Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress review

Climate-control, sleep tracking, and smart home integration for better sleep

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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress

Great for:

  • Back, Side & Combination Sleepers
  • Those That Sleep Hot
  • Chronic Aches & Pain Sufferers
  • Those Wanting a Lengthy Sleep Trial & Warranty

Type – Smart Bed

Firmness – Medium – Medium Firm

Sleep Trial – 100 nights

Warranty – 10 Year on mattress, 2 year on technology layer

Shipping – Free Shipping & Returns

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Pod Pro Smart Bed Review

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is one of the coolest mattresses on the market, literally! …And Figuratively. Packed with smart technology, such as dual-zone climate-control, sleep tracking, and smart home integration it is certainly one of the most innovative. After reviewing the Pod Thermo Mattress Cover in 2020 (and loving it!) we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Pod Pro mattress.

See how the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep stacks up. In this review, we cover mattress construction, smart technology features, and the best sleep positions for the Pod Pro. We’ll also cover purchase details such as pricing, sleep trials, warranties, and more. Let’s dive in.

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Pod Pro Mattress Construction

Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro is made from 5 layers of premium, CertiPUR-US certified foams. The mattress includes a hub and a smart app. A smart device is required to operate the Pod Pro.

Mattress Cover – A Comfort Blend™ integrated topper is incorporated within the Active Grid. This layer not only acts as a premium mattress topper for comfort, it also functions as the thermoregulating portion of the bed. Consisting of soft, grid-like tubing, the technology layer is filled with water that circulates throughout to warm or cool the bed. Water is supplied to the bed via a WiFi-enabled hub. This layer also includes sensors that track your biometrics for sleep tracking purposes.

Comfort Layer – This layer includes 2” of AirFlow polyfoam and 1” of Supportive Air Technology™ foam. These foams work together to provide a responsive, pressure-relieving surface, while also ensuring breathability and airflow.

Transition Layer – Made with 4” of FlexSpring poly foam, this layer balances contouring comfort with support.

Support Core – This 4” Durable Premium Support Base is designed to absorb movement and provide overall support for the mattress.

Pod Pro Wi-Fi enabled hub

Smart Bed Technology

Only available in a Full, Queen, King, or California King size, the Pod Pro provides dual-zone temperature-regulation. In other words, each side of the mattress can be heated or cooled independently from the other side. Users can adjust the temperature of the bed to fall anywhere between 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit via the smart app.

Seamless sensing technology together with Intelligent SmartTemp™ AI work to automatically and continuously adjust the temperature throughout the night, providing sleepers with an ideal sleep temperature. The sensing technology includes piezo films, ballistocardiography, and temperature sensors to determine the temperature of the bed, as well as the room. This 0.01-inch thick layer can detect your heartbeat and breathing patterns providing valuable sleep tracking information.

The Smart App

The smart app is available for iOS or Android users and can be used via phone, tablet, or another smart device. After setting up your account and assigning a side of the bed to your profile you can start to have some fun. You can see the indoor and outdoor temperatures in your area as well as relative humidity through the app. But where it really gets exciting is customizing your sleep experience.

You can create a sleep schedule that coordinates with the temperature you prefer most. The schedule is divided into 4 phases: bedtime, initial, final, and wake up. The GentleRise™ Wake Up Technology is a must-have for anyone who struggles with their morning wake up routine.

Eight Sleep Sleep App Settings

GentleRise Technology

In this setting you select your wake-up time along with your preferred setting (thermal, vibration, or both) and the “alarm” will begin going off 30 minutes before your desired wake up time.

And if you and your partner have different wake-up times, you don’t have to worry about waking each other up with the obnoxious blaring of an alarm clock. When you set your wake up, the Pod Pro targets your side of the bed, leaving your partner to rest peacefully.

Thermal Setting – is great for those who prefer to gently rise from sleep most naturally. In this mode, you can adjust the temperature to a warmer setting that heats your body up and lets you know it is time to begin your day!

Vibration Setting – As its name suggests, this mode uses vibrations to wake you from sleep. This is similar to the feel of your phone buzzing when in vibration mode. You can adjust the vibrations from 1 to 10 depending on how strong you want the vibrations to be.

Sleep tracking

Under the sleep tracking tab, you can find a breakdown of things like time to fall asleep, time to leave the bed, time spent in each sleep stage, as well as how many times you tossed and turned throughout the night. This information is used to provide sleepers with an overall sleep score.

You can track key health metrics such as sleeping heart rate, heart rate variability, and sleeping respiratory heart rate. Tracking this information can provide indications about your overall health. Eight Sleep includes links to content explaining what these metrics mean, allowing you to be more informed about your sleep health and patterns.

In addition to tracking your sleep, the app provides users with guides for meditation, breathing, and stretching, as well as sounds to fall asleep to. Overall, the app is clean, straightforward, and easy to use!

Eight Sleep Pod sleep tracking
Eight Sleep app does sleep tracking
Eight sleep tracking app

Smart Home Integration

This smart bed just got smarter! Use smart home integration to make using your new mattress a breeze. The Pod Pro is compatible with Alexa, ask her things like “Alexa, how did I sleep last night”, “Alexa, warm up my bed” and more.

The Pod Pro can also be used in combination with the IFTTT app and IFTTT supported devices, including Nest, Amazon Echo (Alexa Voice), ecobee, WeMo coffeemaker, and Philips hue. Eight Sleep promises more integrations are coming soon.

This opens up some cool options! Like my favorite, having your coffee brewed fresh and ready when you wake up 🙂

Firmness and Feel of the Eight Sleep Mattress

We rated the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep a 6.5 out of 10, or a medium to medium-firm mattress. Beds that fall in this firmness range tend to appeal to a wide audience. Overall, the mattress has a balanced feel, providing support and pressure relief in all sleep positions. We experienced some gentle cradling, enough to relieve painful pressure points but not so much as to cause sagging or dipping.

