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Sleep Number Bed Reviews - i8 Mattress Review

Thinking of buying a new bed? Read our Sleep Number bed and mattress reviews for a smart buying decision.  You most likely know Sleep Number from the many ads and stores across America. Is it worth the hype? Check out our unbiased Sleep Number Mattress review to see if it will be a good choice for you.


Air Adjustable



Sleep Trial

100 Night


15 year Limited


White Glove Delivery Required For $199


Available through Sleep Number

Up to $700 OFF
Sleep Number Best Mattress Coupon Code
Sleep Number i8
  • Save $700
  • Dual adjustability
  • Sleep tracking
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  • Save $700
  • Dual adjustability
  • Sleep tracking
  • Temperature balancing
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Sleep Number i8 Mattress Review - Youtube

Foam and Air Construction of the Sleep Number i8 Mattress

  • Top Cover: A stretchy soft cover that has outlast technology.  This makes the cover cool to the touch. 
  • 6″ Proprietary Foam: It is a comfort foam, and is coupled with a cooling gel layer that provides cooling relief and temperature balance.
  • Air chambers: There is 1 air chamber on each side of the bed.  This is good for being able to independently adjust each sides firmness level.  We have found after researching other mattresses, that having more than one chamber on each side is the best for support.  Only 1 chamber can sometimes create a hammock effect.  See our air bed comparison for more details. 

The Firmness & Feel of the Sleep Number i8 Mattress

The i8 is part of Sleep Number’s innovation line. The innovation series has more comfort, and pressure relief than the classic or performance series. In addition, the innovation series also has temperature balancing benefits added to the mattress covers, as well as to the foam beneath. The classic line (c2 & c4) will have the least amount of foam, and the performance line (p5 & p6) will offer more of a plush feel than the classic series. The i8 has an inch less of comfort foam than the i10 model, but don’t let that fool you, it is a very soft bed, while still offering support. You can also adjust your sleep number setting, which controls how firm or soft the air bladders are underneath the foam. The Sleep Number i8 360 smart bed has a unique balance of contouring pressure relief, with adjustablity. 

The Sleep Number I8 Is a Smart Bed

The i8, along with all of the beds in Sleep Number’s current line up are smart beds. What does this mean? There are sensors inside the bed that recognize your heart rate, your breathing rate, as well as how much you toss and turn during the night. This information will display for you on an app via your iPhone, Android, tablet etc., which connects to your bed via Bluetooth.  We found that the connection would often be faulty.  Keep in mind if you don’t have a strong internet connection in your bedroom you might have some issues. If you want all of the technology without the connection issues check out our review of the ReST Performance smart bed. 

The Sleep Number technology works by giving you a report, or score, of how well your night went. We did find that this technology was not consistent. We would often toss and turn many times throughout the night and it would show as if we hadn’t moved.  Sleep Number claims this technology will adjust to maintain your comfort and pressure relief, no matter if you sleep on your side, stomach, back, or if you change positions during the night, however, we are not convinced it does. 

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Motion Transfer and the Sleep Number I8 Mattress

We found that the motion transfer was just ok with the Sleep Number i8.  We did feel a little bit of movement especially because there is only one chamber on each side.  

The Sleep Number I8 Sleep Trial

Sleep Number beds come with a 100 night sleep trial.  After 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return/exchange it.  It does appear that you may be required to pay return shipping fees.  The sleep trial applies to the bed only, adjustable bases are considered final sale and not eligible for a refund. To read more about the sleep trial click here.

What Is The Warranty of the Sleep Number I8?

Sleep Number comes with a 15 year limited warranty. 


Sleep Number beds require white glove delivery (delivery and set up of your mattress and base) for a fee of $199.


Sleep Number in general is very expensive for the mattress industry.  The i8 Queen is around $3299 depending on the sale they are running at the time.  That being said, you are paying for the technology they offer and the ability to try it in a brick and mortar store. 

Is the Sleep Number i8 right for you?

We recommend the Sleep Number i8 mattress if:

  • You want a variety of options to choose from, Sleep Number has an extensive lineup available.
  • You and your partner prefer different firmness settings and want dual adjustability.

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The Sleep Number i8 might not be the right fit if:

  • You and your partner like to snuggle up, unlike other air beds we have reviewed sleep number does not have a reinforced support bar between the two air chambers.  This left couples rolling into the center of the bed while the air dispelled to the outer edges.
  • You’re looking for a budget mattress.

Common Complaints of the Sleep Number I8?

Lack of transparency from Sleep Number seemed to be a leading complaint.  If you are thinking of purchasing a sleep number we would strongly advise you thoroughly read through their warranty and sleep trial conditions.  As we mentioned earlier, while the mattress is eligible for 100 night sleep trial, this does not include the adjustable base which is considered final sale. 

We’ve also seen a number of complaints regarding Sleep Number standing behind their warranty, with hidden fees and service issues being a leading gripe.

Lastly, we’ve seen a number of complaints regarding sagging and discomfort of the mattress over time.  We strongly recommend an air bed that offers multiple air chambers per side with the ability to adjust the lumbar region independently from the neck and shoulder and hips and legs.  We also encourage looking for an air bed that has reinforced foam support between the 2 sides of the bed.  This will eliminate partners rolling into the center of the mattress.

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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. Patty

    Just bought one a month ago. All night long it adjusts itself without the remote. Inflates, deflates. Spent $5000 on a piece of crap!

