find in the standard bedding industry. Standard bedding usually relies on all-foam, coils, or a combination of both to provide the overall support of your mattress. With an adjustable air bed, the support is primarily provided by air chambers. These air chambers are connected to pumps which control the fill of air, allowing you to adjust from soft to firm, offering a wide range of options to suit all sleepers. So, let’s dive in a see what makes up the ReST bed!

The cover is a breathable, stretchy material that will allow the air chambers movement and is removable for machine washing. It has a beautiful design and is pleasingly soft and cool to the touch.

Next up, 4” of cooling, gel-infused memory foam. Memory foam typically has a slower response rate which allows you to sink in and melt away the pressure points and this is immediately apparent with the ReST bed. The gel infusion does an excellent job of mitigating heat retention which is commonly associated with memory foam.

The sensor, now this is where things get really cool… Each side of the bed comes with it’s own sensor, or pressure map. This proprietary, anti-microbial fabric senses over 2,000 pressure points allowing for real-time adjustments when in automatic mode.

Beneath the memory foam there are 5 air chambers on each side allowing for specific targeting of the following zones: head, shoulders, lumbar, hips and legs. Recovering from an injury or particularly sore from a workout? This level of customization allows you to relieve pressure exactly where you need it.

ReST comes with 2 air pumps that control the fill of the air bladders inside the mattress. These pumps are connected through WiFi and controlled through the ReST app. Don’t have your own home WiFi network? No worries, the pumps generate their own wi-fi signal and can be used without any additional connection to your home network.

The air chambers are made with medical grade polyurethane and the seams are welded shut to prevent any air leaks. This is an important feature to check for when purchasing an adjustable air bed. Some popular air bed brands use vulcanized rubber which, over time, can fissure and crack. Lastly, supporting the air chambers is 1” of high resilience foam and surrounding everything is an interlocking edge support.

It is important to note that each layer of the ReST bed is modular, which is great for the life expectancy of the mattress. As a result, if one layer breaks you can replace just that layer, rather than replacing the whole mattress. In other words, you could have this mattress for a lot longer than the industry standard of 7-10 years, which makes it well worth the investment!

ReST mattress between the layers

ReST 100% Customizable Pressure-Mapping

Once you receive your new mattress you’ll want to head on over to the app store and download the ReST app. If you are sharing your bed with a partner, they will want to grab the app too. This allows each of you compete control over your side of the bed. No more fighting over sleep settings! Once in the app you will have 3 control choices: Automatic, Auto Position and Manual.

  • Automatic: This will automatically adapt to your sleep position; if you switch sleep positions it will adjust to any changes in pressure points.  You have a main control in this setting to choose the firmness level.
  • Auto Position: In this mode you can customize your preferences for your various sleep positions whether lying on your back, side or front. You will be able to manually adjust each air chamber so that when you switch positions the bed will detect it and adjust to your preferred setting.
  • Manual: This mode allows you to manually adjust each zone and the bed will stay in the chosen adjustment throughout the night.
ReST Performance App Manual Mode Example
ReST bed pressure mapping app

ReST Firmness & Feel

From the moment the ReST bed was set up, our attention was immediately drawn to the quality of construction. Everything about this mattress feels top notch from the materials, to the stitching, to the zippers. There is no mistaking, this is a luxury bed.

The top layer gives the mattress a great memory foam feel without making it difficult to transition your movements. I’m a combination sleeper and typically move around quite a lot in my sleep and have never felt like I was “stuck”.

With the ability to adjust each of the 5 zones to your likeness, it will feel different for every individual. On it’s softest setting we would rate it around a 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. At it’s firmest setting we would rate it a 7.5-8 out of 10. Because there is a LOT of customization available with this mattress, it may seem overwhelming at first as you learn what setting works best for you. Or, if you prefer more simplicity we recommend keeping it in automatic or auto position mode.

Personally, for me, I prefer to keep it in automatic mode. I mean, after all, this is where ReST is designed to excel. No other bed that we’ve tested offers pressure-mapping and adjustments in real-time. And seeing as I am a combo sleeper, my pressure points change frequently!

My first few nights with the bed I was concerned the pumps might keep me up, as you will hear some noise when the pumps inflate and deflate, but honestly it took my husband and I very little time to adjust and now we don’t notice it at all. If, however, you are a very light sleeper, this might disrupt your sleep. In this case we would recommend sticking with the auto position or the manual mode.

ReST edge support close up

ReST Temperature Regulation

As we mentioned earlier, the cooling gel does an excellent job of regulating temperature throughout the night. But ReST didn’t just stop there, ReST Performance has partnered with BedJet to provide the ultimate climate comfort technology. The BedJet 3 Climate Control System is available as an optional add-on and features both cooling and warming technology. This makes the BedJet Climate System a great year round companion for personalized temperature control.

BedJet connected to bed

When you go to purchase your ReST bed you’ll have an option to purchase a single BedJet or a dual Climate System. The big difference here is the dual climate option allows you and your partner to have your own BedJet unit, controlling the temperature on your side of the bed independently from your partner.

