Nolah Signature 12 Mattress Review: double sided firmness for a perfect fit

Nolah Signature 12: A double sided mattress with different firmness sides, to create your perfect fit. (UPDATED)

The Nolah Signature 12″ mattress is good for any type of sleeper because of their perfect fit, 2 sided comfort. If you’re a side sleeper you’re likely going to want something a bit softer to help alleviate pressure on your hip and shoulder joints. Back sleepers, however; will find themselves wanting something a bit firmer to offer support to keep the spine in alignment. We felt Nolah was especially good for side sleepers. They achieve this with their patented AirFoam, which is said to have 4 times better pressure relief. Pressure relief can be a big concern for side sleepers because of the weight being mostly distributed on your shoulders and hips. Nolah performed outstanding in this area. When we were on our sides on this bed, we did not feel the bed pressing into us rather the bed conforming around our curves to provide amazing pressure relief where we needed it.

Nolah: a mattress company on a mission

Based in Colorado, it’s no wonder why they want to preserve the wildlife. We love that Nolah is committed to a great cause: for each and every bed purchase made Nolah adopts an animal of your choice through their partnership with “Defenders of Wildlife.” Just another reason to rest easy with Nolah! Along with their commitment to wildlife, they mention on their site that they are a technology company on a mission to improve your sleep and shopping experience. They wanted to come up with a better memory foam so they used technology to come up with the Nolah AirFoam. This unique foam has billions of microscopic air bubbles that work to create the best pressure relief for side sleepers.

Double sided mattress to fit your sleep style:

The Nolah bed has two choices in mattress thickness, either 10” or for around $550 more you can get an additional 2”. Their trademark “AirFoam” has 4 times more pressure relief and temperature balancing allowing for a more comfortable, cooler nights sleep. We tested the 12” Signature mattress that has 2 sides of comfort.

The construction of the first side, which is recommended for side sleepers is:

  • 2.5” of Nolah AirFoam for cooling and pressure relief
  • 1.5” of high resilience foam for soft support
  • 7” of ultra-grade core foundation foam for structure and longevity of mattress
  • 1” of the Nolah AirFoam

All you have to do is flip the mattress so that the 1” of Nolah AirFoam is on top. This side is recommended for back sleepers, stomach sleepers or those who prefer something more firm.

Another great benefit of Nolah is all of the foam used is CertiPUR-US, which means it is made without heavy metals, formaldehyde, or chemical retardants. It will also have a low VOC emission and will not be harmful to breath when first unpackaging the bed. Overall, this means the mattress is safe for your health and the environment. On top of all the foam they use an organic Viscose cover to wick away moisture.

CertiPUR-US logo
Nolah logo

Nolah Signature 12" Mattress

The Nolah Signature 12" is a side sleepers dream.

Save $300 off the Signature 12" when you use coupon code JJ300 or $125 off the Nolah Original 10" with coupon code JJ125

2 Sided Comfort Feel

Since this mattress has two sides and we are both side sleepers we have been testing out the 2.5” AirFoam side.  When you first get in the bed you feel support yet you are able to sink enough to relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips. My mother, who has fibromyalgia, which can make you very sensitive to pressure, said this mattress was wonderful to lay on and she didn’t feel anything pushing on her. That being said, this is a true side sleepers dream and we felt this is one of the best side sleeper mattresses.  As for the other side, it is wonderful to have the option to reverse the mattress and have that firm side needed for back or stomach sleepers. We have had some great night’s sleep on the Nolah mattress!


The Nolah mattress has two different sides and two different firmness ratings. We rate the softer side of the mattress around a 5 out of 10 and the firmer side around an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This is a very versatile mattress with the ability to flip it and have a firmer or softer feel.

Motion Transfer

We felt that the Nolah mattress performed very well in the motion transfer category. The AirFoam in the bed helps dampen any movement from your partner. Memory foam, which typically does really well to isolate motion, is what the AirFoam is made of. Not being able to feel your partner move around at night is a great benefit for couples. It’s also great for those who have sneaky kids crawling into your bed at night, as well as dogs who tend to run in their sleep.

Temperature Balancing Benefits

Most memory foams are made with viscoelastic chemicals to make the foam conform and retain its shape. This chemical, although great for the feel of the memory foam, typically stores heat and will make you sleep hot. Nolah does not use this chemical in their foam, therefore does not store heat and will cool down 20% faster than the typical memory foams. The foam also does not get hard when it’s cold which is great for falling asleep faster.

Edge Support

Edge support is important because if you roll to the edge of the bed you don’t want to feel like you are falling off. In addition, you might want to use the edge of your bed to sit on. We felt the edge support was surprisingly good. Most memory foam mattresses don’t do well in this category. With Nolah you won’t get that falling off the bed feeling and when you sit on the edge you are supported.


Nolah is a little more expensive than some of the other foam bed-in-a-box brands, with a Queen around $1569. They do sometimes have some great promos running where you can get two free pillows and we currently have a coupon for $300 off. They also offer free shipping and returns giving you peace of mind should you find Nolah is not the right fit for you.

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Nolah Signature 12" Mattress

The Nolah Signature 12" is a side sleepers dream.

Save $300 off the Signature 12" when you use coupon code JJ300 or $125 off the Nolah Original 10" with coupon code JJ125


Nolah offers a 15 year limited warranty. This is a little longer than average for a foam mattresses.

Return Policy

Nolah offers a 120 night sleep trial. Only stipulation is you must try it for a minimum of 30 days, if you don’t like it they will send someone out to pick it up free of charge and donate it to a local charity or recycling program. Having a good sleep trial, as well as free shipping and returns, is important because often times it’s very difficult to know how exactly the mattress will feel. Even if you had the chance to try out a mattress in the store, you still need a few nights of sleeping on it to really know if it’s the right fit for you. It can also be a pain to return a mattress, but Nolah makes it easy by offering hassle free shipping and returns.



  • 2 sided comfort with reversible firmness
  • Good for all sleep positions: side, stomach and back
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • Made in the USA


  • If you and your partner prefer different firmness settings, you can’t have both firm and soft on the same side
  • Not great for those on a tight budget
Nolah logo

Nolah Signature 12" Mattress

The Nolah Signature 12" is a side sleepers dream.

Save $300 off the Signature 12" when you use coupon code JJ300 or $125 off the Nolah Original 10" with coupon code JJ125

Thank you to Nolah, for gifting us this bed for review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in our reviews are ours. We hold an affiliate relationship with this company and if you purchase the bed through the link above, ASL Reviews will receive a small percentage of that sale (at no cost to you.) This helps us with the costs to produce the videos. We thank you for your support!


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