Warrior Mattress Review

First, I want to thank every single Veteran and their family who reads this blog. We don’t get to thank you enough, however, one company has found a way to give back to the ones who give up everything to protect our country.

Warrior Bed Company is a veteran owned business that donates part of each mattress purchase to veterans in need. What an amazing feeling to know that your purchase is also helping someone who risked their life to protect ours. Not only that, the mattress is an amazing price. Without further ado, let’s discuss the particulars about Warrior Bed in this unbiased mattress review.


Memory Foam


Medium to Medium-Firm


Free shipping


  • Excellent choice for the budget-conscious
  • Each Warrior bed sold benefits a Veteran in need.
  • Excellent motion isolation, beneficial for couples!


  • You prefer and innerspring mattress
  • You prefer a soft mattress
  • Not great edge support

On a Mission to Help Veterans

Warrior Bed is on a mission to help veterans with disabilities! For each purchase made, Warrior Bed Company donates to Purple Heart Homes, which provides housing improvements for disabled veterans that are in need of things such as ramps or safety features. If you’re thinking this impacts the price of the mattress you’d be wrong! Warrior Bed is one of the least expensive mattresses we have tested so far. While offered at a great price point, it offers some great features such as being made in the USA and CertiPUR-US certified foams.

Veteran Holds USA Flag Respectfully

Cutting out the middleman

Ok, I know you have heard this before, but if you shop from Warrior you will absolutely be cutting out the middle man! You can see this in the price of the mattress. Coming in at only $559, this mattress is a steal. Also, considering that a portion of each mattress is donated to disabled veterans, that’s extraordinary.

Warrior Bed Construction

  • Fabric cover: It is not a very stretchy fabric but has a soft feel to the touch. You can also unzip the cover and spot clean or possibly even wash it.
  • 2.5” cooling gel infused memory foam: The foam has a slow response feel without feeling like you are stuck in the mud.
  • 7.5“ High density base foam: This is a firm base layer that provides the overall support for the mattress.

This mattress is 100% made in the U.S.A. Knowing that, you might be expecting a higher price. Most of the mattresses we have tested that are made in the U.S.A are $800-$1500. Somehow, Warrior Bed keeps that price down and manages to also donate to disabled veterans. If you’re looking for a well-priced mattress look no further!

A 3d Model Showing the Layers of Warrior

Firmness and Feel

The Warrior bed has a pretty simple construction with only one layer on top of the base foam. That being said, If you push down on the mattress with your hands you can feel the memory foam activate and begin to relieve pressure as you sink into the firm base layer below. You’ll get some decent pressure relief without compromising support.

When you lay down on the mattress it feels like a pretty typical Medium – Medium firm mattress and you don’t end up feeling the firm base layer below. On a firmness scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the firmest, we rate the Warrior bed around a 7 – 8. Overall, it is a great feeling mattress, especially for the price.

Motion Transfer

Typically all foam mattresses do really well in this category and Warrior is just the same. The foam dampens any motion that you might feel from your partner, child or pet in the middle of the night.

Edge Support

Edge support is important for couples especially those sharing a smaller bed like a Queen or Full size mattress. The edge support in the Warrior bed did just ok. This is typical for all foam mattresses. When I sat on the edge of the bed I felt somewhat supported because the foam base layer is pretty solid. However when I was laying on the edge of the bed I felt a little bit like I was going to fall off.
Warrior bed edge support

How well does the Warrior bed regulate temperature?

The Warrior bed has cooling gel infused in the foam and this kept it from sleeping hot. We didn’t feel hot or cold when sleeping on this mattress. It slept pretty temperature neutral.

CertiPUR-US certified foam

When a mattress has foam that is certified by Certi-PUR that means it will come into your home with no harmful off gassing. The foam is not made with formaldehyde, mercury, lead or heavy metals. It also does not have any harmful flame retardants or ozone depleters. So when you bring this home you can rest easy knowing your whole family will be safe sleeping on this mattress.



Warrior Bed offers a 10 year warranty, which is typical in the mattress industry. They are a newer company with not a lot of reviews but the ones they do have are positive. That being said, it’s hard to judge a newer company on their customer service and warranty claims.

How does Warrior Compare?

Warrior versus Nectar

The Warrior mattress is one of the best priced beds we’ve seen since we reviewed the Nectar mattress last year. Nectar has won numerous awards on ASL Reviews, particularly in regards to value for price, so how do they compare?

  • The Nectar mattress features 5.75″ of memory foam and a hi-density poly-foam base of 5.25″.
  • Nectar is a medium to medium-soft feel mattress, providing loads of pressure relief. As such, it is a fantastic choice for side sleepers!
  • Nectar offers a 365 night sleep trial and a forever warranty,  making it one of the longest sleep trials and warranties in the industry.

Is the Warrior Bed Mattress Right for you?

We found this mattress to be very well priced for what you get. We have reviewed other budget friendly mattresses and Warrior is worthy of consideration by the budget-conscious shopper. Also, knowing that a small portion will be donated to veterans in need is something special.

Warrior might not be the right fit for you if you prefer the feel of an innerspring or hybrid mattress.While memory foam mattresses offer outstanding contouring and pressure-relief they lack the bounce and spring associated with innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

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