Purple: Not Just Another Mattress in A Box

The Purple bedding brand was started in 2016 by two brothers and product engineers—Tony and Terry Pearce—who already held over 30 patents pertaining to cushioning, and which other major brands all the way up through Dr. Scholl’s have been using. These two inventors created a mattress made of cushioning in a proprietary grid pattern, that boasts all sorts of features and benefits. And they didn’t stop with the Purple mattress; the Pearce brothers expanded the line of Purple products to include Purple bedding and the Purple pillow.

The Purple mattress brand has grown to be so popular that every major review site covers it and its ground-breaking features, which all offer benefits that range from health to sustainability. Here we survey some of the key features so that you can get a sense of what all the buzz is about.

Purple Mattress Bed

Purple Mattress Key Features

Support without pressure – The patented Purple Grid technology™ that makes up a Purple mattress flexes under pressure; it doesn’t collapse the way other materials (like memory foam) do. Because it still retains some shape, it can provide some support throughout the night. Side sleepers in particular may find this most helpful, as they struggle perhaps the most with pressure on organs and limbs as they sleep.

Sleeps Cool

The Purple Grid is made up of thousands of individual air channels that can provide you with a cool feeling when you first settle down. Contrast that with a dense block of memory foam, which is prone to retaining heat. You can reason how temperature adjustments come more naturally in a purple bed.


Share a bed with someone else, or even pet(s)? If anyone else on the bed moves, the motion is limited to that spot; everyone else doesn’t get jostled awake. This is a huge step towards maintaining healthy sleep hygiene and getting a full night’s sleep.

Hypoallergenic & Non-Toxic

The Purple Grid is made with food-grade material, meaning it is certified to contain no toxic chemicals or allergens. The Knit barrier on top of it is also made without toxic chemicals. In fact, Purple mattresses are all CertiPUR-US tested and certified for adherence to the highest of standards in content and emissions.

Financing Options Available

To help you invest in your sleep, Purple offers financing options to fit your budget, with 0% APR financing available to qualified buyers. This way, there’s no excuse worth steering clear of Purple products—or at least giving them a shot.

100-Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

Purple lets you try their mattress for 100 nights, so that you can really get a feel for how they fit into your sleep patterns and make sure they are a long-term fit.

10-Year Warranty

Yes, a mattress is an investment. That’s why a Purple mattress comes with a ten-year, full warranty.

Made in the USA

Purple keeps labor in the country, transportation costs low, and working conditions high for everyone on the team. The high working standards protect for a higher-quality product.

But the Purple brand is not just mattresses

Purple bedding includes duvet covers, weighted blankets, sheets, and mattress protectors. Of course, these fit Purple mattresses like a charm, but they also adhere to the standards of quality and non-toxic production that unites all Purple products. In fact, Purple sheets are made from natural bamboo, known for its breathability and further contributing to temperature regulation while you sleep. And because the Purple Grid is made to dynamically flex, Purple bedding is designed to stretch accordingly—letting you fully leverage the range of support and comfort that Purple mattresses bring.

The Purple pillow is also worth mentioning, because supporting the neck and head properly during sleep ensured proper body alignment, healthy breathing, and deep sleep. The Purple Harmony Pillow is Purple’s leading product because it features the Purple Grid technology. Again, this provides flexibility while retaining some structure—and therefore support—while built-in air channels promote healthy temperature regulation. Every Purple pillow comes with a 100-night trial, so that customers can have a fair chance to evaluate how Purple impacts their sleep.