Sleep Like a Pro

Tips and tricks to get a better nights rest.


1. Keep your room dark: Use blackout shades or dark curtains. This will prevent you from seeing lights from cars driving by or street lamps that could potentially keep you up at night.

2. Temperature: Keep your room between 66 and 69 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you sleep hot or cold this is the perfect temperature to snuggle under warm blankets.

3. White noise machine: Use a white noise machine to prevent you from hearing outside noises and distract you from your daily thoughts that might keep you up at night.

4. Recommendations for picking a mattress:

A. Side sleepers typically need a soft mattress to relieve the pressure on the hips and shoulders when lying down. Just ensure that there is still enough support to keep your spine in alignment.

B. Back sleepers typically need a more medium-firm mattress because the weight is more evenly distributed on your back.

 C. Stomach sleepers typically need a firm mattress to help prevent your stomach from bowing and keeping your back in alignment.