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The Nolah Original Hybrid mattress on a cream colored base in a stylish bedroom.
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Pressure Relief
Motion Isolation
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Our Verdict

The Nolah Original Hybrid perfectly combines comfort and support, blending AirFoam’s pressure-relieving benefits with the sturdy support of zoned coils, making it versatile for all sleep positions. The successful combination of these features ensures that whether you’re a side sleeper seeking contouring relief, a back sleeper prioritizing spinal alignment, or a stomach sleeper in need of firm support, the Nolah Original Hybrid delivers an exceptional sleep experience.


  • Exceptional Edge Support: Ideal for couples or those with mobility concerns
  • Versatile Zoned Coils: Offers superb contouring and support for all sleep positions.
  • Excellent Temperature-Regulation: Ideal for hot sleepers looking to combat nighttime heat


  • Cloud-like Feel: May result in slightly sluggish movement for some users.
  • Motion Transfer: Some motion transfer due to the coil system.
  • Returns Fee: $99 transportation fee for returns.
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Nolah mattresses consistently stand out for their exceptional comfort and overall performance. From their innovative all-foam options to their hybrid and latex alternatives, Nolah provides a range of choices to suit different needs. What sets Nolah apart is its revolutionary AirFoam technology. An excellent alternative to traditional memory foam, AirFoam promises enhanced cooling and responsiveness for an improved sleep experience.

In this review, we’ll dive into the Nolah Original Hybrid. This mattress combines the robust support and durability of coils with the pressure relief and cooling prowess of AirFoam. I’ll explore its advantages and potential drawbacks, identify who stands to benefit the most and guide you in deciding if it’s the perfect match for your unique sleep preferences.

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Firmness & Feel

The Nolah Original Hybrid strikes an exceptional balance between plush comfort and robust support. When I first sink into the bed, there’s an immediate cloud-like sensation, but it doesn’t take long for Nolah’s support system to kick in, preventing excessive sinkage and providing a refreshing pushback.

The versatility of the Nolah Original Hybrid becomes evident in my household, where my husband and I have distinct firmness preferences. This mattress rises to the occasion, offering the contouring and pressure relief I crave as a side sleeper with shoulder pain while still providing the support my husband needs to eliminate sleep-induced back pain. Overall, I’d characterize the mattress as having a medium feel, scoring a 6/10 on the firmness scale.

Typically, mattresses in this firmness range cater well to side and back sleepers. However, Nolah’s zoned support and responsive feel suggest a solid fit for stomach sleepers, too. However, heavier stomach sleepers (230+ lbs) might lean towards a slightly firmer option. For those looking for more tailored options, Nolah’s Evolution 15 hybrid offers four firmness choices, including the Comfort+, designed specifically for sleepers weighing 300+ lbs.

Firmness Scale 1-10 highlights a 6.0 or medium firmness.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers typically encounter challenges in finding a mattress that
adequately alleviates pressure points while still providing optimal support.

The Nolah Original Hybrid’s ability to contour and relieve pressure is a game-changer for those struggling with shoulder and hip pain. It is an exceptional choice for side sleepers and joint pain sufferers. The mattress feels like it’s giving your side a gentle, supportive embrace throughout the night.

Man sleeping on his side on Nolah bed

Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, finding a sleeping surface that feels comfortable and supports the natural curvature of your spine can be difficult. Nolah’s medium firmness and zoned support work together to promote proper spine alignment, which can help prevent morning aches and pains.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers require firm support to prevent excessive sinkage, promoting a neutral spine alignment. When your hips begin to dip, this can cause undue strain on your lower back. The goal is to maintain a neutral spine position and wake up without discomfort.

While I would normally recommend a firmer mattress for stomach sleepers, the Nolah Original Hybrid’s responsive feel and zoned support present an appealing option for stomach sleepers weighing less than 230 lbs. However, those on the heavier side (230+ lbs) might want to explore Nolah’s Evolution 15 hybrid with tailored firmness options, including the Comfort+, to ensure a supportive night’s sleep.