Side Sleepers

The Pod Pro offers decent pressure relief and could be a good fit for most side sleepers. Particularly well-suited to lightweight (under 130lbs) and average weight sleepers (under 230lbs.) the Pod Pro delivers some nice contouring and pressure relief.

It is less ideal, however, for heavy side sleepers weighing more than 230lbs that prefer a soft feel mattress. Sleepers that fall in this weight range may find themselves sinking deeper into the mattress, which may lead to more pressure build-up throughout the hips and shoulders. Innerspring or hybrid mattresses are generally best suited for heavier sleepers.

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Side Sleeping on the Pod Pro Mattress

Back Sleepers

Sleepers of all weights should enjoy the Pod Pro. Though again, we think light and average weight sleepers will find the most comfort when sleeping on their backs.

Stomach Sleepers

The Pod Pro is perhaps least suited to stomach sleeping, though again we think light and average weight individuals may fare best in this position. Heavier stomach sleepers may feel their hips sinking in just a bit too much, placing pressure on the low back.

Is the Pod Pro the Best Mattress For Cooling?

Without a doubt, yes!

If you are a hot sleeper this is the mattress for you. While many mattresses claim to help regulate temperature, no other mattress that we have reviewed competes with the cooling technology found in the Pod Pro. Conversely, the same can be said for warming. Overall, the Pod Pro seems to be the best cooling mattress available.

Eight Sleep just released the Pod Pro Max which takes cooling to the next level will MaxChill technology. This layer is infused with silver, copper, and graphite for maximum heat dissipation. For those looking for the ultimate cooling experience the Pod Pro Max may just be your best bet.

Is the Pod Pro a Good Mattress for Couples?

The Pod Pro ticks a lot of boxes for couples. In addition to dual-climate adjustability, the mattress offers decent motion isolation and solid edge support.

Motion Transfer – All-foam mattresses tend to do pretty well in this category and this holds true for Eight Sleep. You’ll be less likely to wake up when your partner moves about. Fewer sleep disturbances mean better sleep!

Edge Support – Couples sharing a smaller bed (such as a full or queen-size) will appreciate having good edge support. This allows sleepers to utilize the full surface of the mattress without rolling out of bed.

And, of course, dual climate control allows you and your partner to adjust your side of the bed to your ideal sleep temperature! All-in-all, we think the Pod Pro is a great choice for couples.

Man demonstrates edge support in Pod Pro Mattress Review

What Kind of Mattress Base is Compatible with the Pod Pro?

To get the best performance out of your mattress you’ll want to pair it with a compatible mattress base. Due to the nature of the flexible tubing found throughout the cover of the mattress, Eight Sleep does not recommend pairing the mattresses with an adjustable base. They do, however, recommend a breathable box spring or slatted base. If you opt for a slatted base ensure that the slats are no more than 3” apart as this can cause the mattress to dip and sag under pressure.

While you can also place the Pod Pro on the floor or use it on a solid wood foundation, Eight Sleep cautions that this may not provide optimal breathability. If you do use it on a flat surface consider propping the bed on its side now and then to help it breathe.

Pod Pro Purchase Details

Free Sleep Trial

Purchasing a new mattress sight unseen and untested can feel overwhelming, especially when a large price tag is involved. Thankfully, Eight Sleep, like most bed in a box companies, provide new customers with a chance to try out the bed in the comfort of their home. In this case, 100-nights from the time of delivery. If during this time, you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can initiate a return and receive a full refund.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns are free. The Pod Pro mattress is only available for shipment within the contiguous US (excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico). Expect to receive your new Eight Sleep Pod Pro as 2 separate orders. Shipped via FedEx and delivered straight to your door, the mattress and the hub are shipped separately.


The warranty for the Eight Sleep Pod Pro is divided into 2 parts, coverage for the all-foam mattress, and coverage for the technology layer. The foam mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. Any defects to the mattress are eligible for repair or replacement during this time.

The technology layer, its fabric, components, materials, and sensors are all covered exclusively by a 2-year limited warranty. During this time all defects in materials and/or workmanship are eligible for replacement or repair.

Mattress Sizing and Price

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep does come with a higher than normal price tag. But considering that the Pod Pro is packed with smart technology, sleep tracking, and health monitoring, we think it certainly warrants the cost. Financing is available for as little as 0% APR (upon approval) through Affirm.

The prices listed below are before discounts. Please see our coupon above or visit our mattress deals for the latest discounts.

Nectar Lush

Mattress Dimensions



52.5 X 74.5



58.5 X 79.5



74.5 X 79.5

Cal. King


70.5 X 83.5

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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review Conclusion

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is hands down the best mattress we’ve tested for cooling. It is also excellent for sleepers who struggle with being too cold throughout the night, or partners who have different temperature preferences. Whatever side of the spectrum you are on, maintaining an ideal sleep temperature is necessary for restful and restorative sleep.

My husband and I enjoy different temperatures when sleeping. The Pod Pro has greatly increased our sleep health allowing us to set our respective side of the bed with a temperature ranging between 55-110 degrees Fahrenheit. We’ve enjoyed the sleep tracking but particularly appreciate the gentle rise alarm clock which allows us to wake up without disturbing each other.

The Pod Pro is a true medium to medium-firm mattress. If you prefer something softer or firmer but want all the cooling/heating benefits along with sleep tracking we recommend taking a look at the Pod Thermo Mattress Cover. You can pair the Pod Thermo Cover with a mattress of your choice. Whatever you choose we are confident that Eight Sleep’s cooling and heating technology is a bedroom must-have for everyone!

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