Purple Plus Mattress Review

Purple Plus mattress review

Great for:

  • Light Weight Sleepers
  • Side and Back Sleepers
  • Hot Sleepers
  • Couples

Type – Purple Grid & Foam

Firmness – Medium

Sleep Trial – 100 Nights

Warranty – 10 Year Limited

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

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Up to $400 OFF Mattresses

Purple first entered the online mattress scene in 2015 and quickly gained recognition for their innovative Purple GelFlex Grid. Made from hyper-elastic polymer, the GelFlex Grid is responsive, pressure-relieving, and cooling, making it a great option for those looking for a good night’s sleep. In our Purple Plus mattress review, we discuss how the mattress is made and how it performs, as well as purchase details like pricing and bed dimensions.

Purple Plus Mattress Review Quick Summary

Mattress Profile: 11 inches

Price Range: $1199 – $2898

Available Bed Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King.

We Recommend the Purple Plus For –

  • Lightweight Sleepers (under 130lbs)
  • Side and Back Sleepers
  • Hot Sleepers
  • Couples

We Don’t Recommend the Purple Plus For –

  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Heavy Sleepers (230 lbs+)
  • Those on a tight budget

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Mattress Construction

  • Mattress Cover – This SoftFlex knit mattress cover is soft and stretchy and designed to move with the Purple Grid. 
  • Fire Retardant Sock – This non-toxic knit barrier is not chemically treated
  • Comfort Layer – 2” of Purple’s innovative hyper-elastic polymer (GelFlex) grid instantly melts away pressure points. The honeycomb structure responds to your body’s weight, buckling under pressure to provide targeted relief.
  • 2” Premium Comfort Foam – This extra two-inch layer differentiates the Purple Plus from the Original Purple mattress. It responds more quickly to movement maintaining balanced, consistent support.
  • Support Layer – This 4-inch polyfoam base layer provides structural support for the mattress and ensures your Purple mattress holds up over time.
Purple Plus GelFlex mattress construction

Firmness & Feel

Every body type will experience mattress firmness differently, this is especially true with the Purple Plus. That being said, we think most sleepers will agree it has a firmness level of medium. Mattresses that fall in this range are generally best for side and back sleepers. Let’s take a look!

Side Sleepers 

The walls of the GelFlex Grid are designed to collapse under pressure; this means targeted pressure relief where you want it without sacrificing support where you need it the most. The Purple Plus cradles your curves, alleviating painful pressure build-up through the hips and shoulders. As a result, the Purple Plus is an ideal choice for side sleepers! 

Both the Original Purple and the Purple Plus work well for side and back sleepers. However, the softer feel of the Purple Plus is better for lightweight side and back sleepers, while the firmer feel of the Original Purple is a better fit for average-weight back and side sleepers.

Back Sleepers 

Even distribution of weight with gentle contouring is best for back sleepers. When lying on your back, you want to keep the spine in a neutral placement, while gentle cradling through the hips should relieve pressure on the lower back.

Average and lightweight sleepers should experience a nice blend of comfort and support on the Purple Plus. Unfortunately, heavier sleepers may find themselves sinking too deeply into the mattress for proper support. Heavier back and side sleepers weighing more than 250 lbs may wish to consider the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 or Purple Hybrid Premier 4, which include coils for more support.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers benefit from a firm mattress with relatively little contouring and cradling. Unfortunately, the Purple Plus isn’t the best option for stomach sleepers. We didn’t feel like our hips had enough support to keep our spine properly aligned, this is especially true for heavy sleepers weighing more than 230 lbs. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach we recommend taking a look at the Purple Hybrid.

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Purple Plus Mattress Performance


The Purple Plus is an excellent choice for hot sleepers! The top layer of the Purple Plus mattress is made with a two-inch GelFlex Grid, a honeycomb-like structure that promotes breathability and cooling. Air flows freely through thousands of open-air channels ensuring optimal cooling so you never overheat. 

You’ll want to make sure your bedding is also cool and breathable to make the most of the cooling benefits of the Purple Plus. We’d recommend selecting a breathable mattress protector and sheets, like these bedsheets by Purple. Incredibly stretchy and soft, these sheets maximize airflow and encourage heat dissipation. 