For example, my husband and I can never agree on temperature, I’m always too hot and he’s always freezing. In this case, with our own unit, I can turn up the cooling air and he can turn up the heat. On the other hand, the single Climate System works well if you anticipate you and your partner will have the same temperature regulating needs.

Close up of the ReST mattress cover

Using Your BedJet

The unit attaches to the surface of the bed and has 6 different operating modes:
chart detailing the different bed jet operation modes

We live in Florida so we tend to use the cooling feature the most. However, it has been a particularly cold winter so the turbo heat has been a real pleasure! BedJet recommends good quality 250 thread count sheets or higher to help trap the air. Using performance cooling sheets or low thread count sheets will cause the air to escape and render the BedJet ineffective.

Choosing A Foundation

Choosing the correct foundation can enhance the performance of your mattress as well as improve the longevity of it. ReST Performance does sell a box spring on their website but they clearly state that it’s not a necessary purchase. And we really appreciate the transparency here, some companies love to pressure consumers into buying their accessories and only their accessories.

The ReST mattress features industry-standard dimensions and is compatible with adjustable bases, box springs or bed frames. The one thing you should avoid for any adjustable air bed or memory foam bed is a slatted frame. Especially if the slats are further than 2” apart. This can cause dips and sagging, negatively affecting both the performance and durability of your mattress over time.

ReST Performance Purchase Details

Sleep Trial

ReST offers a pretty standard trial period of 90 days. If you decide ReST isn’t for you, you have 90 days to return or exchange.


ReST offers a 10 year non-prorated warranty against defects in workmanship or material. The ReST mattress is modular in construction making it easy to repair and extending the life of your mattress.


ReST comes with white glove delivery (delivery and set up) which is an additional $199.

How Much Does the ReST Performance mattress Cost?

ReST has an array of mattress sizes available with a Twin XL starting at $3799. ReST also offers split top options for ultimate adaptability. Financing is available through SplitIt with as low as 0% APR (upon approval).

Save $600 with our exclusive discount code: JANDJ. See the coupon in sidebar for the most up to date discount or visit our mattress coupons and deals page.

ReST Smart Bed Prices

Mattress Dimensions

Twin XL


38 X 80



60 X 80

Queen Split Top


60 X 80

 Eastern King


76 X 80

Cal. King


72 X 84

E. King Split Top


76 X 80

Cal. King Split Top


72 X 84

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Is the ReST Performance Mattress Right for you?

The next step in smart home automation, ReST Performance is a high-quality mattress likely to match the needs of most consumers. The real-time pressure mapping works automatically to adjust to your body’s needs without disturbing your slumber. The ability to independently control firmness in 5 different zones makes it an excellent choice for athletes or anyone who suffers from chronic back pain. It’s also a good choice for the ever-changing sleep needs of pregnancy.

Like most adjustable air beds, ReST provides dual adjustability making it a leading choice for couples who prefer different firmness settings. No matter your sleep position, ReST is sure to accommodate.

That being said, ReST is one of the most expensive mattresses we’ve reviewed so far. This is a high-end, luxury air bed, packed with smart tech features; it is not a budget bed.

Lastly, the ReST more closely resembles a memory foam feel, but with more adjustability, if you prefer the feel and bounce of a more traditional innerspring/coil mattress, ReST might not be the right choice. In this case, we would suggest checking out our top picks for hybrids.

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  1. Nico (Air-Pedic, ReST, Ghostbed 3D)

    Thank you for your reviews. I do have a couple questions, but I need to give some background on a issue we had with our older air mattress (a Sleep Number knock-off).

    Presently, we have an older dual-chamber queen (nearly 20 years old) with NO filler/support/attachment between the air chambers. In northern winters, we sleep close. All the weight, being concentrate in the middle of the mattress forces the air chambers apart and creates a void (like a sag on older coil mattresses). The fix used a lot of Velcro and some fabric to prevent the air chambers from separating.

    With this in mind, how well do the Air-pedic, and ReST mattresses prevent a sagging feeling when all the weight is concentrated in the middle (sleeping together)? Are there any specific design choices that prevent this?

    Also, do you have an overall number rating for the ReST (Air-pedic was a 9.4/10). Lastly, do you have any plans to test the similar Ghostbed 3D?

    Thank You.

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Nico,

      We didn’t experience any issues with sagging or a void between the chambers and I like to snuggle right next to my husband. Both Air-Pedic and ReST have a reinforced foam bar around the outside of the chambers to provide enhanced edge support. This also helps keep the air chambers locked into place. Air-Pedic does have a reinforced bar down the center as well, whereas ReST does not. That being said, neither air bed presented a problem when sleeping towards the center.

      We would love to review the Ghostbed smart bed and are currently working towards getting a bed for review. I believe it is designed like the ReST smart bed and appears to have the same 5 air chambers and same smart app as ReST. It also does real-time pressure mapping, so the big differences between it and the ReST beds will be the comfort layers, cooling features etc.

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