Mission Statement

We are THE top destination for high quality mattress reviews. We are committed to honesty and sincerity in each and every review as we deeply value your trust! All our videos are done in English with American Sign Language Interpretation.

Join our little family! All our videos are created with a high attention to detail heavily focused on ASL to bring a new level of quality to the deaf community. Our review process been designed to offer access to both the hearing and non-hearing in their native language.

Here at ASL Reviews we are passionate about American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. Our goal is to consistently deliver high quality video content incorporated with what is considered the 3rd most commonly used language in the United States, ASL. Did you know that it is estimated that nearly 28 million people in the United States alone have some degree of hearing loss, and about 2 million of these 28 million are classified as deaf?

One of the most common misconceptions about ASL is that it is a signed version of English; however, ASL is not English at all, it is a distinct language with its own syntax and grammar and has been developed over hundreds of years by deaf people as a means of communication. It is our passion to facilitate the deaf community with a means to watch and enjoy quality videos in their natural language.

Sign Language: Love and acceptance