WinkBed Mattress Review

A Handmade Eco-Friendly Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to sleep on a cloud? Climb into a Winkbed and find out! Mike and I generally struggle to find a bed that matches both our preferences, so we were delighted when we both woke up feeling refreshed and pain-free having received a good night’s sleep. So, who is Winkbeds and is a Winkbed right for you?

Family Owned

Winkbeds is a family owned bed-in-a-box business based out of Watertown, Wisconsin. Founded in 2014, Winkbed blends the best of both worlds, combining foam and coils, in its luxury hybrid mattress. Winkbeds are available in 4 different firmness options: plush soft, luxury firm, firm and plus (for heavier people). We had the pleasure of testing the soft model in today’s Winkbeds Mattress Review.

Individually Wrapped Coil Construction

  • Tencel MattressCover: Tencel is a man-made, sustainable textile that is made with wood pulp.  It’s  100% biodegradeable and offers excellent breathabilty along with being moisture-absorbent. Due to this, not only does the Winkbed sleep cooler but its but its anti-bacterial toboot!
  • Extra Plush Euro-pillow Top: unlike traditional memory foammattresses Winkbeds uses a gel-infused foam that pulls heat and moisture away from the body, ensuring a cooler nights sleep.The pillow top consists of three layers designed specifically for side sleepers to help alleviate pressure points and contour to the body
  • Micro-air Springs: breathable micro-air springs assist in temperature-balancing by enabling maximum airflow
  • Pressure-relieving foam: next you have 2″ of temperature neutral foam used to maximize pressurerelief
  • Individually wrapped coils: last but not least the Winkbed utilizes individually wrapped coils to push back where you need it, in areas with greater pressure.

The Winkbed should never be flipped, however, they do recommend rotating the mattress every 2 weeks for the first 3 months, after that they recommend rotating once every 2 months. Due to its bulk and weight this seems a bit onerous. The Winkbed soft model stands at a height of 16″ making it one of the tallest mattresses we’ve reviewed so far. A queen mattress weighs 135lbs making it a bit difficult to maneuver as it doesn’t have anyhandles.

Supportive Cloud Like Feel

Our first impression of the bed was that it was very soft, rating it a 5 on the firmness scale. When you first climb into the plush model you immediately experience a cloud like softness as the pillow top wraps around you. Yet, almost instantly you’ll become aware of the gentle responsiveness of the coils pushing back against you, providing excellent support.

Side sleepers should definitely find the pressure relief needed through the hips and shoulders, making this a great option if this is your sleep style. That being said, we recommend this bed for back and stomach sleepers as well.  My wife is a combo sleeper and often struggles to find comfort in both stomach and side sleep positions. Softer mattresses can often cause mid- section sagging, placing stress on the low back and spine. Winkbeds utilizes an innovative LumbarLayer for added support, preventing mid-section sagging.


If you are looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly mattress, Winkbeds is a great choice. With Winkbeds you can expect:

  • CertiPUR-US foams
  • A Tencel mattress cover made from Ecalyptus trees harvested from a Forest Stewardship Council-certified forest, ensuring that materials come from a responsibly managed forest
  • Coils are made from recycled steel and impurity free iron
  • Fire retardants made without harmful chemicals or additives. Winkbeds uses an all- natural fire retardant made from a combination of cotton, polyester and rayon.


While many mattresses make a claim to sleep cooler, Winkbeds actually does.  My wife and I sleep on a memory foam mattress, which aren’t always the best at temperature-balancing, so we were immediately able to see the difference. They use a Triple Layer Heat Disperse™ technology to maximize cooling benefits. The Tencel cover is said to be 30% cooler than linen and just running your hands over the bed you can see how well   this holds true. The next layer incorporates gel-infused foam that pulls heat away from the body. Lastly, micro-air springs rest just beneath the foam maximum breathability and airflow.

Motion Transfer

Motion Transfer was evident, as is typical with coil or “innerspring” mattresses. That being said, though we felt quite a bit of movement when awake and moving around in the bed, we found that we didn’t wake each other up. Perhaps the sleep is just that good. We certainly slept like babies!

Edge Support

Sitting on the edge of the bed you can feel quite a bit of compression and slumping.  This is apparent when laying at the edge of the mattress as well.  That being said,  as a couple we both really enjoyed this mattress and found that this didn’t bother us overmuch.


Pricing and Shipping

Queen models start at $1,599, a bit pricey but if you struggle to find a good nights sleep than you already know how important an investment the right bed is. Each Winkbed is hand-crafted to order and shipped free of charge.  Winkbeds normally take about 2 weeks from the   purchase date to receive. Winkbeds does offer white glove delivery options for $99 or white glove plus mattress removal (of your old mattress) for $159. Seeing as a Queen weighs in at 135lbs, we think this option well worth themoney.


For $200 OFF use Code: ASL200


For $200 OFF use Code: ASL200


For $200 OFF use Code: ASL200

Sleep Trial

Winkbeds offers a 120 night sleep trial, if during that time you decide the mattress is not the right fit for you, you can have it returned or exchanged. They do ask that you keep the bed for at least the first 30 days before doing so, which is pretty typical. There are no restocking fees; however, exchanges will cost $49 for white glove delivery, removal of the of the old mattress and a new 60 day sleep trial.


Winkbeds offers a lifetime warranty on their beds. If for any reason Winkbeds workmanship or materials are found to be defective Winkbeds will replace your mattress free of charge. They also offer a lifetime comfort warranty, which is not often found when buying a mattress. If for any reason after your trial you decide you want a different firmness level or, in fact, simply want to replace your present Winkbed with a new bed, you will receive the mattress at 50% off the current price. Talk about creating customerloyalty!

Who is this Recommended for?
  • Anyone looking for a luxurious innerspring mattress with a plush pillow top
  • Side, back, stomach and combosleepers
  • Anyone wanting multiple firmnessoptions
  • Anyone who sleeps hot
  • Anyone searching for eco-friendly mattress options

To learn more about how we determine our ratings, click here.


  • Great for all sleep positions
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • Eco-friendly
  • Temperature balancing 
  • Recycled steel coils
  • Natural fire retardants
  • Made in the USA


  •  Expensive 
  •  Cumbersome and heavy to rotate the recommended every 2 weeks for first 3 months 
  • Some motion transfer can be felt

Thank you to Winkbeds, for gifting us this bed for review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in our reviews are our own. We hold an affiliate relationship with this company which means if you purchase a bed through the link above, ASL Reviews will receive a small percentage of that sale (at no cost to you). This helps us with the costs of website maintenance and video production. We thank you for your support!


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