  2. William Kirk

    We purchased iLE Limited Cal-King in 2016 along with a queen. The main problem is with the Cal-King the quilted cover has crushed down where you sleep which puts you in a hole, also both remotes are hard to push to inflate or raise the beds. No what we expected for the price we paid.

  3. Susan

    I don’t have an I8, but the Sleep Number mattress we bought is awful. My husband and I both hate it. I have tried every level from 30 to 100 and I still have back pain. Good luck getting any sympathy from their “customer support.” Some nights I go to the guest room and sleep on the old innerspring mattress. It is much more comfortable and I don’t wake up with low back pain. Do not waste your money on any Sleep Number product.

  4. Katie

    My spouse purchased one of the latest sleep number beds. It’s like 2 twin beds together and the top and bottom will raise up. While the mattresses feel pretty good, I really hate the bed. My hand slides down between the mattresses at times during the night. That’s aggravating. If you want to snuggle at all, you can forget it. Might as well be sleeping in another room. If a little one in the family has a rough night and you put them in bed with you, if they are small beware, part of them can go in between the mattress. You have to fill the open area with a blanket and it’s uncomfortable for them. It’s ridiculous. The bed is fairly high. I didn’t put the plush stuff on my side because I’m short. I’m 5’1″. I have difficulty getting on the bed. The plush makes it higher and I don’t need that. Also, the bed doesn’t look real good because one side looks lower than the other for these reasons. We have had it only a matter of months and my right hip hurts from getting up on the bed. And you just don’t need all that technology on the bed! That’s crazy, too. It was also a ridiculous price. Omg! We will owe for a long time on a bed I hate. I’m so sorry my spouse bought this. But we had the first sleep number that came out. Low to the ground and so comfy. Loved it. But this one, no way. : (

  5. Kellie

    Worst bed ever it smells so bad the foam smells like a toxic cocktail that you do not want to sleep on . I have to sleep on a blowup air mattress in the living room because I cannot stand the smell of the bed. Thanks sleep number for all the lies and deceit. I asked specifically if this bed smells like foam and she told me no that was a complete lie

  6. Kelley

    We just bought the sleep number bed number six we are having an awful time sleeping on it due to the awful smell of the foam. every morning we wake up stuffy and feeling really terrible. the foam smell is so overpowering it burns my lungs every single night. I have resorted to sleeping on an air mattress outside of the bedroom so I don’t have to smell the stinky foam. We have had the bed for three months and the smell seems to be getting worse. Worst decision we have ever made waste of $3000

  7. Stephanie G

    I also bought a twin size sleep number bed which lost air during the night. I called and did some trouble shooting with no luck. They wanted to send a pump out and they would install it, but I would need to take the day off of work. This does not work for me so I am returning the bed and they are charging me $199.00 to pick up their defective bed??? Not happy will never buy or recommend a sleep number bed to anyone. I will go out of my way to tell people this!!

  8. Millie Cunningham

    I bought a sleep number bed in August 2019,a week later it stopped working. They tried to give me more numbers to call, saying that after one week the warranty goes to another company.
    They replaced my bed three months later, it still has had issues with the responsive air not working, bed won’t elevate sometimes .It’s constantly problematic to raise the head up.I have to get a supervisor on the phone to help me most of my calls ,the people who first listen to my complaint tell me that I have to pay 199.00 for someone to come out! The bed is 3 months old!!
    Customer relations told me today that they are sending me a new pump to install MYSELF, or I could pay 199.00 fee! What is wrong with these people??? This is not customer service, NOT the kind of place to do business with. I would not recommend a sleep number bed, simply because of all the problems getting it to work! A new bed shouldn’t have these problems.

  9. Javier

    Agree with you, worst customer service, I will never buy from then again!

  10. Rebecca Dorney Farrer

    What bed do you like as opposed to this one?

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Rebecca! While Sleep Number is well known, we found that having only one air bladder per side can create a hammock effect and long term issues with support and proper alignment. We would highly recommend either Air-Pedic (with 3 air chambers each side) or Rest Performance (with 5 per side). Air-Pedic is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams, so if eco-friendliness is an important benefit for you Air-Pedic is definitely your best bet. To see how they all compare check out our air bed comparison.

  11. Shelby

    We recently purchased an I8 king bed and we are disappointed in it . Our bed doesn’t adjust the way it’s advertised in fact it is totally killing my shoulder and back! Another thing they won’t let you return the frame and that’s half the price of the bed !! What are you going to do with a frame that won’t fit another bed!! Be very aware before you purchase this bed!!!!

    1. ASL Reviews

      Hi Shelby, We also had the i8 with the adjustable base and now use the Airpedic with the adjustable base. We ended up ordering the remote so we could use it to adjust the frame. I have to admit the frame remote doesn’t always connect to the wifi like we would like it to but it does the job. We are much happier with the Airpedic because it offers more support than the Sleep Number. It has the additional air chamber in the lumbar region to provide the extra support needed. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

  12. Judy

    Save your money. DO NOT BUY A SLEEPNUMBER BED THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT THEY WANT YOU TO PAY TO HAVE IT REPLACED. To reinstall bed that is defective within less than a year. I have been back and forth with sleepnumber. My bed mattress is sunk in. Worse bed I have ever own. Run fast away from this product.

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