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Nolah Original Hybrid mattress
Nolah Original Hybrid

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Testing The Nolah Original Hybrid


When it comes to staying cool at night, the Nolah Original Hybrid boasts a winning combination. While it may not utilize active cooling technologies like gel infusions or phase-change materials, the magic lies in the AirFoam. This proprietary material, designed to be 4 times more pressure-relieving than memory foam, is also more breathable and responsive. Combined with individually wrapped coils, it creates a fantastic sleeping experience that prevents heat from building up.

As a hot sleeper, I can attest to the effectiveness of the Nolah Original Hybrid. In my experience, the mattress is temperature-neutral. Neither myself nor my partner woke up feeling too warm during testing, which shows that the mattress can maintain a comfortable and cool sleeping environment.

Man demonstrates contouring and pressure relieving capabilities of the Nolah Original Hybrid

Edge Support

Edge support is essential for a mattress to maintain its structure and firmness along the edges, preventing that unsettling “roll-off” sensation and maximizing the usable surface area. Excellent edge support ensures stability, allowing for consistent comfort from the center to the edges of the mattress. This is especially important for couples sharing a Full or Queen-sized bed.

The Nolah Original Hybrid demonstrates some of the best edge support we’ve seen during testing, thanks to its recycled steel coil system and responsive foams. This ensures stability and comfort at its core and right to the edges, providing a reliable and expansive sleep surface.

Man demonstrates edge support on Nolah Original Hybrid

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to a mattress’s ability to minimize the transfer of movement from one side of the bed to the other. This is particularly crucial for couples or individuals sharing a bed, as it ensures that one person’s movements do not disturb the other’s sleep.

Nolah’s coil system does introduce some motion transfer. However, including 3 inches of foam atop the springs significantly mitigates this effect. While the Original Hybrid performs well in this regard, it does not match the exceptional motion isolation of all-foam mattresses. If motion isolation ranks high on your priority list, we’d recommend exploring Nolah’s all-foam Original 10 mattress.

Ease of Movement

Ease of movement, or mobility, refers to how easily one can change positions or move around on a mattress. This aspect is particularly important for individuals who shift positions at night or for combination sleepers who switch between back, side, and stomach sleeping. A mattress with good ease of movement ensures a seamless and comfortable transition, allowing for uninterrupted sleep and minimizing feeling stuck in the mattress.

The Nolah Original Hybrid’s cloud-like feel, while contributing to its plush comfort, may make movement feel a bit sluggish. However, I found it more responsive than most traditional memory foam mattresses. Despite this, the mattress remains a solid choice for combination sleepers, adapting well to various sleep positions.


Off-gassing refers to the release of certain odors or chemicals when a new mattress is unpackaged. These odors typically come from the materials used in manufacturing. Individuals with respiratory issues and allergies may be sensitive to these smells, making off-gassing an important consideration for many.

In the case of the Nolah Original Hybrid, we experienced some very minor off-gassing during the unboxing process. It’s important to note that the mattress holds CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certifications. These certifications assure that the Nolah Original Hybrid meets stringent criteria for low emissions, indicating a commitment to providing a mattress with minimal off-gassing and maintaining a healthier indoor air quality.

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Nolah Original Hybrid mattress
Nolah Original Hybrid

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Materials and Construction

The Nolah Original Hybrid Mattress stands at 11″ in height. It boasts a thoughtfully crafted construction that combines comfort, support, and eco-conscious materials.

Botanic Origin Tencel Cover -

This eco-friendly and sustainable textile is designed for optimal breathability and airflow. Not only does it contribute to a fresh and comfortable sleeping environment, but it also gives the mattress a clean, modern look and feel.

Comfort Layer (1.5 inches of Airfoam):

This 1.5-inch layer of Nolah’s proprietary Airfoam provides all the contouring and pressure-relieving goodness of memory foam with an added bonus of superior cooling performance. The result? A mattress that embraces you in comfort without the heat buildup!

