Nectar Adjustable Base Review

Like the mattress, the adjustable base delivers a lot of bang for your buck considering the reasonable price point. We really like the neutral color palette. It has a nice, clean, modern look that we think easily pairs with accessories. There is a thin metal bar at the base of the bed to help anchor your mattress in place as you adjust positions.

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Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Review | Infrared Recovery

One of the unique features about Amerisleep that stood out to us was the Celliant used in the cover. Celliant is a mix of 13 thermo-reactive minerals that is woven in the top cover. When you lay on this your own body heat and natural infrared energy will be absorbed and then reflected back into your body even through layers of fabric. The result is more oxygen and better blood circulation making recovery time better after workouts and long days. So instead of going to a spa and paying a few hundred dollars for infrared light therapy, save time and sleep on your Amerisleep mattress. This makes Amerisleep a great recovery mattress for athletes and active people.

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