How do we rate our beds?

When we first started looking for a bed, even before ASL Reviews existed, we had a list of criteria that was important to us. Therefore, we have created a rating system that we thought would help narrow down the vast amount of mattress choices, available today. Let’s take a look at what is involved with each of these categories.

Customer Satisfaction:

We scour the internet researching each mattress company on various websites to compile a satisfaction rating. We take into consideration the customer’s satisfaction with the mattress, easy returns, as well as any other customer complaints.


This includes length of time, prorated vs. non-prorated, any warranty loopholes, shipping costs and materials covered.


Rated simply on the price of the mattress against others.


This includes the time it takes to receive the mattress, If there are costs associated, and ease of setting up the mattress.


The smell after unwrapping the mattress, if any.

Temperature Balancing:

We take into consideration breathability and the cooling feel of the materials used in the mattress.

Motion Transfer:

Two of us will move on the bed and rate the mattress on how well the movement is isolated to one side of the mattress.

Edge Support:

We test both sitting on the edge and laying near the edge of the mattress to formulate a rating.

Pressure Relief:

Two of us will lay on our side and back on each mattress and consider the pressure that each of us feel while lying on the mattress


The materials used in a mattress will affect the support. For example, if a mattress has additional support in the lumbar region this will warrant a higher score.

Most of these categories are based on our opinion only. That being said, we choose not to use tools and other gadgets because each body is completely unique and every person will have their own opinion on each mattress. The ratings are to help you make an informed decision without spending hours on the internet researching each mattress. We take the time to do the research for you and allow you to pick a mattress with ease.