Motion Isolation 

A particularly vital consideration for couples, good motion isolation means fewer disturbances throughout the night. If you and your partner have different sleep schedules, one or both of you tosses and turns frequently, or either of you is a light sleeper, excess motion transfer is likely to wake you up during the night. 

The unique design of the Purple Grid, combined with dense layers of foam, successfully isolates motion. We experienced very little motion transfer and slept soundly through the night.

Edge Support 

All-foam mattresses tend to struggle with edge support. Highly conforming and contouring in nature, this mattress type can feel a bit unstable as you move towards the outer edges of the bed. 

Why is this important? Strong edge support allows sleepers to use the full surface of the mattress. While poor edge support can force sleepers more into the center of the bed. This is especially important for couples sharing a smaller bed size.

The Purple Plus provides decent edge support thanks to reinforced high-density foam beams along the outer perimeter. That being said, hybrid mattresses tend to offer better edge support than all-foam beds.

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Ease of Movement 

Purple mattresses are designed to bounce back into shape quickly. The GelFlex grid works with the 2-inch comfort foam layer to provide a sleep surface that responds quickly to pressure changes, allowing for good ease of movement. For this reason, the Purple Plus could be a great choice for combination sleepers.


You may notice an unpleasant smell when unboxing a new mattress or pillow made with foam. This odor, known as off-gassing, is unfortunately unavoidable and occurs when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released into the air. You can expect this odor to dissipate fairly quickly, within 24-72 hours.

The Purple Plus demonstrated minimal off-gassing. Purple uses CertiPUR-US certified foams which are free of harsh chemicals and compounds such as formaldehyde, chemical flame retardants, heavy metals, and more. These foams are also rated for low VOCs emissions which generally translates to less of a chemical odor.

Inside the Purple Plus mattress - woman shows CertiPUR-US certified foams

Purple's Purchase Details

Sleep Trial 

All Purple mattresses come with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. Your trial starts the day you receive the mattress. If during the first 100-nights you decide the Purple Plus mattress is not for you, contact Purple to initiate a return or an exchange.

Purple does ask that all customers spend at least 21 nights on the mattress before taking advantage of the return process, giving your body time to adjust to your new bed.


Purple mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. Should you experience problems with workmanship or materials, Purple will replace your mattress under this warranty. Proof of purchase, official warranty documents, and law tags are required to make a claim.

Purple also offers optional accident protection through a program known as Extend. Available for 3, 5, or 10 years, Extend covers professional in-home service for stains originating from food, drink, or bodily fluids. Extend also covers accidental damage such as cuts and punctures to your mattress.

Shipping & Returns 

Purple offers free shipping and returns. Eligible returns must be made after day 21 but before day 100. During this time Purple will offer a full refund of the mattress cost minus discounts received or interest accrued.

In-home setup, or white glove delivery, is available for an additional $200. With this shipping option, the delivery team will bring your delivered items into your room, unbox the mattress, assemble your frame or foundation (if from Purple), and finally, remove all packing.

Purple Plus Mattress Pricing and Bed Size

A queen-sized mattress costs $1899 before eligible discounts. See our coupon below for current offers. Purple accepts debit and credit card payments as well as PayPal and AmazonPay.

Financing is available through Affirm with as low as 0% APR (subject to approval).

Mattress Price

Mattress Dimensions




38 x 75 x 11

71 LBS

Twin XL


38 x 80 x 11

71 LBS



54 x 75 x 11

81 LBS

Eastern King


60 x 80 x 11

111 LBS

Eastern King Split Top


76 x 80 x 11

140 LBS

Cal. King


72 x 84 x 11

144 LBS

Split King


38 x 80 x 11 (2)

71 LBS (2)

Purple Coupon

$800 Off
Purple mattress side view

Up to $800 Off Mattresses

Up to $800 Off Mattresses

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Do Purple Beds Work With Any Foundation?

Choosing the right bed foundation is not only crucial to getting the best performance out of your mattress, but it is also critical for most mattress warranties to remain valid. Purple is designed to work with any flat, sturdy surface including the following options.
  • Adjustable Bases
  • Slatted Frames
  • Box Springs
  • Platforms
  • The Floor
Purple does offer a selection of bed frames and foundations on its site. Purchasing a base with Purple could lead to bigger discounts as many brands, Purple included, offer discounts when bundling.