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About ReST Performance

ReST is a mattress company with a mission to improve every person’s sleep through smarter sleep technology. The brand includes 3 models: the ReST Essential, the ReST Original, and the ReST Original with Gel Grid. 

The ReST Original has earned numerous awards, including best adjustable air bed and best smart bed, here at ASL Reviews. So of course we were excited to get our hands on their latest smart bed. Building upon the success of their flagship model, the ReST bed with Gel Grid promises better motility, enhanced cooling and breathability, and superior pressure relief.

But does it live up to its promise? Keep reading as we discuss construction, firmness and feel, mattress performance, and purchase details in our ReST Bed with Gel Grid mattress review.

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Modular Mattress Construction

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is an adjustable air bed featuring smart technology such as sleep tracking and automatic pressure mapping. Standing at a height of 13”, its modular design makes for easy, cost-effective repairs, increasing the longevity of the mattress.


The mattress cover is a soft, stretchy material that easily adapts to changes in the mattress firmness. Moisture-wicking and breathable, the ventilated cover enhances the cooling benefits of the 4” innovative Gel Grid beneath.

Comfort Layer

The 4” innovative GelGrid comfort layer includes a 2” Gel Grid alongside 2” of memory foam. Made from hyper-elastic polymer, the Gel Grid features an open-grid design. The columns of the Gel Grid are engineered to collapse under pressure, eliminating painful pressure points. While  the open channels of the grid allow for excellent airflow, promoting better sleep throughout the night. The Gel Grid is surrounded by a thick foam border which provides additional edge support.

Beneath the Gel Grid sits 2” of gel-infused memory foam. This further enhances the pressure-relieving benefits of the Gel Grid and prevents sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Pressure Map

A smart sensor layer containing over 2,000 sensors sits just beneath the memory foam layer. These sensors map your pressure points in real-time creating a pressure map that can be viewed in your ReST app. This data can be used to determine the best firmness settings for each body zone of the bed.

Support Layer

The support layer of the ReST bed includes 5 air chambers on either side of the mattress. Made of medical-grade polyurethane the air chambers are RF welded shut to prevent air leaks.

Firmness & Feel

Suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions and body weights, the adjustable design of the ReST bed offers a unique feel. The Gel Grid is bouncy and responsive, allowing sleepers to easily change position. This is especially beneficial to combination sleepers who don’t want to feel bogged down when transitioning from one position to the next. 

How soft or firm the bed feels is largely up to you! ReST comes with 5 air chambers that correspond to the head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs, offering sleepers the chance to adjust the firmness levels from soft to firm, and everywhere in between. 

Additionally, ReST comes with dual-adjustability making it one of our top picks for couples. Prefer a firm feel but your partner prefers it soft? With ReST, you can individually adjust your side of the bed to match your specific needs.

Side sleeping on the ReST smart bed

Modes of Operation

ReST offers 3 different ways of controlling your firmness levels: manual, automatic, and position. 

Manual mode gives you the most control over your adjustments but may also require the most time to find your perfect setting. In position mode, sleepers can choose a predetermined setting based on the selected sleep position.

Automatic mode is my personal favorite! I’m a combination sleeper and frequently change positions throughout the night so my needs are constantly changing. The automatic mode makes real-time adjustments as I move throughout the night, continuously adjusting to relieve pressure and optimize comfort. 

The pump itself is fairly quiet when making adjustments, but if you are a particularly light sleeper you may want to opt for manual or position mode. In these settings, the air chambers are set to a designated firmness that does not change throughout the night.

Temperature Regulation

The ReST bed with Gel Grid is engineered for cooling! The Gel Grid offers excellent temperature neutrality while promoting breathability and airflow. The memory foam layer located underneath the Grid is infused with cooling gel and works with the Gel Grid to reduce heat retention, providing sleepers with a breathable, cool sleeping experience. The mattress cover is ventilated and cool to the touch, further enhancing the breathability of the mattress.

While we think the ReST bed already sleeps exceptionally cool, those looking for the ultimate climate control may want to consider adding on a BedJet climate system. The BedJet offers on-demand cooling, warming, and sweat drying comfort technology for year-round comfort.

Overall, the ReST bed with Gel Grid is an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Motion Transfer

The memory foam with Gel Grid works exceptionally well to isolate motion. The Grid works through a process called “column-buckling” which causes the walls of the grid to buckle under pressure, or in this case, your body’s weight. 

The Gel Grid has a bouncy, latex-like feel that springs back into shape quickly, eliminating excess motion transfer, while also facilitating ease of movement. As such, ReST is particularly well suited for couples and combination sleepers.

Edge Support

Good edge support plays an important role for couples and seniors. Couples sharing a smaller mattress, such as full or queen size, will want a bed that allows them to utilize the full surface area of the mattress. While seniors and those with disabilities may rely on good edge support to help them get into and out of the bed.

We did experience some compression when lying near the edge of the ReST bed. This indicates sleepers may not feel as comfortable stretching out to the far edges of the mattress. That being said, the ReST bed is not available in a full size and we think most couples should be comfortable with a queen-sized mattress. 

We experienced even more compression when sitting on the edge of the bed. This was amplified when the bed was set to automatic mode. The air chambers automatically adjusted to our weight, causing the edge support to suffer. Those who rely on sturdy edges to get into and out of the bed may find better results with the mattress in manual or position mode.

ReST Mattress Purchase Details

Risk-Free Sleep Trial

ReST comes with a 90-day risk-free sleep trial. This is fairly standard for online mattress purchases and is especially important with an adjustable air bed like ReST which can take some time to find the perfect sleep setting. If you find you are not comfortable with your original settings you’ll want to try different adjustments to customize your experience. However, if you are still not satisfied within the initial 90 days you can initiate a return.


Free white glove delivery is included with every ReST smart bed. White glove delivery includes delivery, unboxing, and set up of your new bed, it also includes clean up afterward. The whole process takes roughly 20 minutes to complete. If you have an old mattress that needs removal, ReST also offers this service for an additional $149 fee. 

Shipping is also available in Canada for an additional shipping fee. Visit ReST directly to calculate costs.


ReST smart beds come with a 10-year FULL warranty. During this time ReST covers 100% of the cost of any replacement parts, including shipping fees.

ReST Bed with Gel Grid Mattress Pricing & Sizes

The ReST Bed with Gel Grid is available in the following sizes: Twin XL, Queen, Eastern King, Eastern King Split Top, California King, and Split King (x2 Twin XL).

ReST is one of the most expensive mattresses we’ve reviewed but it is also one of the most feature rich. While the initial cost is on the higher end, the modular design significantly increases the lifespan of the ReST mattress. For latest discounts, see our coupon below.


ReST works with SplitIt to offer pay monthly options. With SplitIt you use your own credit card to make monthly payments while enjoying your cards reward program. 0% interest applies if you pay off your statement balance monthly.

ReST Mattress Price

Mattress Dimensions

Twin XL


38 X 80 X 13



60 X 80 X 13

Eastern King


76 X 80 X 13

Eastern King Split Top


76 X 80 X 13

Cal. King


72 X 84 X 13

Split King


(2) 38 X 80 X 13

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What type of bed frame is compatible with ReST?

ReST beds feature industry-standard dimensions and can be used with any adjustable base, box spring, or bed frame. ReST does offer a selection of adjustable bases on their website. Currently, when you purchase any ReST Original bed you can get a free E255 adjustable base included (limited time only).

While ReST states that any bed frame will work with their beds, we would advise avoiding slatted bed frames. Especially those with slats greater than 2” apart. This can cause dips and sags, negatively affecting both the performance and durability of your mattress over time.