Transition Layer (1.5 inches of EverAdapt Transition Foam):

1.5 inches of EverAdapt Transition Foam adds a responsive feel with a gentle bounce. This layer ensures you never feel stuck in the mattress, promoting ease of movement and minimizing motion transfer for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Support Layer (8 inches of HDMax Tri-Zone Coils):

The Support Layer consists of 8 inches of HDMax Tri-Zone Coils. These individually wrapped and zoned coils offer targeted pressure relief and support, adapting to your body’s unique contours. The coil system provides increased responsiveness and minimizes motion transfer, making it an ideal choice for couples.

Base Layer (Recycled Fiber Mattress Pad):

Lastly, the Base Layer, a Recycled Fiber Mattress Pad, provides essential stabilization and enhanced durability to the entire mattress.

Nolah Purchase Details

Sleep Trial

Every mattress purchase includes a 120-night at-home sleep trial. If it’s not the perfect fit, return it for a full refund minus a $99 flat fee. This fee covers the cost of pick up and disposal of the mattress. It’s important to note that Nolah does require you to keep the bed for the first 30 nights to ensure a sufficient break-in period.

Alternatively, if you’re certain about your choice and want to keep some extra cash in your pocket, Nolah offers the flexibility to skip the sleep trial. Opting out can trim an additional $70 off your purchase. This option is perfect if you’ve tested the Nolah mattress in a store or done extensive research and are confident it meets your sleep requirements. But if there’s any doubt, we recommend taking advantage of the sleep trial.


As a bed-in-a-box brand, the Nolah Original Hybrid is shipped free via FedEx straight to your doorstep.


Nolah mattresses come with a lifetime warranty. The first two years are covered with a non-prorated warranty, ensuring comprehensive protection. From years 3 to 10, a nominal $99 fee is charged to cover transportation costs should any issues arise.

Beyond the first decade, Nolah continues to stand by its product. After the 10th year, a prorated charge is applied, determined by the length of time you’ve owned the mattress. For more detailed information, it’s always a good idea to visit Nolah’s warranty page, where you can find the specifics of their commitment to your mattress’s long-term performance.

Nolah Original Hybrid: Pricing & Mattress Dimensions

Explore the pricing and dimensions of the Nolah Original Hybrid mattress. Plus, don’t miss the exclusive coupon below for added savings on your purchase.





38 x 74 x 11


Twin XL

38 x 80 x 11



53 x 75 x 11



60 x 80 x 11



76 x 80 x 11


California King

72 x 84 x 11


Split King

38 x 80 (2) x 11


35% Off
Nolah Original Hybrid mattress
Nolah Original Hybrid

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35% Off Mattresses + Free Accessory Bundle

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Conclusion: Is The Nolah Original Hybrid Right For You?

The Nolah Original Hybrid stands out with its winning combination of comfort and support, thanks to the innovative AirFoam technology and zoned coil system. Ideal for side and back sleepers, it offers impressive contouring and pressure relief. It could also work well for stomach sleepers weighing less than 230 lbs. Heavier stomach sleepers, however, might consider a slightly firmer option.

Noteworthy features include outstanding edge support and effective motion isolation, making it a reliable choice for couples. Moreover, the mattress maintains temperature neutrality, fostering a cozy sleep environment. As with any mattress, individual preferences are crucial in determining the perfect fit. Consider your sleep preferences to decide if the Nolah Original Hybrid aligns with your needs.

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Nolah mattresses are designed and assembled in the USA.

Nolah makes mattress financing hassle-free with Affirm. Qualified borrowers enjoy low interest rates starting at 0% and flexible installment plans of 3, 6, or 12 months.

Nolah’s white glove service is designed to enhance your mattress delivery experience. The services offered include Mattress Removal for $150, Mattress Setup for $150, and a combined Mattress Removal and Setup for $300. It’s worth noting that Nolah frequently offers discounts on these services.

No, the Nolah Original Hybrid does not contain fiberglass.

Yes! The Nolah Original Hybrid mattress is versatile and compatible with various bed frames, including adjustable bases, platforms, slatted bases, and box springs. For optimal support on slatted bases or box springs, ensure the space between slats is no more than 5 inches apart.

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Nolah Original Hybrid mattress
Nolah Original Hybrid

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35% Off Mattresses + Free Accessory Bundle

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